Summer festivals in Europe

The coming summer promises to be hot and rich in unique events. Any of the summer travel scenarios listed in this article will be a real salvation during the hot season, a reason to escape for the weekend from the stuffy city and get into the epicenter of ultra-modern music event on environmental festival with camping under the stars or spend the weekend in the company of like-minded people! A website for independent travelers momondo about the main events of the summer of 2014, are definitely worth a visit to the summer holidays was memorable.

Musical island

Events large-scale music festival SIGET takes place on a small island in the Danube (“SIGET” translated from Hungarian means island). All visitors who have visited similar events in Western Europe, certainly impress low prices, but at the same time the strongest line-up, not inferior to the Spanish SÓnar or EurockÉennes Festival in France.

SIGET worth a visit for lovers of soulful atmosphere and liberal views in the style of Woodstock, however, through extensive even hipsters and fans of intelligent travelers will be able to find something interesting for yourself.

Tired of musical vibrations, waiting for the stunning architecture of Budapest, castles, churches and squares, as well as natural pearls Hungary – lake Balaton, Tisza and famous spas.

Where: Budapest, Hungary.

The art in the fields

Large-scale contemporary art festival Glastonbury is situated among fields and hills of England. There is so much that even the performances by such stars as Robert plant, Kasabian, Metallica, Lana Del Rey, Arcade Fire overshadowed. In addition to the main music stage and a huge dance-floor-represented at the festival theatre and circus venues, exhibitions and dramatic performances, a children’s amusement Park and green area free of urban smog, noise motors, where you can relax in nature and to get clean energy from the sun and wind.

The medieval tradition

Siena – this is a beautiful quiet town in the heart of Tuscany. But twice a year the population of Siena doubled ahead of the famous race, with horses Bareback – Palio . Dating from 1656 traditionally held on the main town square, Piazza del Campo. This colorful event is an imitation of feudal strife, strogova Italy in the middle ages. Competitions are held between representatives of the contrade – quarters of the city, each of which has its own emblem, flag, motto, color, and even the Church. “Palio” means flag or banner, which is awarded to the winner.

The East-West

First held in 2005, the Yoga festival in Berlin has become the major event among Western yoga practitioners and supporters of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to theoretical and practical classes with renowned teachers from around the world, you can take part in master classes on cooking vegetarian dishes, learn how to draw henna, play Indian musical instruments, to consult with the specialist in traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda, to attend lectures on philosophy. Participants of the festival are music, chatting with like-minded people, enjoying the outdoors and the opportunity to acquire esoteric curios. Only 3 days of the festival will allow you to find harmony, to enjoy the atmosphere of peace, joy and unity.

The “European taste”

The European food festival brings together food and culture, because cooking is a real art! A tasting of food and wine master classes of famous European chefs, fair with fresh local products, accompanied by concerts and performances under the open sky.

The most spectacular event of the festival is the competition for the title of best chef, which can be attended by anyone – from Amateur to professional. Those who wish to demonstrate their culinary arts get a job, buy products at the fair and the dish is prepared in front of the audience. The referees, of course, the guests themselves.

Midsummer festival

Ionenes or Roses (Rosa) is celebrated each year in June, at the summer solstice. Unlike in neighbouring Poland, Russia, Latvia and Belarus Midsummer festival in Lithuania is particularly colorful. Ceremonies and celebrations on janines is the heritage of pagan times and essentially represent the worship of nature.

In the shortest night of the year on the feast of Roses must jump over the fire, to find the coveted fern, to put a floral wreath on the Niemen, to dance, to listen to performances of folk ensembles, a variety of Lithuanian dishes and tart liqueur.


A unique project SOLT conceived by the organizers to ensure that the participants were able to immerse themselves in the culture of Northern peoples, to study their art, lifestyle and living conditions, to get acquainted with the nature of the Arctic. The festival begins on a mountain island SandhornØya, then it will take Greenland. Iceland, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Scotland, Spitsbergen, Alaska and Russia is a place that combines the pristine remoteness, where you can admire the breathtaking grandeur of nature.

The project participants will live in a special camp on the shores of the Arctic ocean, eat fresh sea and forest products produced on the island, and all activities will be held in special constructions, reminiscent of the dwellings of the Northern peoples. Guests are invited to participate in the extraordinary art projects, concerts, theatrical performances, readings and culinary art. In addition to cultural objective, the project seeks to draw public attention to the problem of climate change on Earth.

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