The Most interesting and unusual festivals of the peoples of the world

If you want an unforgettable experience, then you should visit some countries of the world in that moment, when they are interesting national holidays. Of course, all such activities it is possible to write a whole book, but about the most memorable Female website Orekhovo-Zuyevo will tell you now.

It is a festival of torches in Scotland, Dutch flower parade, a procession of naked men in Japan, Spanish Tomatina, a light show in Berlin and other interesting and unusual festivals in the world .

We have already talked about how people celebrate New year in different countries. now let’s learn about other events and festivals in which to participate in certain times of the year.

Holiday Aphellio – Shetland Islands

Celebrates the famous Scottish celebration aphellio on the last Tuesday of January in the town of Lerwick in the North of the Shetland Islands. This is the day that Vikings dressed participants with torches and resounding horns lead through the city’s 30-foot ship with a dragon on the nose for later burning it up on the beach.

The holiday is dedicated to the Vikings, who landed in the 9th century on the Shetland Islands, near the coast of Scotland, and this was a significant event in the history of the Islands. Great fire festival is one of the most unique in the world.

The Feast Of Hadak Matsuri – Japan

This is one of the most unusual and popular festivals in Japan. On the third Saturday of February Japanese men from 23 to 43 years in the city go in loincloths some of fundoshi and drink sake. By tradition, so they are trying to clear themselves from problems and troubles. It is forbidden to undress only to men who have tattoos on the body.

In Japan it is believed that the cold is not only strengthens the body but also purifies the soul. Therefore, in the cold month of February, when heating free sake, the crowd of naked men goes to the temple of Saidaiji, where the culmination of the festival they put on fights and dripping in ice water. At midnight the priests of the temple are thrown into the crowd several sacred amulets of the singles that bring a lot of luck for the next year. The festival is held mainly in small towns, and its history began in Okayama in the VIII century.

Festival Jazz Fest – New Orleans

New Orleans is considered the world capital of jazz, and in late April – early may it has one of the largest jazz festivals in the world – JazzFest. Performers of jazz music concerts in the open and closed scenes, or simply on the streets.

Louisiana jazz festival is famous not only for music but also a unique new Orleans cuisine. It’s a duck “po-boy”, fried eggplant with sauce, Cuban crayfish, lobster and oysters. And some fans come here every year just to re-enjoy an unusual holiday meals.

The Tomatina Festival – Spain

Tomatina or the battle of tomatoes (La Batalle del Tomate) is held in the last week of August in the town of Buñol in Eastern Spain. Annual tomato festival is dedicated to the departing flight and he passes with festive fireworks, dancing, music and free refreshments. The culmination of the holiday is a tomato fight (La Tomatina), which takes place in the town square.

After the signal firecrackers on the streets of the city come to the machine with hundreds of tons of tomatoes, which they throw at each other, the participants of the battle. At this time, closed almost all public places in the city, and the Windows and doors of the houses hang plastic. After Tomatina city streets resemble a tomato river, sometimes reaching to the ankles of the feet. Nothing, except the tomatoes, to not rush, and do the vegetables before throwing it is recommended to crush, to avoid injuries. At the end of the holiday, you can swim in a pool of tomato juice and to try traditional ham Iberian pig.

The Burning Man festival – USA

On the last Monday of August, in the desert of black rock going the actors and artists, DJs and musicians. At the end of the holiday burn a large wooden figure of a man. Black Rock City is a kind of mythical city that appears and after a few days disappears.

In the desert of set up art installations, parties fancy dressed and painted, live music shows and dancing. Unusual holiday of expression the first time was celebrated in 1986.

Flower parade – Holland

Every year on the first weekend of September on the main street in the Dutch town of Aalsmeer is a solemn procession platforms with flowers in the shape of animals and heroes of folk tales, which runs for two and a half miles to the centre of Amsterdam. This is one of the most famous and unforgettable beautiful flower show in the world.

During the famous parade of musicians, hosts a variety of shows and dances. Over a million flowers decorate the boat platform and the automobiles are roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, freesia and, of course, the pride of Holland – tulips, which are considered one of the symbols of this country. Decorated not only the “participants” flower parade, but all the houses, fences, cars in the city. On the Dam square (Dam Square) in the centre of Amsterdam begins the concert, which concludes the procession.

Oktoberfest – Germany

The world famous Beer festival is in mid – September-early October and gathers lovers of this drink and fun from all corners of the globe. Is Oktoberfest at the Theresienwiese in Munich, where we install a lot of beer tents and various attractions. At a beer festival can participate only Munich Breweries that brew a special Oktoberfest beer with an alcohol content of 5.8—6.3 per cent.

Open a holiday to the sounds of orchestras, the owners of the tents on holiday sledding beer barrels, at the head of the procession – the Lord mayor of Munich and the city’s symbol – the Munich child. Having passed a way from the centre of the city, the procession stops at the Theresienwiese, where the first keg oktoberfestskogo beer using a special hammer is driven crane. From this moment on, the beer festival is considered open.

Festival of lights Berlin

A lot of impressions can be obtained by visiting the Festival of light in Berlin. Annually, since 2005, in the second half of October for two weeks all the famous places of the city are decorated with light installations. In a fairy tale city transforms at night countless colored lights on the facades of buildings and monuments. The festival is complemented by a laser show, fireworks and flashes of lights. Late-night bars, restaurants and museums.

“Participants” of the festival were more than 70 famous historical buildings and places of the city such as the Alexander square, TV tower, the street Unter den Linden, Berlin facades of the House, the Berlin Cathedral, building of the Main station, the Charlottenburg castle, etc. to help tourists to visit all of the light song, around town rides the special bus “LightLiner”, as well as river buses, velotaxi and even a balloon, also decorated with colorful illuminations. Ends with the festival of light night marathon “City Light Run” where participants make a 10-kilometer race through the centre of Berlin.

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