The Most famous festivals and exhibitions of Boston

During the year in Boston there are numerous festivals, exhibitions and celebrations. If you visit Boston, try to make your visit fell on some occasion in the city. They can last from one to two days to a week, the options are many and they are all diverse, ranging from parades, festivals and various celebrations and exhibitions.

First Boston Night (First Night Boston)

First Boston night (First Night Boston). held on the eve of each New Year begins in the afternoon on December 31. At this time is about 250 performances, including dance, theater, film, music and other. A huge number of tourists and residents attend these events. You can spend a whole day and night, enjoying the arts festival. Moreover, you can see giant ice sculptures with light illumination.

Wine Festival Boston Wine Festival)

Also in January, in the urban wineries along the wine festival Boston Wine Festival) . where you can enjoy a dinner with specially chosen to compliment each dish with wine.

Jazz Festival

In mid-January, the hotel “the Charles” is host to a Jazz Festival, which involved countless well-known jazz musicians.

The Boston wine Expo (Boston Wine Expo)

At the Boston Wine Exhibition features more than 400 wineries and about 1,800 wines. “Cookbook” of the city will present the best Boston food.

Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts)

In February, the Boston Museum of fine Arts (Boston Museum of Fine Arts) offers to your attention a concert in honor of Valentine’s Day, with the participation of local artists. The latest innovations in the field of kitchen design and dishes presented during the event “Boston cooks”, which takes place in a Boston Mall.

St. Patrick’s Day (Saint Patrick’s Day)

Celebration and parade associated with St. Patrick’s Day (Saint Patrick’s Day), for one week, and start a week before the first Sunday after the 17th of March, when, and is the parade. It involves the bagpipers, bands and not only. This procession, with centuries of tradition, lasts 3 hours. The holiday lasting a week filled with Celtic music and traditional Celtic dishes.

Festival of spring flowers (New England Spring Flower Show)

In March, the Festival of spring flowers of New England (New England Spring Flower Show. In the festival, whose task is to bring into the city the first breath of spring, brings together 50 of designer gardens. The venue of the exhibition are the 5 acres of land is a large – scale and long celebration of this kind. The exhibition adopts the Bayside Expo (Bayside Expo and Convention centre (Convention Center). The society of Growers of Massachusetts is sponsoring this event, which include lectures, extending over all days of the exhibition. The usual time the festival – mid-March.

Boston marathon (Boston Marathon)

The Boston marathon is held annually on the third Monday of April. Attracting the best runners from all over the world, the marathon distance of 26 miles, begins in the town of Hopkinton and ending in Kenmore square. About 16,000 participants annually take part in the race.

Patriot day (Patriot’s Day)

On the third Monday of April in Boston also passes Patriot Day (Patriot’s Day). In memory of world-famous battle of Lexington and Concord, this special New England holiday offers plenty of options for activity. Flower-laying ceremony takes place at the grave of Paul Revere, along with the reconstruction of his famous campaign. The parade and other festivities are held on the historic Freedom Trail.

The last Friday of April gives us «Art in Bloom», an exhibition held in the Museum of fine arts, Boston Museum of Fine Arts).

The Boston Harborfest (Boston Harborfest)

A celebration of Maritime and colonial Heritage Boston Harborfest (Boston Harborfest) is held every July. The six-day festival includes a whole range of interesting and entertaining events: the boat race, historical reenactment, music concerts and much more. Active holidays for the whole family and “walking” tours are also part of the festivities, and be the culmination of the fireworks and a performance by the Boston “POPs Esplanade” Orchestra (Boston Pops Esplande Orchestra).

Boston tea party (Boston Tea Party)

Boston tea party (Boston Tea Party) — the protest of 1773 American colonists in response to the actions of the British Government, which resulted in Boston Harbor was destroyed cargo of tea. The events of that time historically recreated every year, the Old South Meeting House Old South Meeting House ). The event is accompanied by a reconstruction of the debate, which can be attended by anyone who is dressed in the colonial style of the time. Sorry to join the debate may not be over 600 people.

Christmas Tubas

These are just some of the famous events in Boston during the year. Also many other activities, both paid and free, are held in the city at different times and in different areas of Boston.

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