The Most unusual festivals in Europe

You like unusual pastime in your travels? We offer you a list of 10 most bizarre festivals in Europe that you can visit. You won’t believe what lengths some people simply in order to amuse themselves.

Ah, Europe, a lot of new things you bring to this world: culture, food, drinks, democracy, Eurovision. But other than that, you gave people some of the most unusual festivals on planet Earth.

These holidays are so unpredictable and diverse that everyone can find something fun for yourself. How do you, for example, the proposal to raft down the river on a pumpkin? Or participate in the battle of tomatoes? Maybe you want to swallow meter black pudding? It’s all there, and even more…

Here are 10 of the most unusual, in our opinion, the festivals in Europe that you can visit.

Championship diving into the swamp, UK

Today swimming underwater in the swamp is a popular international competition, for which gather hundreds of participants from all over the world. This event is held in late August in the city Llanwrtyd wells in Wales.

The competition is a race in two moats filled with water and connected by a peat bog. According to the rules, the participants must not use the usual styles of swimming, but to wear fins, mask and snorkel required.

Those who are not good in swimming, I propose to overcome the peat bog to a depth of about two meters on a bike.

Yorkshire race boat out of pudding, UK

This is no joke! The boat is really made of pudding (flour, water and eggs). However, on top of their varnish to repel water. And then rafted them down the river. Manage these flimsy structures of children with oars.

This kind of competition came up with a Simon Chakra when looking at the water. The guy thought it would be cool to go down the river on a boat out of pudding. He turned his idea into life, and it stuck.

The event is held in early June in a small town Brawby, North Yorkshire.

Festival of pumpkins, Germany

If you ever dreamed of rafting on the pumpkin, then you should fall to visit Ludwigsburg, Germany.

In total, this festival involved about 400 thousand of pumpkins 500 different species. These pumpkins are harvested in different shapes on a given subject. For example, the theme of last year’s “Jurassic Park” dinosaurs of pumpkins), Egypt (the pharaohs of pumpkins) and the ocean (whales of pumpkins).

If the exhibition is not enough, you can take part in races on boats, where instead of floating equipment used giant pumpkin. These pumpkins can weigh up to 300 pounds, so swim turns into a competition of those who will stay longer afloat and not roll over.

La Tomatina, Spain

This is one of the most famous unusual festivals in the world. And one of the craziest holidays. Food fight takes place on the last Wednesday of August in the small town of buñol, near Valencia.

Participants will gather on the Central square at 11 a.m. and the game begins Palo Jamon. The goal is to climb to the top of a greased soap and water column height of two floors and drop down leg of pork, which is attached at the top.

As soon as someone succeeds, tomatoes are unloaded from the truck and begins a real massacre. Chaos lasts exactly one hour, then another few days the streets are washed from tomatoes.

Note: if you wish to attend this event, do not wear clothes that will be a pity to throw away.

Running for the cheese, UK

Presumably, once upon a time one brilliant man climbed to the top of the hill Coopers hill and thought, “wouldn’t it be great to throw down nine pounds of cheese and run after them!” Also there is a version that the festival is associated with the ancient pagan rite: things would roll down the hill to the soil was fertile.

Today the story is not so important, because this annual spring festival attracts more than 15 thousand people wishing to participate in the pursuit of cheese.

Essentially, each race takes place: the cheese is thrown from the top of the mountain, the participants fall and roll down the hill after him, and ambulances waiting at the bottom of all.

Naturally, the number of injuries is enormous, therefore, the fate of this event is now resolved by health and safety.

El Colacho, Spain

Another unusual ritual originating from Spain, specifically from the town of Castillo de Murcia. One man, a local resident, receives the dubious honor dressed as a devil, go outside and leap over rows of babies laid out on the road in advance. Interestingly, the strength of the legs of the person affects the lives of children, so this is a very responsible job.

Why did Spain do?

It all started in 1620 the Catholic Feast of the Body and blood of Christ. The ritual was intended to protect newborns from diseases, evil eye and evil spirits.

Championship transfer wives, Finland

To win the competition, held in Sonkajärvi, you need faster than anyone to bring his wife to the finish line. But it’s not just another race in a straight line, this obstacle course. The track is replete with fences, piles of sand, there is even a pool to swim.

The task is complicated by the fact that only allowed a few ways of carrying wives: the way a fireman (wife on the shoulder) and the Estonian way (the wife hangs upside down, clasping the neck of her husband’s feet, and holding hands around the waist of a spouse).

What is the prize, you ask? The winner gets as much beer as weighs his wife.

Orange battle, Italy

At this festival, residents of small town of Ivrea dress up in medieval costumes and reproduce an ancient battle. However, as a weapon is allowed to use only oranges.

According to the legend, this festival symbolizes the rising of the people against the cruel tyrant. People that throw oranges from the carts, is the protection of the tyrant, and those below, the rebellious citizens.

Festival swine, France

Village Three-sur-Baiz known throughout France the fact that it produces the best-quality pork. It is no coincidence that here was born the festival of pigs La Pourcailhade, which takes place every second Sunday of August.

Entertainment at this festival a lot. For example, you can try various dishes, to participate in choosing the best costume of the pig, to bet in the race of pigs, as well as take part in the competition on speed eating sausages.

But the main highlight of the festival is the battle of the pig, where the jury evaluates all stages of life pigs on the farm: starting from birth and ending with ham.

By the way, on the same holiday competitions-eating black pudding. Participants have to eat one meter of this delicacy.

Fire festival, UK

The most unusual fire festival in the world — Up Helly Aa takes place in the town of Lerwick, Scotland.

At the end of January for one day this city is filled with people dressed in Viking. These people are pulling in the streets Drakkar — battle ship of the Vikings — full-size. After Drakkar deliver at the agreed place, he is burned.

By the way, for these purposes, a new ship being built every year. When the boat is turned into ashes begin mass celebrations with dancing and drinking. They are held throughout the Lerwick and last till morning.

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