Unusual holidays and festivals in different countries and continents

Of course, each nation has its own traditions, customs and festivals, many of them very original, and at first incomprehensible. In General, we all have our own standards of behavior, belief and a way of expressing emotions. Ceremonial events often become a kind of ritual, which is sometimes very interesting to watch, but sometimes that is perceived as savage. I propose to draw attention to unusual holidays and festivals of different countries. Will visit America, Asia and Europe.

Festival El Colacho

This distinctive festival is held every year in the Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia in June. The goal is to jump over small children.

People collect all newborns and lie on the pillows. Then comes Colaco − disguised as a man, symbolizing the devil running. He runs up and starts to jump over children. This rite symbolizes the cleansing from disease and fears. Quite unusual, although somewhat resembles pagan traditions, some dates Slavs had celebrated by jumping over the fire.

Peruvian Takanakuy

This annual celebration takes place on Christmas in the Peruvian Andes. He concludes that fairly drunk parties converge in the circle of spectators and begin to fight, causing each other quite significant impacts. That’s just bizarre! But surprisingly the fact that the festival is attended by not only men but also women and sometimes even children.

The task of judges is to monitor participants and the control that the parties did not cause each other serious damage and injuries. It is believed that Christophsis at this festival, people save yourself from all evil for the coming year. As for me, the idea is great, but the execution let us down. Better sports pears hung and trained, and the image of the enemy stick, but beat the living people… Not the best, but certainly an unusual variant.

Holiday fire balls

This unusual holiday is celebrated every year on 21 August in the city of Nejapa (El Salvador). The first part consists of quite typical dances and performances. But the interesting thing comes in the late afternoon, when the participants, divided into teams, start to throw each other special fireballs. What do you think, what are they made of? Would not have guessed. And normal matter, soaked in a combustible mixture. But be afraid, probably not worth it, because they say that so far at this event no one was hurt.

Egg festival

This original celebration held in the United States (Montana). You are very mistaken if you think the event is dedicated to competitions for cooking fried eggs or omelettes, or throwing each other chicken eggs. The subject of the celebration were actually bull testicles.

This is the main delicacy that is added to various exotic dishes. Bull testicles on holiday (and not only) are eaten fried, roasted and pickled.

Festival escaped from death

Another Spanish holiday which takes place annually on 29 July in the small town of Las Neves and dedicated to those who were on the verge of death. Man who ever ‘cheated” death, lies down in the coffin, and then it belongs to the Church of St. Martha, where is the service. Then the coffins with the heroes of the occasion referred to the cemetery, where the survivors make donations and presented gifts to the statue of Saint Martha. After this unusual rite festival is becoming familiar character – simply turns into a feast. People drink alcohol, eat their Goodies and dancing during the breaks.

Holiday cuckold

In Italy, people with humor approached the subject of adultery, she had spent the whole holiday.

Yes, it sounds very original, but it’s true. The heroes of the day − those who “has put horns on”. Men and women who have tasted the bitterness of betrayal, not fall into despair, they put on the heads of the various kinds of horns and embark on a March through the streets. By the way, the event takes place in the small village of Rock Canterano, it is not far from Rome. Movement “triumphant” is accompanied by songs, dances and various theatrical productions on the theme of adultery.

Scottish celebration of Ophelia

An event will be held in the Scottish town of Lerwick. Participants construct a model of a Viking ship, dressed accordingly. They move around the city, holding the fabricated ship. Then, in a designated place in the ship get juiced torches. Why? It turns out that this ancient Norwegian burial of fallen warriors. Unusual, but sad.

Holiday naked

In the country of Japan, this festival has been held for more than one hundred years. Within the temple is about 3000 men, who were dressed only in loincloths.

After some time they go to the streets of the city. It is believed that, being naked, you are more likely to attract good fortune, and so is wanting a decent amount.

Festival Catania cheese

This time the action moved to England. Every year on the last Monday of may, fans of cheese products and fun going on the hill Coopers hill. From there, they rolled chetyrehkilogrammovy cheese heads and trying to catch up.

Cheese head rolling from a hill at a speed of over 100 km per hour, imagine how difficult it is to catch a person! Besides the lesson in itself is dangerous, there is a risk of serious injury. The organizers are well aware of this, so at the foot of the hill definitely on duty ambulances.

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