Script children’s festival “the World begins with the childhood”

The script of the children’s festival “the World begins with the childhood”

Educator, MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution CRD d/s No. 7 “Squirrel” Resterai E. D.


From heart to heart sharing warmth,

Clears all weekday alarm

Striding close friendship with kindness,

Us, opening new roads!

Heat the soul will melt glaciers,

The castle will open every heart.

And lead a path straight to us

Here, on the festival:

“Peace begins with childhood”!

Host: – Hello dear friends! With great joy we welcome you in our hall on the celebration of childhood and creativity, talent and optimism.

For the opening of the festival I was invited to the stage (the floor) :

Host: the festival program includes five categories – bright and unique as the colors of the rainbow. Everyone in the room the guys will give their talents: dance, Musical and instrumental art, Vocal and instrumental works, Vocal, word Art, and to appreciate the skill of the contestants will be respected jury…

Chairman of the jury …

2. … .

Host: it’s time to move on to the participants, the guys worked hard, rehearsed and very excited, let’s support them with their smiles and, of course, applause!

1 nomination

Leading: The “natural” color is fascinating balance of warmth and coolness. The green color value in many Nations of the world is youth, hope, fun.

And this song is beautiful

Smile heaven!

Meet the applause of the participants following the nomination “Vocal-instrumental ensemble”.

“Beautiful far”

“The wizard – educated”

2 nomination

Host: the Color of passion, the color of joy and fire, so bright red and ambiguous embodies the dance.

Oh, dance!

In him the dream and sorcery fantasies –

And tore the breath!

And flour is sweet, and tears of admiration!

Please welcome the first participants of the festival in the nomination “Choreography” Ensemble “Confetti”

Variety dance “the First time we go on stage”

Moderator: And again on our stage dance group “Confetti”. Folk dance “Christmas Trees”

Presenter: On stage choreographic Chernetskaya and Albina

Vlad Firsov. Dance “Waltz”.

Host: Close the nomination “Choreography” Chernetskaya and Albina

Vlad Firsov. “Samba”

3 nomination

Host: the Color of optimism, Sunny, juicy orange, for him and the next nomination “Instrumental performance”.

Masters, alas, not born

And not become them all:

because the talent and work relies,

To reach the top in craftsmanship.

Moderator: please Welcome the ensemble of guitarists in the composition, which includes:

Nazarov Igor, Podolyak Kirill Kalugin Vladislav, Kanischev and Vladislav Voronin Anatoly Ivanovich.

“Spanish flair”

Host: Welcome to a round of applause, on the stage, the Ensemble of violinists “Elegy”. “Slow waltz”.

4 nomination

Host: Blue. Clean, calm as the surface of the lake, and vast as the sky, so different as the song in all its manifestations.

Friends in the world of song and children

Summer and rain, ice and skates.

Friends in the world of song and children

Friends daisies and cornflowers.

Introducing our next category is “Vocal”,

and the first participant Chaykin Vadim with the song “That’s when you will regret it.”

Moderator: one More contestant will delight us with his vocal prowess, meet, Anania Olesya with the song “Wonderland”.

Moderator: the Next participant vocal nomination Lebedeva Victoria

will perform the song “it’s raining”

And another song from Lebedeva Victoria “Vanya mine.”

Interviewer: How joyful eyes I see in this room. I’m talking about your Mama.

Mum is the word dear,

In the word of the warmth and light!

The festival is our star this

Our mothers sends his regards!

Meet, the song “Mama “. Will Perform Chernetskaya Albina.

With this group, just sing!

Meet the vocal group with the song “Day of disobedience”.

Host: Childhood is the Golden time

And magical dreams.

Childhood is we with you.

Childhood is me and you!

Meet Muradyan Ella and Alexander Kuznetsov. The song “Wider circle”.

“Song of the mammoth”

Presenter: Meet with a storm of applause one more participant of the festival – Abovec Alexander. “Peas”

Interviewer: And closes the vocal nomination Abovec Alexander with the song “Robot Bronislaw”

5 nomination

Host: Deep, noble, blue-lit the next category is “word of Art”.

There is such a country,

Where we sing songs and play games.

And she wonders no full,

And we call it a fairy tale.

And believe me, only in this country,

We be three times stronger.

In this kind of a magical country

Can become the main character.

Meet Maria Ivanova. An excerpt from the work “the Little Prince”.

Moderator: the Next participant of our festival of Harcharan Nina. Benjamin K. Jacques “Over than laughed”

Host: A Poem By Olga Korneeva

“Interesting movie” reads Dmitry Grishin.

Moderator: Olga Vysotskaya “Grissini gifts”. Reads Vladislav Morozov. Your applause.

Host: Fable By I. A. Krylov “Quartet”. Reads Alexander Tkachev.

Host: the Poem “Foolish things”. Read Chernetskaya Albina

Vladislav Morozov.

Presenter: Alex Bunin. “Summer night”. Reads Khabibulina Alexander.

Interviewer: Your applause to the next participant of the festival. Meet Ilya Kuznetsov. Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov “Verse about childhood”.

And closes the nomination artistic word Astapova Love. An excerpt from the novel “Scarlet sails”.

Interviewer: All nominations Shine colors of the talents of our wonderful contestants, then its time to take stock. Under your applause, we bid farewell to a respected jury for the meeting.


Host: Here came the most exciting moment, under your applause we invite on stage all without an exception of participants of the festival. Please welcome them with applause.

(Leaving them with music)

– for the announcement of the results on stage invited the Chairman of the jury

Rewarding long fanfare

Host: World of creativity is amazing that it has no borders and no boundaries to our universe, dotted with many stars. How many are there? Millions! Many millions of. And in our city today fired up the new lights from our guys at the festival “Peace begins with childhood.” Thank you guys for your talent!

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