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The main paradox of this holiday is that Australians celebrate it … in the summer. When most cities of Russia covered by snow, in the southern hemisphere – the sun and the searing heat. The main advantage of a holiday in Australia New year arrives.

This holiday marks the beginning of the development of the Green continent by Europeans. On 26 January 1788 captain Arthur Phillip landed in the Bay of Sydney, raised the British flag and founded the first colony of New South Wales. It happened 18 years later discoveries.

New year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. First day of New year falls on February, festivals and celebrations last for 15 days. Australia dominates the Gregorian calendar. And while in China, people also live.


Royal regatta in Hobart (Tasmania) was first held in 1838. And since then remains one of the most popular annual events in Australia – and the oldest sporting competition in Tasmania. The regatta takes place over three days.

On Valentine’s Day in Australia there are plenty of festivals, and their popularity is growing from year to year. About 90% of Australians aged 18 to 24 years and 45% of people over the age of 50 admit that celebrate this day. And the festivals are great.

Mardi Gras Tue 24th February

There is no place like Sydney, there’s no time like Mardi Gras – assure those who have been in the biggest city in Australia in February. It was at this time here goes the famous parade of gays and lesbians, closely associated with the tradition of the winter carnival.


Day Commonwealth Day is an annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations, celebrated on the second Tuesday of March. His feature – multi-religious service in Westminster Abbey in London in the presence of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Day Canberra – public event, which is held annually on the second Monday of March and is accompanied by a cultural festival. Thus the Australians celebrate the day when the capital got its name. For many years the territory.

If you want to feel like a real Aussie – wear something orange and make something harmonious. Happened? Welcome to the world without prejudices! On March 21 the whole of Australia celebrates national harmony Day. On.


In Australia this day begins literally with laughter – laughing Kookaburra bird is a Mockingbird. And without that cheerful Australians in this day laugh and rejoice. As in other countries, the inhabitants of the Green continent play.

Easter sun April 12

Easter in Australia is celebrated in the Catholic calendar, but is in the fall – unlike spring in the Northern hemisphere. In addition to the religious celebrations in major cities on Easter weekend are definitely a huge fair that.

On 25 April every Aussie is especially proud of her country. Every year on this day Australia and New Zealand celebrate ANZAC Day – in the Russian version of defender of the Fatherland Day. On this day across the country – in fact the two countries are held.

Despite the name, is labor Day in Australia nobody works is an official day off. Labour day is an annual festival celebrated in almost all countries and marks (as pathetic as it sounds in these days of economic.

In Australia mother’s Day is celebrated with gusto. However, how could it be otherwise? Australian mother’s Day coincides with the U.S. – the second Sunday of may and is celebrated very similar. This day, Australians are used to.


Foundation day is an official annual holiday in 1/3 of Australia. This is the largest state of Western Australia, particularly famous for the fact that not only switches between summer and winter. The latter fact.

According to scientists, the time of arrival of the First fleet (1788) indigenous peoples (aborigines and islanders of the Torres Strait) have inhabited the Australian continent and adjacent Islands about 70 000 years. Taking a traditional nomadic lifestyle.

In Australia, the two official birthday of the Queen. Most Australians celebrate it on the second Monday of June. However, residents of Western Australia prefer to celebrate it every year for the next 30 September Monday (this year.


Father’s day began to be celebrated only in the 20th century – along with mother’s Day. The main motive of the day is to emphasize the father’s role in child rearing and in the formation of a new personality. There are many theories for the origin of this holiday. The.


The Melbourne Cup is called the “irregular that stops the nation”. It turned into a kind of national institution, generating controversy and causing more interest than any other race in the country (it is worth noting that.

“Memorial day”, also known as “Day poppy” and “armistice Day” in Australia has the same meaning as in the CIS countries. In this day remembers all those who died in the First and Second world wars, honor the memory of the numerous victims of the military.


Christmas in Australia, however, as in most countries of the world, is the main holiday gift. Give everything and everyone. Open the gifts in Christmas day and 26 December – Boxing Day. If you don’t like her back pack and carry.

Boxing day – Boxing Day is a holiday that is celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Canada on the day after Christmas. In our days its distinguishing features were a giant sales in large and small stores. V.

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Public and national holidays Australia Calendar Australia holidays
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