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The main paradox of this holiday is that Australians celebrate it … in the summer. When most cities of Russia covered by snow, in the southern hemisphere – the sun and the searing heat. The main advantage of a holiday in Australia New year arrives.

This holiday marks the beginning of the development of the Green continent by Europeans. On 26 January 1788 captain Arthur Phillip landed in the Bay of Sydney, raised the British flag and founded the first colony of New South Wales. It happened 18 years later discoveries.

New year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. First day of New year falls on February, festivals and celebrations last for 15 days. Australia dominates the Gregorian calendar. And while in China, people also live.


Royal regatta in Hobart (Tasmania) was first held in 1838. And since then remains one of the most popular annual events in Australia – and the oldest sporting competition in Tasmania. The regatta takes place over three days.

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10 most outstanding and spectacular!

In addition to the festivals, which are celebrated worldwide, there are some that are celebrated in only one place, in the bottom of the city, in one country. And, of course, many travelers are eager to get to them, because to see all this splendor can only be found here and nowhere else! offers you to go for the brightest and grandest festivals in the world and see them with my own eyes (to start even with the screen).

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro, perhaps the most famous carnival in the world. It is held only once a year, in February or early March. Calculation date depends on Easter. The carnival in Rio necessarily begins Thursday, exactly 40 days before Easter, lasts 4 days and 4 nights and ends on the last day before lent.

So, in , the carnival was held February 9-12

In , the year the carnival falls on March 1-4

In February 14-17

In — February 6-9

In , 25-28 February

In — February 10-13

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The Most original gifts in the world

All beautiful women happy soft, spring holiday the 8th of March.

May you always be pleased with your actions, people close to you, appreciate and gratefully accept your concern about them, and bring you many pleasant moments.

Suppose you are often lucky in life, and health and beauty will be your constant companions))

I hope on this day, people close to you will give you the gifts you desire, and I want to tell you about the most unusual gifts in the history that gave love men their precious women.

Examples of such gifts are many, but I chose those that, for various reasons, the most impressed me.

Read about what are the most unique gifts in the world gave their beloveds.

The most famous

Let’s start with the most popular gift of the Palace of the Taj Mahal, which was built by the Indian Shah Jehan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

No doubt, the mausoleum is an architectural gem, is so endearing all its beauty that even the invaders-Persians, having ruined everything, didn’t raise my hand on this beauty.

It is constructed of translucent marble and inlaid with turquoise, agate, carnelian, malachite. The marble has a rare Continue reading

Reservoir: the upper reaches of the Kremenchug reservoir, the Dnieper river 1. Goals and objectives 1.1. The objective of the festival is to popularize the sport approach to catching fish…

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the X festival "Kronstadt autumn" start!
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7 recipes a bright autumn
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