Festivals tattoos

Over time people have become tolerant of tattoos and their the owners, moreover, are interested not only to getting a tattoo-pattern, but also to the history of tattooing. And the people who are interested in, as they say, “sunken”, simply must, by definition, to communicate with each other. And how can you communicate with people with common interests? Or through thematic printed publications, or in person. The need for both forced to produce specialized journals and to organize congresses and festivals of the followers of the tattoo.

Undoubtedly influenced tolerance to tattoo and changes in society: the struggle for equal rights for women and ethnic minorities. And the growth of personal income eased and even eliminated legal sanctions against tattoos, thus increasing the number of professional salons. However, many still believe the inscriptions and drawings on the body of the case is unnecessary and harmful. The role of festivals in the fact that in a live conversation to prove: tattoo — work of art, of artistic value.

The seriousness of the relationship to the tattoo show edition solid logs, and the opening of museums.

The Creator of the Museum of the history of tattooing in Oxford for many years Chairman of the British club tattooists Lionel Michener publishes a monthly magazine. Continue reading

Festivals and rituals of the peoples of the world

The peoples of the world

The history of its origin, many festivals and rituals of the peoples of the world are inextricably linked to religion, culture and spiritual heritage of this or that nationality.

Throughout the existence of mankind, these unique historical and cultural value have been born, evolved and disappeared, but the vast majority of them still managed to walk to our days almost in its original form.

The rites of the Slavs: history of origin

Speaking of cultural heritage, which managed to pass through the centuries, reaching today’s time, you should cite the example of the famous rites and traditions of the Slavic peoples.

Most of these ancient rituals and customs to their origin directly associated with paganism, that used to be part of the first human conceptions of man and the world, and later became the basis for all existing religions on the planet.

Calendar festivals and rituals among the Slavs

Communication with the holidays

Officially existed pre-Christian Pantheon of Slavic gods, approved by the Prince Volodymyr, comprised of male and female deities, with whom were associated the earliest Continue reading

The Most original festivals Finland

Do not assume the Finns sullen or too restrained. The Finns, like the inhabitants of any other country, by nature are very different. But on the whole this nation with a sense of humor all right. Otherwise there would be born in this country festivals and competitions, which will be discussed below.

Day of books and roses – Kirjan ja ruusun päivä

The holiday originated in Spain, since 1925, it is widely celebrated in the University cities of Barcelona and Catalonia. Celebrated on 23 April, this date was not chosen randomly: this day died two great classic Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

The idea of a holiday that men give women roses, and women portrayed men books.

Since 1995, UNESCO declared the Spanish day of books and roses – the international day of book and copyright. Today is a holiday dedicated to the book, are celebrated all over the world. Each country chooses its day for celebration.

In Finland it’s usually the end of April / early may when the weather is good. In Finland since 2012 selected writer, specifically for this holiday. He wrote a book, produced by them before the holiday and on the day of books and roses in all book stores around the country, buying a book that costs 10 euros, as a gift you get the book of your favorite author. The book is distributed exclusively Continue reading

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