The Best of the Agency of children’s holidays

In the lives of children should be plenty of space for celebrations, fun and joy. Reasons to give your child a big or small celebration, many – all calendar holidays, birthdays, family picnics, the end of the school year, the first “five”. And here is just going to a cafe, for example, will not do. Children’s holiday and require no less of organization and forethought than the holidays for adults: if you missed a little something, things can go awry. How wonderful that at the present time care of the child device of the celebration can be charged to people who do this professionally.

The Agency of children’s holidays “the Wizard” by right can be considered a leader in organizing events for young people of our world and the only company in Moscow, which “makes” the holidays are customized. Organization of events for “Wizard” – not just business. All Agency staff about their work with enthusiasm of the pioneers, and I believe that people should remember their childhood with a smile. Scripts of holidays creative team “Wizard” writes itself, and the idea of peeking in children. What is interesting to them? Which characters do they like? Who want to play? So there are many new programs that always corresponds to the age of children. Except for actions and games, music and fun, in every festival, which is organised by the “Wizard”, and will be the ultimate goal – morality. For example, if celebrated prom, fun will not be forgotten and a reason for sadness, which is to realize and feel children – the parting with the school and school friends.

“the Story changes, and holidays stay” – under this motto for several years successfully working holiday Agency “No Sadness” . There are not afraid to experiment and to realize the most daring ideas. On the website you will be able to get acquainted with a huge number of options various celebrations that appeal to children of all ages. Organization of events Agency “No Sadness” – this is a high-quality technique, varied and interesting paraphernalia, excellent professional work of the organizers and presenters of the best designers and decorators, reliable and understanding managers, and irrepressible energy, creativity and imagination of the actors. Lots of extras (puppets, bubble show, clowns on stilts, MIME show), interesting packages, special offers and generous discounts, – all of this will provide you with the Agency ’s No Sadness”.

Good stories for the little ones; interactive journey for kids out of high school; magical stories for young ladies and a spectacular event for those who already feels “very, very adult», – this is the ridge of the Agency of children’s holidays «Theatre Carabas-Barabas” . Any trained animals – from cats to elephants, knights and heroes, Indians and cowboys, fairies Winx, the hussars, the mythical Minotaur and many other characters will turn any event into a fabulous show, in which his head dipped both adults and children. Famous theatre and puppet figure Karabas-Barabas, a symbol of the Agency, swears by his beard: if you decided to make your child – then you should come here!

Turn order made by the parents in memory of rainbow child about carefree cheerful child – the Agency’s goal «Purple elephant” . That is why its staff pays special attention not only to the storyline of the holiday, but also to the quality of the work of the artists. Not everyone can equally well show yourself by spending a domestic celebration, celebrations in the gardens or schools. Therefore, for the execution of roles the Agency of children’s holidays «purple elephant” very carefully organizes the best selection that can best suit actors. Here you can really count on these professionals, perfectly doing its job!

Do not worry if you have not found enough spare time to themselves to organize a holiday and to invent something extraordinary for his child and his guests. For such cases there is a holiday Agency “Fairy” . Birthday party, children’s holiday party, puppet show, theatre shows, thrilling rides, performances by magicians and clowns – the magic staff “Fairies” will turn these entertaining activities in a real tale for your child! In addition, the staff of the Agency give you a 100% guarantee that your wishes will be holding a children’s party will be fulfilled on time and the quality of work does not depend on the order value.

The Agency ’s Festive country Awnings And” will make a feast for the child so that he would remember the most vivid, positive emotions! The celebrations were organized by “Festive country Awnings A”, excite the hearts of adults, bringing them back to the carefree childhood, and they are happy to be included in the game with the children, leaving the feast. Here you are ready to offer exclusive options fabulous adventure they will never forget: a journey to the land of Neilande, turning into an alien and the conquest of the universe, the dedication to the Indians. The Agency staff is important not only to organize the celebration, for them the main thing – real values: friendship, kindness and mutual support. That is why in an interactive theatrical programmes animators not only amuse and entertain children, but also teach them to be kinder, develop ingenuity and resourcefulness, welcomed the initiative and learn to help each other.

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