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The Most famous carnivals

Very soon the time will come the brightest and most stunning spectacles in Europe and Brazil. The carnival procession will once again attract large numbers of tourists wanting to see and participate in this festive whirlwind luxurious costumes, mysterious masks, exotic feathers, colorful sequins of music, fun and, of course, dancing.

By the way, the word “carnival” are two Latin root – sipe (meat) and vale (farewell). This holiday has long held 40 days before Holy week and was a kind of boundary beyond which Great lent begins. The origins of the holiday are taken from ancient pagan times, and only the Renaissance breathed life into this tradition, forgotten and forbidden during the Inquisition. Later the Europeans, who settled around the world, brought carnival to almost all the continents of the planet, and the locals gladly adopted tradition. We will talk about perhaps the most famous carnivals, plunging into the world of extravaganza and surprises.


The first documentary mention of the carnival of Venice refers to 1094, and in 1296 the Senate of the Venetian Republic, officially proclaimed the last day before lent – festive. Thus, the carnival of Venice has become a public holiday, known throughout the world.

In our time, ten days before lent in Venice, experiencing the true pilgrimage of tourists Continue reading

National wedding dresses in different nation of the world

Binding apparel items to the wedding of a Russian girl-commoner — this shirt and chemise. Shirt sewn from very thin fabric and decorated with lace, and a shirt made of coarse homespun cloth, embroider flowers, birds or other ornaments peculiar to the city.

Rich embroidery adorned his shirt and Ukrainian bride. In the outfit were present Dariga, tilt wheel or female plakhta skirt — a cloth of rectangular shape, they are specially wrapped around the waist, and later became what we now know as a skirt.

National Belarusian wedding dresses brides — this is the same shirt or shirt, tight fitted vest, which is combined with homespun skirt and apron, decorated the same as the shirt.

The Bride Africa

Of particular importance is the bride in Africa gives the material. The traditional attire of the bride is a bright colored skirt “bubah” and jacket. The head of the bride cloth wrapped in such a way that resembles a turban, hair braid, this means that the bride modest and restrained. The traditional groom’s attire consists of a jacket, tunic and headpiece.

Brides from Mexico

Mexican wedding attracts peculiar influence of Spanish traditions and customs of the Aztecs, which have reached us from ancient ages, and therefore Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals in Europe

You like unusual pastime in your travels? We offer you a list of 10 most bizarre festivals in Europe that you can visit. You won’t believe what lengths some people simply in order to amuse themselves.

Ah, Europe, a lot of new things you bring to this world: culture, food, drinks, democracy, Eurovision. But other than that, you gave people some of the most unusual festivals on planet Earth.

These holidays are so unpredictable and diverse that everyone can find something fun for yourself. How do you, for example, the proposal to raft down the river on a pumpkin? Or participate in the battle of tomatoes? Maybe you want to swallow meter black pudding? It’s all there, and even more…

Here are 10 of the most unusual, in our opinion, the festivals in Europe that you can visit.

Championship diving into the swamp, UK

Today swimming underwater in the swamp is a popular international competition, for which gather hundreds of participants from all over the world. This event is held in late August in the city Llanwrtyd wells in Wales.

The competition is a race in two moats filled with water and connected by a peat bog. According to the rules, the participants must not use the usual styles of swimming, but to wear fins, mask and snorkel required.

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