Where it is interesting to note the Festival of light in Moscow

Residents of the capital, in recent years, often to please a variety of events and shows.

Such events provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at Moscow, its attractions and its history.

So, what is the essence of the festival of light?

What are the most interesting places to visit?

People will like such a bright and interesting event?

The festival of light in Moscow – the best way to enjoy the beauty of the capital

Festival of lights – an amazing event in Moscow that allows you to take a fresh look at the sights of the city and its culture.

The event is held over several days at different venues across the capital.

10 October in Moscow starts the festival of light, which according to conservative estimates attracts more than six million viewers. What awaits visitors to the platforms?

Large-scale light show.

Musical numbers.

Artistic installations about the culture and history of different countries.

Celebrity appearances.

Contests for children and adults.


The site of the festival “Circle of light” will spread in the center of the city and on its outskirts. Thus, the organizers are trying to attract to the event the maximum number of viewers.

By the way, this multi-day celebration will delight not only for the youngest visitors, but also adults, allowing them for a couple of hours to take in the tale.

What are the grounds of the festival is worth a visit?

The best designers of the world show amazing history, the canvas for which have become architectural landmarks in Moscow.

For example, in Tsaritsyno . in one of the most beautiful places of Moscow which also hosts the festival of lights, the main decoration of the installation is a light show near the Grand Palace .

The familiar facades of buildings designed in the unique image and multimedia presentations, creating an amazing sense of presence .

What are the venues participating in the festival of light?

The Tsaritsyno Museum.



The Bolshoi theatre.

The red October.

street the Kuznetsk bridge.

Manezhnaya square.

These locations are amazing light show. So, Ostankino at the festival “Circle of light” transformed beyond recognition, demonstrating the main idea of the show is to bring people of different nationalities in their love for the planet.

Events are traditionally held at the site near the Ostankino pond and. Other sites are also able to please the audience a great show.

The light festival at Ostankino – a bright holiday for children and adults

The festival of lights has been repeatedly held in Moscow in the month of October. Ostankino traditionally becomes one of the main venues at the festival.

Here visitors will see not only the daily show in the evening, but beautiful fireworks on the first day of the holiday.

The main purpose of the festival is educational and cultural background of people. That’s why about Ostankino pond holds lectures about art, history and culture of the country.

Light the holidays, allow bright and colorful acquainted with the cultural traditions of different peoples of the world.

Every year the festival offers a new idea of a holiday, but the reason they are always the same – the Union of people from different parts of the world and realistic journey through the best attractions of the world.

Held in October, the festival “Circle of light” will help to forget about autumn slush, creating vivid visual images.

Festival of lights at ENEA

Here is one of the main events of the festival – competition mapping, which is traditionally attended by specialists from different countries of the world.

The competitions in the categories “Classic pedometer” and “current mapping” will help viewers to learn the culture of this new light art and to define your preferences.

All of the competition program of the festival “Circle of light” are traditionally held on the facades of the pavilions at ENEA. This pad is guaranteed meets greatest excitement among the spectators, because there is a possibility to see several installations, enjoying the beauty of the light show from specialists from all over the world.

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Features light festival in Tsaritsyno

The festival “Circle of light” is such an impressive popularity because of the possibility to enjoy a new art form that is just beginning to gain momentum.

Tsaritsyno has become one of the favorite venues of the festival of light, which is traditionally held in Moscow in October of each year. The thing is that the scenic views of the Museum-reserve perfectly complement the beauty of such an installation.

Within a few days, viewers have the opportunity to enjoy the laser show at the Grand Palais . interesting performances and various competitions. A great advantage of this event is that there are no prices on site visits.

To see all the art installation is absolutely free .

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Gory: the Festival of light, which is impossible to forget.

Gory long been considered one of the most picturesque places in Moscow, and therefore there is a festival of light.What surprises to expect the visitors to the festival site?

First, the Gory remains permanent venue of the festival . the place where the most amazing fireworks show.

Secondly, it also hosts art installations, which surprisingly fit in with the beauty of the area.

Thirdly, on a platform of Sparrow hills, visitors can not only see with light shows, but also to communicate with their creators.

The masters of light effects happy to share the secrets of creating such tales are real.

The festival “Circle of light” — Grand theatre

The festival “Circle of light” near the Grand theatre covers the topics of sports and philanthropy. Each year the theme of the festival is slightly modified, depending on the problems in the city with whom to fight.

So the plot of this show may be associated with sports, mythology, and charity. However, the distinguishing feature of this festival is a respect for the culture of different countries and the cult of art among all the creators of this wonderful tale in reality.

An unforgettable colorful show!

More hours of video unforgettable show of colors, lights, works of art night in Moscow.

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