the X festival “Kronstadt autumn” start!

The municipal Council of the municipality of the city of Kronstadt announces the tenth festival of Amateur art “Kronstadt autumn – 2014”. Opening the festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 18. The ceremony will begin at 14 o’clock on the stage of the Theatre of the Baltic fleet (the former House of officers – str. Soviet, 43), followed by first viewing the concert. The upcoming festival promises to be bright and massive. According to preliminary estimates it will be attended by several hundred people: veterans and representatives of creative young people, middle aged people and children. Children in all the past festivals held the leading position. And that’s fine!

The main objectives of the festival were and still are: the development of artistic creativity among the residents of Kronstadt, the detection and full support creative talents in the first place – youth involvement in the arts as a larger number of participants among people of different ages and categories.

The last festival “Kronstadt autumn – 2013” became the most numerous of all and held the most professional. It was attended by about 800 people: creative teams and individual performers of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg, as well as cities and settlements of the Leningrad region. The youngest participant of the festival was a three-year kronstadter Vitaly Oleskin, became the oldest

The 93-year-old Pauline D. Gromov, a resident of Sestroretsk is a former anti – aircraft gunner, defender of Leningrad!

The festival 2013 was held on 14 observation concerts, organized six exhibitions of decorative-applied art. The final gala concert, held at the Theater of the Baltic fleet, became a bright firework folk talents and a wonderful gift to all residents of our city!

As a rule, after every festival new faces join the creative collectives of the Palace of culture, other cultural and leisure facilities of Kronstadt, and therefore, begin to actively participate in the creative life of our city. Each festival brings creative discoveries, shows how rich the Kronstadt talented people, and how great the desire of people to be creative!

Year by year the festival is being improved and developed, honed some elements related to its organization and conduct. At the end of each festival, the organizing Committee carefully analyzes the wishes of the participants, spectators and jury members. If necessary, appropriate changes and additions to the “regulations on the holding of the festival”.

And here’s the start of the next one – tenth-anniversary festival “Kronstadt autumn”. Approved the composition of the organizing Committee for his conduct at the head of the acting Head of the Local Administration of Kronstadt

S. A. Bandura.

According to the Decision of the organizing Committee, this festival will be dedicated to the upcoming 70th anniversary of the great Victory, which we will celebrate in may next year. The theme of the heroism of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war should be on the main festival. Let the songs and poems of war times, the best works about the war, created later, once again I will remind all about living a tragic and heroic time, those who defended our Motherland at the cost of his life. The duty of each of us to remember what price was achieved our Victory. Today we need to talk about it in a loud voice to the terrible tragedy is not repeated!

Of course, in the festival will be performances of works today. As always appreciated the performance of the works of Russian and foreign classics, Russian folk songs, songs and dances of the peoples of Russia and the world, works of Soviet and modern authors about Russia and our city, the Navy, the sea, the sailors on eternal human values like friendship, loyalty, love.

The main requirement to the repertoire – his high moral and artistic-aesthetic origin.

As always, participation is open to all interested persons: creative teams and individual performers – the inhabitants of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg, cities and settlements of the Leningrad region and Russia. The age of participants and their social status are irrelevant. We invite you to participate family creative teams and representatives of different nationalities living in our city.

On the festival can be presented in a variety of genres: choral performance and solo vocal, solo and orchestral performance of a musical instrument, dramatic reading, dance and circus arts, theatrical genre, the author’s creative work (poems, music, songs), as well as fine and decorative art, photography and other creative genres.

The most important issue in evaluating the performance of high scenic culture.

The participants defined the following time frame:

■ length performances not more than 25 minutes (5 pieces);

■ the duration of the performance of individual by no more than 10 minutes (2-3 pieces).

On review shall be submitted exclusively to new works and performances that have not been performed in previous festival concerts “the fall of Kronstadt”. Vocal numbers are for live performance.

The main festival concerts and the final gala concert will be held at the Theater of the Baltic fleet. At the request of the performers, members of the jury can come to view the programs directly to institutions and organizations, as it was before.

The final concert will be held in the first week of November, after all the observation concerts. It will bring together the winners of the prize-winners and individual winners in the first degree (at the discretion of the jury). Then there will be a solemn ceremony of awarding the best performers. By tradition, the winners will be awarded diplomas and specially made Souvenirs. Diplomas and letters of appreciation will be awarded to all participants of the festival.

The entry for participation in the festival starts from the moment of the publication of this material and will last until November 1.

Application forms for participation can be obtained at the Desk of the Complex center of social service of the population (by address Lenin Avenue, building 15, 1st floor). There will be written on working days from 9.00 to 18.00.

On this phone also, you can get comprehensive information, advice, explanations and answers to all questions related to the festival.

Festival participants using in performances phonograms (-), the application must specify the recording format.

Information about the time of the festival concerts and the festival will be published in the local press.

Dear Kronstadt! Dear residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region! I welcome your feedback and active participation in the festival “Kronstadt autumn – 2014”! Good luck and victories!

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