Summer festivals and holidays in Norway

Despite the very severe weather of Norway is not so favourable, as to the beach resorts of the world, this country becomes for tourists increasingly attractive. And summers in Norway. the country with developed tourism infrastructure, is the most active season for tourists. Norway in the summer is white nights, beautiful natural attractions, museums, entertainment, shopping, festivals and celebrations finally, speech about which will go in this review.

Oslo Summer Festival (Summer festival in Oslo)

Every year in Oslo in the atmosphere of the carnival takes place four of the festival of this scale. They are called in accordance with the season: Oslo Winter Festival, Oslo Summer Festival, Oslo Autumn Festival, The Festival og Light. This free public events for people of all ages. Usually the festival Oslo Summer Festival lasts 2-3 days, during which the Central part of the city was turned into an arena for live performances. Overall the music for all tastes – jazz, classical, Opera, you can see the dance performances, there is almost a round-the-clock shops and fair. During the festival the streets of Oslo meet Norwegians and tourists not only for entertainment and plenty of culinary surprises fresh fish. June in Oslo it is also noteworthy special exhibitions and seminars.

Quartfestivalen (Quart)

Quartfestivalen, which is held annually in the city of Kristiansand (Kristiansand), called the largest festival in Norway. It is no accident the organizers for the festival will be chosen July, a month blessed with Sunny weather. Most events are held in open areas, but you can also become participants of numerous club concerts. The Festival was first held in 1991 under the name “Quadradurmusivalen” and in the first years of its existence, the program included performances only Norwegian artists. Since 1994 the festival has acquired an international status, now here from all over the world come representatives of such styles as hip hop, pop, rock, electronic music and others. Despite the fact that every year the level of attendance of the event was growing up (in 2007, the famous Norwegian festival was attended by more than 60 000 visitors) in 2008 due to poor ticket sales, the festival was canceled in 2008 was named the year of bankruptcy Quartfestivalen). Nevertheless, some sources are already calling dates for future festivals. Perhaps Quartfestivalen will be taken under the care of other organizers, but the name will most likely remain the same.

Forde Folk Music Festival (folk music Festival)

Forde Folk Music Festival is one of the brightest events in the cultural life of Norway. The in førde festival invites participants from all over the world (more than 250 bands and artists national music). The festival program includes over 80 concerts, parades and performances by dance teams, as well as the official part, during which symposia and meetings of public figures. Usually every year the festival is dedicated to a certain topic, for example in 2008 the theme of the events was selected Caribbean music.

Kongsberg Jazz Festival (Jazz Festival)


One of the country’s oldest festivals, the date of his birth – 1965. Despite his “advanced” age, the festival is still very popular. The festival program gives the listener a complete picture of modern jazz. The festival is held in the city of Kongsberg (Kongsberg), 80 km from Oslo, under the slogan: “We give the public what it wants to hear and what she wants to hear, but still does not know about it.” Organisers say put the effort in 4 days, which runs the festival, to create in Norway “history of jazz”. Jazz arenas of Kongsberg meet famous world-class performers and new talent, ready to compete for the top Norwegian jazz award (100 thousand CZK). In the days of the festival on the streets of a small town going friendly minded crowd (about 30,000 people), despite the fact that the total number of local population is much smaller. Many of the event (about 50%) is free, the festival hosts a concert for children.

Saint Olav”s Festival (Festival of St. Olav)

The festival is tied to a specific date. On 29 July 1030 – the day of death of the Norwegian king and patron Saint of Norway, St Olav the Holy. In the city of Stiklestad (Stiklestad), where many centuries ago took the last great battle with his participation, the festival is now held, covering a range of cultural and religious traditions. During the week, when the festival lasts, it attracts thousands of Catholics from across the country, as well as fans of the show in the style of the middle ages. The city hosts more than 150 events, including performances by Opera singers, Church services, lectures and exhibitions, theatrical performances, children’s events. These days there is a huge medieval market where you can buy food, Souvenirs and Handicrafts, to rent the costumes of the era (to participate in the masquerade presentation on the acts of King Olav). The main event takes place in the Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Risor Woodenboat Festival (the wooden boat Festival in Risør)

The festival takes place annually in the small town of Risor (Risser) on the South coast of Norway. These days here comes a few thousand tourists to visit the harbour and see hundreds of wooden boats and sailboats. The program of the festival varies from year to year and may include a regatta, water activities, concerts, fireworks and culinary festivals around the city.

International Chamber Music Festival Stavanger international chamber music festival)

International chamber music festival in the city of Stavanger (Stavanger) – memorable holiday for lovers of the classics. Is one of the major musical events in Scandinavia. Concerts featuring international artists are held in different halls of the city, including the Utstein Monastery (tickets for the concert in the Cathedral snapping a week). At venues with excellent acoustics sounds Mendelssohn, Grieg, Brahms, Schubert, Schumann, Rachmaninoff… “Chamber music format high” – so called famous critics taking place during the festival.

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