The Most original festivals Finland

Do not assume the Finns sullen or too restrained. The Finns, like the inhabitants of any other country, by nature are very different. But on the whole this nation with a sense of humor all right. Otherwise there would be born in this country festivals and competitions, which will be discussed below.

Day of books and roses – Kirjan ja ruusun päivä

The holiday originated in Spain, since 1925, it is widely celebrated in the University cities of Barcelona and Catalonia. Celebrated on 23 April, this date was not chosen randomly: this day died two great classic Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

The idea of a holiday that men give women roses, and women portrayed men books.

Since 1995, UNESCO declared the Spanish day of books and roses – the international day of book and copyright. Today is a holiday dedicated to the book, are celebrated all over the world. Each country chooses its day for celebration.

In Finland it’s usually the end of April / early may when the weather is good. In Finland since 2012 selected writer, specifically for this holiday. He wrote a book, produced by them before the holiday and on the day of books and roses in all book stores around the country, buying a book that costs 10 euros, as a gift you get the book of your favorite author. The book is distributed exclusively as a gift and not available for public sale.

In 2014, the day of books and roses was held from 23 to 25 April, chosen by the author was Anna-Leena Härkönen and her book “Takana puhumisen taito”. The title can be translated as “Art.”

In libraries in Finland these days hosts a variety of exhibitions, meetings with writers and other themed events.

Day Sony – Unikeonpäivä

Day Sony also noted in many countries, but on different days. In Finland this July 27.

In the middle ages in Finland has become known for the legend of seven Christians who had been asleep for nearly 200 years, hiding in a cave from the wrath of the Roman Emperor. The Finns interpreted the legend so that the same fate will befall anyone who will sleep on the day of the festival longer than usual. Over time a day dormice were held lavish festivities with a carnival processions and dances. The modern holiday is celebrated since 1959.

First set the current traditions of the inhabitants of port cities, in particular, Turku and Naantali. From ancient custom they did a real folk festival.

Sonia year is chosen in advance. However, his name is kept secret and is known only after a morning of festive ritual. At 7 a.m., when cities begin to open a bakery and coffee shop, and a sleepy silence surrenders to the sounds of the coming day, Sonia year, covering his head with a blanket, output to the pier and dumped into the Gulf of Finland. When usbdrives and awaken “the hero of the occasion” is selected on the shore, spectators can see who’s been sleeping this year. The selection of a ruthless and sometimes the crowd gasps in amazement and applauded saw coming out of the water the mayor of the city of Turku .

The tradition was picked up by other Finnish cities. In addition to universal city celebrations, each house can be arranged their holiday, and then on the head of a family Sonia collapses a bucket of cold water early in the morning.

Began in the morning on the pier festival, and later moved to the Central squares of towns where fairs are held, competitions, concerts and dinner dances.

Championship PEREVODOV and pepper-bellies

In 2012, the city of Tampere was officially declared “mint capital”. Held here since 2009 “Chilifest” every year is incredible interest from residents and visitors alike. The festival is held on Keskustori or in the Central Park of the city – Hameenpuisto.

The program of the event:

tasting dishes with Chile;

competition for the best sauce with Chile;

the election of Mr. and Miss “hot pepper”;

sale of culinary products with Chile;

sale of peppers in flower pots;

the Chili festival-rock

Participants are not allowed to eat the pods of hot pepper bread or other food, sometimes allowed to drink a few SIPS of water. To participate in the competition is allowed only to the grantor a certificate from a doctor stating that their health status allows you to “ingest” hot pepper in large quantities. No unnecessary precaution, as conducted in other countries such Championships ended sometimes sad – “Perseid” went from the competition venue to the hospital.

Entrance to the festival is free. Recommended for a family visit. This year will be held from 15 to 17 August.

Feast of herring

Established over the years, the tradition of holding in Helsinki. in early October, herring fair. The license for the holding of this fair was granted by decree of the Swedish king, signed in Turku in 1743.

Fish from the last catch at the fair represented in all possible forms – fresh. salt, salted, marinated, mustard, dill, onion, vinegar.

Length of Helsinki residents and visitors to the city this day is a wonderful opportunity to eat your favorite fish. And for the traders fair has another important implication: it is determined by the prices of salted and pickled fish for the coming year across the country.

Tapani – päivä, the second day of Christmas

Traditionally on this day was arranged a horse race. After a peaceful Christmas eve and the celebration in the family circle, and the young and the older generation enjoyed out into the surrounding countryside to give a run horses without limiting their speed. In the evenings per day with the young people gathered in a pre-selected house, where there was a big enough room to accommodate many people. The girls did needlework, the boys came with a desire to help them. The girl held out a guys long thread and asked me to untie them. Finishing up the thread, the guy seen who chose who he likes. A day Tapani in former times had done more weddings than any other time of the year.

Times change, but people don’t want to forget the old traditions, they just adjust them today. Today is a day Tapani Finns go to visit relatives and friends living in other cities or rural areas. These days friends give gifts. And the evening dance events in restaurants and at special sites.

These are unusual holidays in Finland. In addition to the long and familiar sauna, skiing, Aqua-parks and shopping, in Finland you can see many interesting things. They say there are even competitions on a throwing of shoes for Hiking and competition on the hunt for mosquitoes, but unfortunately, to find supporting information failed.

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