The brightest of the it events of the year

In the year there were many bright events relating most directly the information technology industry. New year eve room “Computer to” decided to remind its readers.

In early Palm company presented to the public its new mobile operating system WebOS, and perhaps that this event can be considered the beginning of the year for the information technology industry. And other news the beginning of the year release of WebOS looked white, or rather, rainbow crow: in connection with the economic crisis in January 2009, many large it companies have announced massive cuts in its staff. Sun has cut 1,300 people quarterly profit Google declined threefold, Ericsson fired five thousand, Microsoft also decided to lay off five thousand people and has frozen the construction of new buildings for its headquarters, Seagate lost nearly half a billion dollars in three months, the loss of LG Electronics amounted to $493 million, annual profit of Samsung fell by a quarter. And only Apple has reported record revenue in the midst of crisis.

For Belarusians the first months of the outgoing year was marked by the fact that online shopping, finally, “released” out of the blast zone BY as well as the appearance of the first laptops national Assembly. In mid-February, the entire world community was very pleased to discuss his action himself, bill gates released a swarm of mosquitoes at TED audience to attract their attention to the problem of malaria. Then Hewlett-Packard refused to Linux on netbooks, Google was able to regain the cybersquatted domain and post at this address own search page, came 1234567890 seconds in UNIX time, released the final version of Moonlight 1.0, and a first processor for probabilistic logic, and also created the first synthetic DNA molecule, capable to evolve.

Spring has also brought a lot of it news. So, it was decided to make Belarus a licensed business providing hosting services, and the small town in France decided to change the name only to information about it can be easier to find through search engines. But the biggest news in the early spring of 2009 was the announcement of the sentence handed down by a Swedish court in the case of the administration of the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay. However, quite striking was the news about the Russian government’s decision to transfer the institutions of the free software and the intentions of the largest Belarusian portal  convert your free email on the platform from Google. In the spring came the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 and Internet Explorer 8, but in Russia it was discovered the first specialized “Trojan” ATM; announced its bankruptcy, the company Silicon Graphics; IBM failed when trying to buy Sun Microsystems, and Oracle decided to repeat it again; in Google App Engine now supports Java, the company Micro Focus bought Borland Software, and domestic Velcom and “BelCel” agreed on joint provision of services to its subscribers high-speed mobile Internet. At the end of spring, Microsoft unveiled a first “beta” Visual Studio 2010 and  Framework 4.

The beginning of summer was marked by the fact that Facebook has are not just anybody, but the Pope himself, and Microsoft presented its search engine Bing. In Belarus it-the summer has begun with the opening of the first building of domestic high technology Park, located in Minsk at the address Kuprevich, 1. Later was shown the first laptop running Google Android, appeared Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, the company Opera Software presented users technology Opera Unite, there is information about Steve jobs transplantation of the liver, one of the founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen created a startup Xiant. In mid-July, the largest it event in the world, of course, was the 15-year anniversary “Computer news”. From the little things we can remember the announcement of Google start developing Chrome OS, the official release of Silverlight 3, as well as what Diallog closed all regional centres sales of services and equipment. In August on Google Maps appeared scheme of Minsk, in Russia officially adopted the programmer’s Day as a public holiday; in Forbes magazine published an article called “Digital forest”, dedicated to the Park of high technologies; Novell has released MonoTouch platform that allows you to write for the iPhone in the languages compatible with ; district court of Texas have Microsoft Word due to patent disputes; left PowerBuilder 12, and Wikipedia has banned free edit the article.

Autumn began with the news that on sale , and eBay sold Skype. Also in early autumn, the head of Apple for the first time after surgery appeared in public, Belarusian mobile operator life:) has launched the first stage of testing new generation mobile communication 3G, Microsoft announced the creation of the organization of the CodePlex Foundation, in Belarus has opened a direct representation of the company SolidWorks Corporation, Silverlight 3 ported to Linux, was released ABBYY FineReader 10. In the mid-autumn Fujitsu got rid of the hard disk, General Electric invented terabyte Blu-ray discs, and the Council of Ministers decided to introduce RUP “mail” in the list of SOEs to be privatized until the beginning of 2010. In addition, Intel announced that is preparing to move their corporate PC for Windows 7 was presented for the first runs on methanol the phone, because of trivial typos from the Network was disconnected the whole of the Swedish segment of the Internet, has released a free version of IntelliJ IDEA, and, of course, finally began selling Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. A little later it was announced the mobile operating system Google Android 2.0, Facebook received from the spammer $711 million, Google has launched a music search opened in Minsk Belarus ‘ first dedicated Apple store in Flash detected an unrecoverable bug, “the Pirate Bay” switched to magneto-links and decentralized filesharing, Microsoft introduced Silverlight 4.0, AOL announced its intention to sell ICQ, and in addition is also started (and immediately ended) registration of Cyrillic domain names in the domain zone .Of the Russian Federation.

Well, in December, Microsoft introduced Windows 7 in Minsk and antivirus Security Essentials all over the world, Eric Schmidt made his controversial statement about the privacy of Network data, Oracle has committed to MySQL, out Moonlight 2.0 and Spring 3.0. And, of course, the notorious Russian decree on the regulation of the Internet, we certainly have repeatedly recall in 2010.

As you can see, the year was very rich in major it events that journalists “Computer news” tirelessly shared with readers. Let’s hope that in 2010 the situation will develop not less rapidly, and good for each of us news will be greater than neutral (and not bad at all). However, as will all actually, time will tell. “Computer to” will keep you in the loop.

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