The Most famous carnivals

Very soon the time will come the brightest and most stunning spectacles in Europe and Brazil. The carnival procession will once again attract large numbers of tourists wanting to see and participate in this festive whirlwind luxurious costumes, mysterious masks, exotic feathers, colorful sequins of music, fun and, of course, dancing.

By the way, the word “carnival” are two Latin root – sipe (meat) and vale (farewell). This holiday has long held 40 days before Holy week and was a kind of boundary beyond which Great lent begins. The origins of the holiday are taken from ancient pagan times, and only the Renaissance breathed life into this tradition, forgotten and forbidden during the Inquisition. Later the Europeans, who settled around the world, brought carnival to almost all the continents of the planet, and the locals gladly adopted tradition. We will talk about perhaps the most famous carnivals, plunging into the world of extravaganza and surprises.


The first documentary mention of the carnival of Venice refers to 1094, and in 1296 the Senate of the Venetian Republic, officially proclaimed the last day before lent – festive. Thus, the carnival of Venice has become a public holiday, known throughout the world.

In our time, ten days before lent in Venice, experiencing the true pilgrimage of tourists (more than half a million!), wanting to see one of the oldest and most famous festivals.

The opening ceremony takes place on the main square of Venice before St. Mark the Evangelist. Here is the first carnival parade of costumes and masks, and I remember the story of the liberation of the Venetian girls, kidnapped by pirates from Istria.

By the way, carnival masks once so fond of the Venetians that they wanted to wear them and on other days, for that was punished: the men threatened to jail and fines, and female public flogging with whips. Such severe punishment were quite understandable, because under the mask, it was possible to do some unseemly things.

Now the mask is a tribute to the lovely holiday that was circling and continues to circle the head with its originality, fun and traditions. For example, in Venice, you can see fancy regatta famous Venetian gondoliers. Balls, fireworks, concerts, costumes of harlequin and Columbine, and much more – all this is fascinating carnival of Venice.

The carnival of Venice will take place this year from 13 to 24 February

During the carnival the whole of Brazil is covered by the continuous thunder of drums, batter incendiary rhythm of Samba. Sequins, feathers, half-naked body is a great show!

Traditionally, the carnival in Brazil begins with the official part – the symbolic transfer of the keys of the city mayor “king of carnival” – a fictional character, the fat man to King Momo. For four days it becomes a full owner of the city and shall be empowered to promulgate and repeal any laws. Carnival in Rio is held once a year, in February, at the height of the Brazilian summer. Begins this holiday is always on Saturday and lasts 4 days and 4 nights!

The most important and interesting during Carnival – the parade of the Samba schools at the sambodrome (special concrete runway, with a length of 600 m and a width of 20 m, both sides of which there are spectator stands, where a large number of participants from the most famous Samba schools in fantastic costumes meet an amazing show that at least once in your life you need to see with your own eyes.

However, the parades in the sambódromo is just one of the few events of the carnival. The entire Rio de Janeiro immersed in the festive atmosphere, the streets are colorful performances, Nightclubs are famous carnival balls.

Carnival in Brazil will be held this year from 20 February po

Residents of Cologne claim that their carnival – the fifth season, the most fun and carefree. Every year in Germany attracts up to a million tourists to see firsthand the transformation of stolid Germans, as the reins this time take mummers in costume balls and street parades involved the entire city, except police and health workers.

Here to the carnival are so serious that all the preparations begin for three months. A special tradition, 11 November at 11 hours 11 minutes all over the city begin the so-called carnival meeting . where planned future program of the festival and discusses the candidates respected citizens on the role of the Prince carnival, who on the last day of the celebrations, the Lord mayor will officially hand over the key from the town hall and all the power.

Carnival erupts in Altweibersommer, or Babi Thursday, this year it falls on February 19. In the Old square with the morning gathers a crowd of celebrants, most of them women. Everyone is waiting for decisive moments: of course, this is 11 hours and 11 minutes. Signal women in carnival costumes take by storm the town hall, and this “coup” announces the beginning of the carnival . On this day, women can do anything he wants! They announce the fight of everyday life and proclaim the matriarchy. As evidence from all the oncoming men ruthlessly cut ties. Resistance is futile. Is the custom custom!

But the highest point of the celebration is achieved in Rosenmontag, Rose Monday, when starts the carnival procession. According to the city are officially registered to the carnival societies, each of which carries a ridiculous figure of papier-mache is usually a caricature politicians. Usually on this show is going to about half a million spectators. The culmination of the festival is the appearance of constant carnival of the Trinity – the Prince, the virgin and the Peasant. At this point, it is especially important to sit on favorable ground, because during the procession with carnival carts in the audience with a hail of flying sweets.

The Most famous carnivals
Very soon the time will come the brightest and most stunning spectacles in Europe and Brazil. The carnival procession will once again attract large numbers of tourists wanting to see…

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