Bright celebrations on the planet

Milan, 11 November 2013, – Campari has officially unveiled images of the new calendar for . The theme of the fifteenth edition of the most colorful holidays of different countries of the world. Twelve photographs corresponding to each month, uma Thurman appears in incredible images, representing some of the most exciting events from around the world.

Page Campari Calendar 2014 offer to travel around the world and plunge into the world of the brightest holidays, many of which are marked by centuries and even millennia. The Spring festival in Beijing, Hanami (admiring the Sakura flowers) in Japan, the festivities on the eve of the summer solstice at Stonehenge, the biggest fireworks festival on the planet in Brazil new year’s eve and many other incredible holidays and festivals are at the pages unique collector’s edition. And, of course, all the pictures are the main character – uma Thurman in dresses and jewelry best fashion and jewelry houses of the world: Versace, Stella McCartney and Chopard and others.

According to uma Thurman, the Campari Calendar is a work of art: “This stunning work conveys all the positive energy that has been enjoyed Campari lovers around the world during the wonderful holidays. Continue reading

Unique and vibrant towns of the world

The architecture of small towns largely depends on history and culture. The residents of these cities with their customs and way of life have a profound effect on the development, design and construction of buildings.

Color is also an important part of history and culture, as well as an inspiring element that gives a special taste to this little town. Under the influence of different events happening at different times, multicolored features of the terrain are usually packaged in an interesting story and very affect attracting tourists from around the world. And when architecture, as an aesthetic feature of the terrain, treats color, the place is going to be fun to travel.

So, before you of the most colorful towns in the world, each with its own special atmosphere.

Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue city

Known for its mesmerizing buildings in shades of blue, Chefchaouen is a small town situated in South-West Morocco. reachable by bus from the city of Tetouan and Casablanca. The name of the city derives from the name of the form odd, but charming mountain peaks (reminiscent of the two goat horns (sawen)), which offers a magnificent view of the city

The unique architecture of the centre (old town) is the most distinctive feature of Chefchaouen. With red roofs, narrow streets and houses painted in a translucent blue Continue reading

12 the grandest festivals of the world: the calendar by month

“How often do you want to drop everything, to arrange a holiday or to go somewhere else?” – we will ask? “Very often!” – will surely answer you. We offer you to combine both! We learned about the twelve most outstanding annual events in the world and arranged them festive calendar.

January – Spain!

The Spaniards – so hot people, what little they Christmas and new year holidays. Another event they celebrate with a huge scale – three kings ‘ Day (January 6). This is the equivalent of our Baptism. And if our kids send letters to Santa Claus, or Santa, Spanish kids are asking for fulfillment of desires in these three titled persons.

On this day, on the streets of cities and villages of Spain are festive procession – three kings traveled with his entourage on a luxury coach, throw sweets, and around the whole procession is a whole carnival. According to the legend, kings is three magicians, who came to the newborn Jesus to bestow his gifts. In Spain they also symbolize the three races – one of the kings from Africa, other Europe and the third in Asia.

February – Italy!

While we are savage February frost, in Venice, is one of the most Continue reading

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