The Most colourful carnivals of the world

Today we are accustomed to thinking just a beautiful sight, in ancient times had a completely different meaning, more religious. The history of carnival dates back to paganism, and at the time of the precedes lent. The very first carnivals appeared in Italy.

Venice carnival

Italy, Northern Italy

Perhaps the most famous and oldest carnival in the world. Every year, from 13 to 24 February, the whole of Venice is clothed in the costumes of velvet, brocade and silk and tries on different masks.

The carnival opens oldest Venetian holiday — Festa delle Marie is a celebration in honor of the release of local girls from pirate captivity. The program of the carnival: the submission of the Commedia Dell’arte. a procession of hundreds of Harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine and other famous characters, Holiday confetti. But many rush to the carnival to take part in one of the balls masquerade, held in ancient buildings and palaces. “Ball of Casanova”, a masquerade on the water and, finally, the most important presentation “Golden night” transferred participants from the twenty-first century, several centuries ago, in medieval carnival of Venice, where there is fun and everyone is free to do whatever you want. That’s why bright lush costume and mask — an indispensable condition for participation in the masquerade.

It will be held during February.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, Southern Brazil

“To see the real Brazil, you need to be at the top of her holiday — carnival”, say the cariocas, the inhabitants of Sunny Rio. And of course, they are right. For four days, from 20 to 24 February, Rio de Janeiro becomes the world capital of merriment and General revelry.

It is believed that the beginning of the carnival tradition put, strangely enough, Portuguese Amusing holiday, which in Brazil brought immigrants from Madeira and the Azores. On the first day, everyone had to make fun of each other, drench passersby with cold water, to cover himself with charcoal and chalk, throw flour. The next day all danced and had fun. Today the dance is the main component of the carnival, the highlight of the place. To see how incendiary dance Brazilian Samba, come from all corners of the planet. In the days of the carnival on the Central alley of Rio pass hot competitions of the Brazilian Samba schools. For a half hour dressed in bright colorful costumes of feathers and silk dancers must show the prepared room show, on which they worked during the whole year. The carnival opens with a symbolic ritual — Rio mayor hands over the keys of the city to the King holiday. letting him know that at this time, the main duty of each is to have fun and dance till you drop. Under carnival March “Spread your wings”, written especially for the festival, famous dancers parade through the alley accompanied by popular musicians, actors and other celebrities.

It will be held during February.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

USA, Southeast USA

Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday”, appeared in New Orleans as a small celebration in the French quarter on the occasion of the arrival of spring. His main rule is to have fun, as possible. The solemn procession moves through the streets of the city, and led by its King and Queen in outrageous outfits thrown into the crowd, coins, sweets and fun trifle.

Mardi Gras is the never — ending string of colourful parades, extravagant parades and live entertainment. The brightest of them – the parade of Bacchus, dedicated to mythological gods, and the Indian parade, whose participants will parade in a rather daring outfits, decorated with feathers and precious stones. Viewers also should take care of the costumes. By tradition they should be either purple (symbolizing justice), or gold (symbolizing power), or green (symbolizing faith) — “national color” of the carnival for the past more than 100 years. Also don’t forget that Mardi Gras is a momentous event in the world of jazz. World-famous orchestras, such as, for example, Mahogany Brass Band, also participate in the carnival.

Time – January-feral

Carnival on the island of Gran Canaria

Spain, Canary Islands

One of the most colorful carnivals in Spain takes place on the island of Gran Canaria, in the picturesque town of Las Palmas. Holiday performances follow pageants and dance competitions are held right on the streets. But the main event of the celebration is the selection of the carnival Queen. held in the city Park of Santa Catalina. The output of each of the candidates on stage accompanied by a performance with dancing, color special effects and original tricks. The presence at the carnival such stars as Gloria Gaynor and grace Jones, adds to his popularity. During the three weeks of Las Palmas is not sleeping, and outdoor cafes are open around the clock. About the end of the celebration and about the upcoming time of fasting shows the ceremony of the burial of the sardine — the symbol of riotous living and fun. On this day the participants of the funeral procession, dressed in black clothes, sneaked around town giant stuffed sardines. and in the evening it is burned. From now in Las Palmas stop noisy parties and street festivals, and its residents begin to prepare for lent.

It will be held during February.

Carnival in the Peloponnese

Greece, mainland Greece

This colorful fun filled carnival is considered the largest in the Mediterranean. Its history goes back more than 160 years, and the number of participants is growing every year. For several months the largest city of the Peloponnese Patras turns into an arena for costumed performances, fire shows and public appearances. On the streets of the audience is entertained by mimes, dressed in costumes of ancient Greek gods, musicians and dancers. For children arranged fun contests and thematic performances, as well as a merry masquerade. Adults can go to a costume party where women are only allowed in masks and “Domino” — long coat with a hood. In one of the last days in the main street of the city is the Grand parade, and the carnival ends with fireworks and the burning rag dolls of King carnival at the city Marina.

It will be held during January-March.

Cologne carnival

Germany, West Germany

During the Cologne carnival, and with it the whole of Germany changed abruptly.

Replaced the measured rhythm of life burghers comes carnival festivities and festive commotion. In the so-called “Babi Thursday” women who gathered on the Central square, “capture” the city hall, declaring thus about the beginning of the carnival. For several days the streets are festive procession. themed performances and musical performances. But all this is just a warm up before the real action – the main parade, which takes place in the “pink” Monday. On the main street moving platform on which to dance, sing and show off their bright outfits residents. They throw in the crowd of different sweets and entertain the audience with funny rhymes and songs. The fun does not cease until Ash Wednesday which is the day of repentance, when the carnival ends, and urban dwellers return to their normal lifestyle.

It will be held during February.

Carnival in nice

France, French Riviera and Corsica

Spring comes to the Cote d’azur in the middle of February, when in nice starting point for the colorful carnival “King of Masquerade”.

From 13 February to 1 March in the city streets are organized carnivals, flower unfolding of the battle, and merry, dressed in colorful costumes, throw into the crowd fragrant rose petals. All this, of course, occurs under the supervision of His Majesty the King of the Carnival. It was at this time there be dissolved fragrant Mimosa. spreading around its heady aroma. In the evenings secular audience entertained by a colorful light show featuring a huge carnival figures. hand-made papier-mache.

It will be held during February-March.

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