The Grill in the outdoor kitchen

The dacha is a place where you can relax and have a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is difficult to imagine a nice summer holiday with friends and family without dishes, which are cooked in a barbecue.

Kitchen with a grill or barbecue is called summer and is almost an integral component of the garden.

Projects outdoor kitchens for your garden should be selected according to the size of the site. So, if the amount you allows, you can arrange on-site garden pavilion, big enough to contain a few dozen people.

What could be better than relaxing outdoors with friends? Cozy outdoor kitchen will give you many pleasant moments!

As brazier suggests the presence of an open fire in the outdoor kitchen will need to build a chimney.

Don’t forget about the good protection from wind and rain, so the weather could not affect the mood of the company and the quality of rest. Simple curtains, or install partitions of wood or a more reliable shutters.

The finished project, as well as photos and video can be found on the Internet.

What could be a summer kitchen for your garden?

You can order the design, which is perfect for your garden or find it on the Internet, with his own hands built a summer kitchen.

You can make small, but very cosy lounge area, or to give preference to a spacious platform with a canopy that will accommodate many guests and all the necessary furniture. In the second case, you can set up even complex BBQ, which consists of several foci, then you’ll have to make many more different dishes.

Consider all the points before you start building your outdoor kitchen.

The walls and roof should have a very good shelter from rain, heat or cold, wind.

Note that the firebox should not be in the draft.

Choose one of the main principles of the portability of the interior. Moving benches and tables will help to create a different atmosphere and to improve the visual effect.

Walls can be left just a brick or plywood sheathing.

Don’t forget about summer kitchen design to create comfort: flowers, garden furniture, photos and paintings complement your interior.

An outdoor summer kitchen. If the weather spoil your appliances safe…

What type of cuisine with a charcoal grill is best suited for your garden?

There are many projects summer kitchen with barbecue, the design of which will depend on your tastes. The construction may be fabricated from either natural materials (such as stone, metal or wood) or artificial (concrete, plastic, aluminum).

Construction of wood and stone. This outdoor kitchen will look more comfortable, and then the rest will be much more comfortable.

Dishes made of plastic and aluminum, simpler to install and less subject to corrosion and precipitation. Such materials are safe and will be well combined with other materials.

Wrought iron gazebo with barbecue facilities is not only original and beautiful design, but also can truly become a work of art at your cottage. Of course, if you are not a professional, then the services of a farrier will cost you quite expensive, but the result will surprise you and your guests. This gazebo will enhance any cottage. Viewing photos on the Internet, you’ll see this.

Wooden kitchen with glass elements.

What are the benefits of a summer kitchen with barbecue?

you can cook in any weather, and fear neither rain, nor wind;

stylish and original design will be the center of attention of your guests;

cook dinner, not distracted from communicating with friends.

In his country house you can build a permanent or a temporary building.

Temporary structures will need to install each season and disassemble when it’s cold. The main advantage is that this construction can be moved from one place to another. The disadvantage is the need to dismantle and special storage space for the winter.

Permanent gazebo will be an integral part of the landscape. It will be a comfortable place for hanging out, when warm summer weather will be replaced by the first frost.

Now a summer kitchen with a barbecue, take leadership positions. Because there are very many kinds of designs, and manual construction project will be different. Photo and video instructions you can find on the Internet.

During the construction of the summer kitchen you can make all your dreams come true.

The main feature of building a summer kitchen with a barbecue grill is its functionality. No one will argue that outdoors cooking much more convenient and enjoyable than in a stuffy house. Even the meal is practically a holiday in the open air.

Besides, if you try and spend in the summer kitchen light and water, equip it with a variety of furniture, such kitchen will become a full-fledged construction.

Tips for building a gazebo with barbecue

The barbecue, which is made of brick kiln is a design, often mortared together with clay. But even if the grill is made of special heat resistant cement he needs protection from the rain.

If the grill is located directly next to the terrace or at home, it will require only a small canopy or roof. If your chosen place to stay removed deeper into the garden, you will need to think of something more substantial.

Depending on how much you plan to host at the cottage guests, you need to calculate the roof area. And then you get instead simple awning over a nice gazebo with a dining area and a parapet.

Don’t forget about the wind screen with the construction of a gazebo with barbecue. It is a wall in the form of grids or solid wall, which is installed directly in the zone of the grill, and in addition a wind screen can be installed in the dining area. Then you will not be afraid of the wind, and he can’t stop cooking and its reception.

The gazebo project and its design you should choose in accordance with the overall style of the garden, its architecture and style of the landscape. Remember that it is best for virtually any suitable exterior structures made of wood.

Stylish enclosed summer kitchen.

Designing your outdoor kitchen

Now there are many options for your outdoor kitchen: different sizes, styles and made of different materials. It is best to make the project a kitchen with barbecue?

The main thing what the project is so you can see how to fit the new building into the landscape garden and its exterior, whether well will look the color of the solution, facing.

As the model of kitchen you choose for your garden is unique, because it embodies different ideas and ideas.

So, in case of repair, even a professional would be difficult to understand the construction of the grill, if you have a project. It is therefore very important that the project could see what type of masonry bricks used, then this will greatly simplify the task and reduce costs.

Summer kitchen will make your stay truly unforgettable.

You can make a sketch of the grill by reviewing options for photo on the Internet and choosing what you want. But, of course, the best design to professionals. As a result, you will receive a computer model, it will allow you to see the option of the furnace, which will get at the end of the work. Also a professional will do the drawings, in which will be depicted in detail your desired model.

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