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Reservoir: the upper reaches of the Kremenchug reservoir, the Dnieper river

1. Goals and objectives

1.1. The objective of the festival is to popularize the sport approach to catching fish of trophy size on the principle of “catch and release”.

1.2. The festival needs to unite lovers of pike fishing with large baits, as well as to contribute to the development of technical and tactical skills of athletes and fans spinning.

1.3 promote healthy lifestyles and respect for nature.

The structure of the festival

2.1. The festival will be held competitions on fishing for pike jerkbaits. The competitions are held in accordance with these regulations.

2.2. The entrance fee is 70 UAH per person. The fees are spent on organizing the event. Collection of contributions is carried out after pre-registration at the competition venue or at stake PRIVAT BANK card no 4149 4377 1749 1821

The owner of the card – one Side Alexander

3. Competitors

3.1. Competition “JERK AUTUMN” – 2012 conducted only in the team standings. Under the command Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals in Europe

You like unusual pastime in your travels? We offer you a list of 10 most bizarre festivals in Europe that you can visit. You won’t believe what lengths some people simply in order to amuse themselves.

Ah, Europe, a lot of new things you bring to this world: culture, food, drinks, democracy, Eurovision. But other than that, you gave people some of the most unusual festivals on planet Earth.

These holidays are so unpredictable and diverse that everyone can find something fun for yourself. How do you, for example, the proposal to raft down the river on a pumpkin? Or participate in the battle of tomatoes? Maybe you want to swallow meter black pudding? It’s all there, and even more…

Here are 10 of the most unusual, in our opinion, the festivals in Europe that you can visit.

Championship diving into the swamp, UK

Today swimming underwater in the swamp is a popular international competition, for which gather hundreds of participants from all over the world. This event is held in late August in the city Llanwrtyd wells in Wales.

The competition is a race in two moats filled with water and connected by a peat bog. According to the rules, the participants must not use the usual styles of swimming, but to wear fins, mask and snorkel required.

Those Continue reading

7 unusual holidays of the world

The exotic traditions of the countries of the world is striking. Portal Kirovchanka offers you to take a little trip — to be surprised, believe me, there is something!

A great way to combat the routine monotony of everyday life — to go on a journey. Use for body and soul — and the rest, and horizons expanded. Let your vacation not soon! Virtual acquaintance with the traditions of different countries will certainly raise your mood, and who knows, maybe some country will interest you especially!

A thousand lights

So, the first destination is Scotland — a country of beautiful mountain peaks, icy mountain lakes, fairy-tale castles, bagpipes and plaid skirts. On the night of 1 may, there is a Celtic festival celebrated the beginning of summer — the world’s biggest fire show, which captures the spirit and shaking knees.

The main ritual performed on this night — jumping high fires burning on the hill Calton Hill. The festival is not without numerous stunts with fire, performances by folk groups, and even burning people. For members of the fire festival dress code special: a special suit of refractory materials, which will not be scared to jump over the fire.

On the edge of the possible

Next, go to Singapore, where Continue reading

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