The Most beautiful gardens in the world

The world has not yet found a more talented Creator than nature, which account for a unique and amazing masterpieces all over the planet. Sometimes when the natural beauty is breathtaking, but no less deserve admiration man-made gardens and parks built by passionate people as a tribute to the Majesty of nature and the plant world. Long ago in the palaces of the powerful created the abode of beauty, harmony and peace, sometimes becoming a true wonder of the world, the legendary Hanging gardens of Babylon.

Modern urban and Botanical gardens, a vast Palace and Park complexes and small private parks, created by talented designers or gardeners, are no longer a luxury available only to the elite. Millions of visitors in different countries annually visit the most famous and beautiful creations garden art, some of which are presented in this publication.

The Of Exbury Gardens, UK

One of the most beautiful gardens in the world, located in the estate of Exbury, was created by a representative of the dynasty of barons Rothschild – Lionel Nathan Rothschild, which was spent on construction of the garden a lot of money and hired nearly 100 gardeners. In addition to the usual for England rhododendrons and azaleas in the gardens of Exbury many exotic plants brought personally by Lionel from distant wanderings: Redwood trees, Lebanese cedars, bright flowers of South-East Asia.

Unfortunately, world war II adversely affected the state of a magnificent garden, which together with the Exbury estate was handed over to the military. After the war the son of the founder of the Park, Edmontonsun started to restore its former beauty, and then in the early 1950-ies of Exbury garden was opened to the public.

The Boboli Gardens, Italy

The Boboli gardens, located in one of the most famous palaces of Florence – Palazzo Pitti, trace their history back to the mid-16th century. Beautiful garden, is deservedly regarded as the clearest example of landscape art of the Renaissance, was laid out around the Pitti Palace by the order of Duke Cosimo I de ‘ Medici. The Boboli garden is a gift to the young wife of the Duke – Eleonora of Toledo, is reputed to be the patron of artists and poets. On the creation of the Boboli Gardens, worked in different periods of many famous artists and sculptors: Tribolo, Fortini, father and son, Parigi,Giambologna, and others.

In the lovely courtyard facing the Park, was held all the most important celebrations and the ceremony of the Medici family, and the garden itself was adopted as a model for the arrangement of many Royal parks in Europe, including the Park at Versailles. Nowadays, the Boboli Gardens are a famous landmark of Florence, which are 2 of the tour route, lasting about 3 hours each, as in the garden of a huge number of works of art.

Tropical Park Nong Nooch, Thailand

Near the famous Thai resort of Pattaya lies the vast territory of private landscape and Botanical Park Nong Nooch, for over 30 years, attracting tourists from all over the world. The Park is named after the foundress of this exotic Paradise Mrs Nong Nooch Tansacha, which had originally planned to set up plantations to grow fruits and vegetables. Opened in 1980, the Park Nong Nooch is visited daily by about 2 thousand tourists, for whom the garden has a widely developed infrastructure (cafes, restaurants, swimming pool, various animal shows, etc.).

All the spaces of the Park is divided into thematic sections, each of which surprises with its unique architecture, plants or design. For example, Garden of the groves offers visitors the chance to admire the trees and bushes cut in the form of various figures, and in the Garden ceramic pots funny figures made of these pots. In Nong Nooch has a French and European gardens, a butterfly Garden, Orchid Garden, Garden of hearts, umbrellas, miniature capitonnage and many, many other unusual objects.

The Keukenhof Garden, The Netherlands

Old Park Keukenhof in the small town of Lisse has been around for over five centuries, but glory’s largest flower garden he bought not so long ago – in the mid-20th century. Nazanacheniya meaning “kitchen garden”, can tell about his past: originally the garden was a part of the hunting grounds of the castle of the local Lord Jacob van Beieren. Here for a long time, grew vegetables, fruits, condiments and only 40-ies of the 19th century these lands came the wonderful Park in the classic English style. A century later, the mayor proposed to spend in the garden the first exhibition of flowers, which subsequently has become a wonderful tradition sadakichi.

Since then, every year to admire the millions of crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, amaryllises tourists come from all over the world. For visiting the Park is open from late March to late may, it is in bloom beautiful flowers. Kings flower festival are tulips, countless varieties of which here put breeders from different countries.

Garden Rikugien, Japan

One of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo, which is itself a great example of traditional gardens in the Japanese style, was created in the late 17th century. The first owner of garden state datelanguage Yoshiyasu was a big fan of poetry Waka, so for 8 years was in Imaginadas picturesque landscape scenes described in the popular Japanese epics. All of these scenes were created 88, and although over the past century, part of them was lost, the garden now has landmark status from the city on a national scale.

Rikugien can not shake: large ponds with Islands, the largest of which is a hill, allowing the top people to enjoy the panoramic view of the garden, and in clear weather you can even see on the horizon of mount Fuji. Thousands of trees and nearly three dozen thousand shrubs planted in the garden Rikugien that turns it into a beautiful oasis.

There are still many amazing gardens with beautiful landscapes and a variety of plants, and even if they are not among the most beautiful gardens in the world, still give the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and the talent of the people who created them.

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