Prayer for Epiphany, Epiphan

Dear visitors!

Congratulations to You and your loved ones with the feast of the baptism of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ!

With the Baptism of the Lord we congratulate You

And happiness and joy in life we wish.

Let the good candle burns day and night,

Let your God from harm and will protect from evil!

On this page you can find the main prayers with translation into Russian language that you want to read on the feast of the Epiphany, Epiphany.

Key hymns of the feast: the Troparion of the most important prayer of the feast, the Conductance of the Baptism of our Lord (the second main prayer of the feast), two Russian sacred compositions devoted, Exaltation, Troparion on the water and the main Prayer of the Epiphany (the Baptism of our Lord).

We also recommend You to read the Baptism section, which contains useful and interesting articles about the holiday and congratulations in verses for everyone!

The house is allowed to read all the prayers in Russian, as well as prayer in your own words on the Epiphany, the manifestation of God for help, protection and healing.

Troparion – the main prayer of the feast

In Jordan, krasowska Thee, o Lord, the Trinity was made manifest worship: Roditeli Bo the voice svidetelstvovat You vozljublennogo Tan Son calling, and the Spirit in the form of Golubina, investawise the words of traptorial approval. Avrasya, o Christ God, and the world through the education, thank You.

Translated from the Church Slavonic language:

When Thou, o Lord, were baptized in the Jordan, was the worship of the Holy Trinity, because the voice of the Father testified to You, naming You the beloved Son, and the Spirit appeared in the form of a dove, confirmed the truth of this word. Christ God, who appeared and prospetive world, glory to You!

Kontakion of the feast of the Baptism of the Lord – the second main prayer of the feast

Thou hast appeared today to, and Thy light, o Lord, Znamenka us in mind hymn Thee: come thou and thou hast appeared unapproachable Light.

Translation into Russian language:

You came now the whole world; and Thy light, o Lord, are imprinted on us, consciously glorify Thee: “You came and appeared, the Light unapproachable!”

Two Russian sacred compositions devoted prayer for Baptism of the Lord

Chorus: Greatest, my soul, More honourable than the heavenly armies, the virgin most pure Theotokos.

Adomeit every tongue blagovolili on the domain, someway the universal mind and Petit Thee, o Theotokos; tears of Good things, faith accept, for love knowest our divine: You Bo Christians didst Spokeswoman, Thee do we magnify.

Translated from the Church Slavonic language:

Chorus: Greatest, my soul, the most pure Theotokos, more honorable heavenly (angelic) armies.

No language can praise, and even the angelic mind is perplexed (as) sing for You, lady; but, as the Good, embrace the faith, because the love of our live, You know; You — the intercessor for Christians; we magnify You.

The exaltation of the Epiphany

We magnify Thee, the giver of life Christ, for us now in the flesh have been Baptized by John in the waters of the Jordan.

Translation into Russian language:

Glorify You, the Giver of life, Christ, for us today who are baptized in the flesh by John in the waters of the Jordan.

The troparion on the water

The voice of the Lord upon the waters cries out, proclaimed, ‘ come, take thee the spirit of wisdom, spirit, mind, spirit, fear of God, awlegacy Christ.

Translated from the Church Slavonic language:

The Lord is calling upon the waters, saying: “All come in and receive Christ appeared, — The spirit of wisdom, spirit, mind, spirit of the fear of God”.

The Main Prayer Of The Epiphany, The Baptism Of The Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father before all ages begotten, Light of Light, prosesay all, in the last summer of the blessed virgin Mary imperishable embodied into this world and for the salvation of our pricey!

You’re not Bo suffered didst behold tormented by the devil kind of human and Wherefore in the radiant day of the Epiphany of Your art came to the Jordan to the sinner and the publican krestilisya John, sinless son, da ispolniti all righteousness and Yes, cosmesi in Jordanian waters of the sins of the whole world, thou lamb of God, in hedgehog I incur on Yourself and istupiti Baptism godfather, the most pure blood of Thy.

Wherefore pogruzitsya You in waters open to You heaven Adam and enclosed the Holy Spirit snide on Thee in the form of Golubina, enlightenment and theosis nosei our nature, and Propousteni Your Father to build You heavenly voice of grace, Zane created didst will to His and the sins of the people vostrel art and Yourself to the slaughter already predugotovit art thou, Himself as thou hast said:

“Wherefore love me Father, for I believe My soul, yeah paki will receive th”, and tacos in bright day, Thou, Lord, didst put the beginning of our redemption from the fall grandparent.

Wherefore all the forces of heaven rejoice, and all creation rejoices, cause osvobojdenie from his work of corruption, vlagalishe: Came the enlightenment, made manifest the grace of the redemption Nasta, world profetica and the people joyously fulfilled. Yes now the heavens rejoice and the earth and Yes the whole world plays; river Yes splash, Estonica and lakes, deep sea and Yes raduutsja, thou Divine Baptism Ossetia today their nature.

Yes I rejoice today and the men sabori, for their nature has now paki honour to the first and CSIS joyously Yes sing: Epiphany time. O come mentally at the Jordan, vision were to behold it: Christ is coming to the Baptism.

Christ to the Jordan river comes. Christ in our water buries rehi. Christ the VHF kidnapped and darkness comes and seek abret e enters into Paradise.

This divine ordinances memory prazdnyma, pray to You, o Lord and lover of mankind: grant that we thirst for Your voice Preeti to You, the Source presnovodnye water, Yes peterpam water of Thy grace and remission of our sins and Yes oversesa wickedness and worldly lusts;

chaste and virginal, and righteously and piously we’ll live in the present Weeze, idose blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of Thy Great God and Savior, Yes not by works our for to save us,

but by Your mercy and renewal of the Holy spirit in Your bath of eternal life, Whose richly izlel art, Yes opravdivatsa His grace, heiress will be eternal life in Thy Kingdom,

where with all the saints vouchsafe us proclivity all-Holy is Your Name with Your Eternal father and with Holy, Good and life-giving Spirit now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

We wish you spiritually – a festive mood!

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