Unique and vibrant towns of the world

The architecture of small towns largely depends on history and culture. The residents of these cities with their customs and way of life have a profound effect on the development, design and construction of buildings.

Color is also an important part of history and culture, as well as an inspiring element that gives a special taste to this little town. Under the influence of different events happening at different times, multicolored features of the terrain are usually packaged in an interesting story and very affect attracting tourists from around the world. And when architecture, as an aesthetic feature of the terrain, treats color, the place is going to be fun to travel.

So, before you of the most colorful towns in the world, each with its own special atmosphere.

Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue city

Known for its mesmerizing buildings in shades of blue, Chefchaouen is a small town situated in South-West Morocco. reachable by bus from the city of Tetouan and Casablanca. The name of the city derives from the name of the form odd, but charming mountain peaks (reminiscent of the two goat horns (sawen)), which offers a magnificent view of the city

The unique architecture of the centre (old town) is the most distinctive feature of Chefchaouen. With red roofs, narrow streets and houses painted in a translucent blue color this proud – a Paradise for the photographer. Local historians say that the blue color were brought here by the Jews who sought refuge in these mountain towns after the Spanish Reconquista. According to Jewish tradition blue is a symbol of Holiness and protection from evil.

This colorful place, rich in history Dating back to the middle ages, were all the stories about Morocco that you hear people to travel here. Little is known about the safety rules for traveling to Chefchaouen center plantation of marijuana in North Morocco, but once you say “no” calmly and so will meet regularly to several people who insist to sell you drugs, you can enjoy relaxing out here, where there is something to do, something to see and explore.

Colmar, France: pink, yellow and wood veneer

Reflecting eight centuries of German and French architecture, the beautiful town of Colmar is the capital of Central Alsace and has a privileged location between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine river near Germany and Switzerland. Having the image of “rural village”, Colmar is the perfect place for travelers looking to relax and enjoy a normal life, having arrived by train directly from Paris .

Alluring small town known worldwide as the home of the sculptor Frederic Bartholdi who created the Statue of Liberty. A lot of monuments, religious places and museums make to the cultural life of Colmar is rich and diverse.

The architecture of the area was formed as the result of successive French and German invasions, and this unique color palette is defined by pink and yellow Sandstone of the Vosges mountains and enchanting wood veneer on buildings, built during the German Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and French Classicism. Another important, but maloobsuzhdaemyj elements of the local architecture is the work of cartoonist Jean-Jacques Wols, which is cleverly contrived various signs for shops with wrought iron. All these details make the walk around Colmar relaxing rewarding, especially during the winter holidays, when it seems that this city has emerged from a fairy tale.

Ia, Santorini: white chapels with blue domes

Located on top of steep cliffs and showing a bright architecture of Oia (also known as Ia) is the most popular small town of Santorini. Greece .

White chapels with blue domes, fisherman’s Bay, Caldera, beautiful sunsets, narrow streets and donkeys make this place very attractive. Many artists come here to work, as evidenced by the presence of a variety of art galleries in the place where a population of 1000 people.

The architecture of Oia is the result of Venetian standards on the island, smoothly connecting a relatively large medieval houses (they are called “kapetanea”, because it originally belonged to captains) and a modest slums. During the peak tourist season, the narrow streets of Oia are filled with tourist shops, tavernas and cafes. However, these modern commercial elements does not in any way spoil the taste of the local architecture, protected by law, but the blending with the landscape.

While in the city and is dominated by white-aubergine color, Oia a lot of the buildings are painted in different colors – from red and brown to light yellow and pink. Traditional blue collar and contrast with the dome of the recently constructed their personal residences and hotels. These new additions join the colorful landscape of the city with its endless swimming pools and a variety of lighting schemes.

Portofino, Italy: Italian pastel

Portofino is a small fishing town and a popular refuge for yachts, located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. Given the rich architecture, Dating back to antiquity, it is not surprising that it is so diverse and colorful.

Founded by the Romans and originally bore the name of the port of dolphins, Portofino has a true Latin and Italian taste. That’s why walking around the city and watch his ordinary life is really exciting. Reflected in the Ligurian sea, Portofino is the place that you can not only admire, but also where you can make a good photo.

The architecture of Portofino is determined by a balanced color palette of pale orange, red and yellow. Outdated details such as cupolas, gabled roofs, stone roads, miniature gardens and street lights add a rustic charm to the small town. All these elements must commend Italian architecture and carefully arranged genuine local landscape.

The harbour is considered the heart of Portofino, here built houses in pastel colours, nice contrast with anchor boats and yachts. Every evening at sunset, this part of the city looks new charming as the colors are changing with every moving sunlight.

<< Part one Know when that closed after You have a list of places you want to visit in every Italian city, isn’t it? The ones that You just can’t miss under any circumstances, otherwise will return home with the idea that were not in Italy? Well, then.

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