Yalta hosted the V international literary festival “Chekhov autumn”

International literary festival “Chekhov autumn” was held in Yalta on September 29-30, the last warm and Sunny days of the second month of autumn. But how can you call this wonderful autumn and Sunny summer weather, which prevailed at this time in Crimea? Perhaps that is why the atmosphere of the festival was filled with the same warm creative communication participants, who came to Yalta from all corners of Crimea, Ukraine, Russia. Active participation in the festival was attended by the members of the Sevastopol city Literary Association named after A. N. Ozerov.

The festival was organized by the literary society named after A. P. Chekhov in Yalta League for the defence of culture with the assistance of the Yalta city Council and the Crimean Republican institution “House-Museum of A. P. Chekhov” at the Ministry of culture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the General partner of the festival: the Union of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian writers Crimea. Chairman of the jury of the festival was the famous poet, member of the Union of writers of Russia Lev Boldov.

The opening ceremony took place on 29 September in Yalta culture Center. Participants were welcomed by the festival organizers, the jury and the organizing Committee, among whom was Sevastopol – Sevastopol poet, singer-songwriter and journalist Vladimir Gubanov, the well known poet, teacher of Russian literature, grammar school №1 named after Alexander Pushkin’s Boris grandmother. The participants of the “Chekhov of autumn” also welcomed the member of the International Association of writers seascapes and battle (Russia), member of the writers Union of marine painters (Ukraine), winner of the literary prize. Tolstoy, President of the International festival and Director of “Pier minstrels”, the Chairman of the Sevastopol city Literary Association named after A. N. Ozerov Love Matveeva.

Among the honored guests of the festival were representatives of Moscow, Brest, Feodosiya, including the Director of the house-Museum of Voloshin – Natalia Miroshnichenko.

After the selection of the best authors in literary workshops, held a competition nominees, picky on which the jury announced the final results of the creative contest. As noted by the Chairman of the festival, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, member of the Union of writers of Russia Gennady Shalygin, this year the winners were determined in nominations announced: civil, spiritual and philosophical, infinity, love poems, poems for children, short story.

Won festival awards: Gennady Vanochten ( Evpatoria) – infinity lyrics; Love Tomsk ( Dnepropetrovsk) – love lyrics; Yuriy Karpenko (C. Ichnia, Chelikowsky region) – civil and spiritual-philosophical lyrics; Haleva Tatiana (Sevastopol) – poems for children; GEBCO Sergey (Yalta, settlement Gurzuf) – a short story.

I am glad that among the winners of the majority of Crimeans, while the jury members were from different regions. Among the winners of the festival: Andrei Gushchin, Sergey Soon (Kiev), Evgeny Reznichenko (Kharkiv), Oleksandr Gazenko ( Rostov-on-don, Russia), Vladimir Larionov, Yevgeny Frolov (St. Petersburg), Love Karpenko (C. Ichnia, Chernihiv region) .

Let me remind you that among the winners in the nomination “Poetry for children” Sevastopol is a writer – poet, member of the literary group named after A. N. Tatiana Ozerova Haleva. Also in this category won Yalta poet Evgenia Kalinina and poetess Anna Skoryk.

But in the category “Chekhovian motives” the winner was not, because the level of competition works, according to Gennady Alexandrovich and the jury was inadequate. I want to believe that next year the festival participants, inspired by the works of A. P. Chekhov, will bring new works of Chekhov’s motifs, paying homage and veneration of the great Russian writer.

That same evening in the red hall of the restaurant “Kalinka”, on the seafront of Yalta, a celebratory Banquet was held the participants of the festival, which sounded poetry, music, and, most importantly, continued inspired creative communication. But the morning of the second, final day of the festival, the participants spent in the house-Museum of A. P. Chekhov. This white house “Belaya dacha”, as he called himself Anton Chekhov and his contemporaries, now maintained in good condition, it still reigns the spirit of the early XX century. We, the contemporaries, not representing modern interiors without plastic and linoleum, without plastic Windows and modern finishing materials, it is difficult to imagine just how strict and might look nice house. But even the tracks near the house of Chekhov is not paved with paving slabs and covered with sea pebbles. But as beautiful and harmonious it looks, thanks to the efforts of Museum curators and, of course, state support. Garden writer today is gorgeous here feels the skillful hand of the gardener who maintains the gardens in the form of this oasis, which runs a mountain stream. In the garden are still growing trees and roses, including the famous rose banks, planted by Anton Pavlovich or those that grew here before the construction of the house is magnificent cedars, and cypresses, and still fructiferous pear, and even a small bamboo grove. She was put Chekhov, fond of fishing, because, as you know, bamboo make excellent rods. According to Gennady Shalygina who conducted tour (by the way, in his time he spent in these rooms excursions for Vladimir Putin, Viktor Yanukovych, other heads of state and famous people) a few years ago, because of landslides, part Chekhov’s house is dangerously tipped. Only timely reinforcement work, which from the state Treasury of Ukraine were allocated several million hryvnia, helped to save the house from collapsing. God grant that, and then at the house-Museum of Chekhov were still caring caregivers!

After a tour of Yalta and of laying flowers to the monument to A. P. Chekhov, in the Center of the final poetry contest – a prize of spectator sympathies. It sounded poems nautical theme. In this creative competition was won by the poet Gennady Volkoder – man with an extraordinary destiny, disabled since childhood, he impressed all who knew him and saw, not only the bright gift of the poet, but also a great strength of spirit and unfailing cheerfulness.

Then, in the theatre named after A. P. Chekhov was a solemn concert, which sounded great poems of the jury members and the President of the festival – poet Lev Moldova.

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