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the X festival “Kronstadt autumn” start!

The municipal Council of the municipality of the city of Kronstadt announces the tenth festival of Amateur art “Kronstadt autumn – 2014”. Opening the festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 18. The ceremony will begin at 14 o’clock on the stage of the Theatre of the Baltic fleet (the former House of officers – str. Soviet, 43), followed by first viewing the concert. The upcoming festival promises to be bright and massive. According to preliminary estimates it will be attended by several hundred people: veterans and representatives of creative young people, middle aged people and children. Children in all the past festivals held the leading position. And that’s fine!

The main objectives of the festival were and still are: the development of artistic creativity among the residents of Kronstadt, the detection and full support creative talents in the first place – youth involvement in the arts as a larger number of participants among people of different ages and categories.

The last festival “Kronstadt autumn – 2013” became the most numerous of all and held the most professional. It was attended by about 800 people: creative teams and individual performers of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg, as well as cities Continue reading

Unusual holidays and festivals in different countries and continents

Of course, each nation has its own traditions, customs and festivals, many of them very original, and at first incomprehensible. In General, we all have our own standards of behavior, belief and a way of expressing emotions. Ceremonial events often become a kind of ritual, which is sometimes very interesting to watch, but sometimes that is perceived as savage. I propose to draw attention to unusual holidays and festivals of different countries. Will visit America, Asia and Europe.

Festival El Colacho

This distinctive festival is held every year in the Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia in June. The goal is to jump over small children.

People collect all newborns and lie on the pillows. Then comes Colaco − disguised as a man, symbolizing the devil running. He runs up and starts to jump over children. This rite symbolizes the cleansing from disease and fears. Quite unusual, although somewhat resembles pagan traditions, some dates Slavs had celebrated by jumping over the fire.

Peruvian Takanakuy

This annual celebration takes place on Christmas in the Peruvian Andes. He concludes that fairly drunk parties converge in the circle of spectators and begin to fight, causing each other quite significant impacts. That’s just bizarre! Continue reading

The Italian carnivals

In 2010 the carnival of Venice (one of the organizers of which is still Marco Balik) will remain “6 districts x 6 senses”, but, of course, not without innovation.

The main element would be fire. He will be the keynote theatre performances that will play out in different parts of the historic centre. An important place will be given a Street theatre and burlesque.

St. Mark’s square will be broken again the Giardino, only this time his appearance will be light and airy, using light effects and LEDs. In the framework of “Dialogue in the dark” will be held theatrical performances, and they will be held in the pitch dark! In Mestre will be at least a hundred “Flying donkeys” instead of the usual ten. An important place will be given to the Carnival on the Venetian island of Burano.


Viareggio, province of Lucca, region Tuscany)

The protagonist of the Carnival in Viareggio-2010 will continue to be the Burlamacco. The Creator of this character, which is celebrating its centenary in 1930 became known Italian futurist painter, uberto Bonetti. Since 1931 this mask is the official emblem and symbol of the Carnival Continue reading

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