How I went to the carnival in Rio

In this action there is no division into PERFORMERS and SPECTATORS. Each – whether it respectable clerk, the father of the family or a tourist, far from Brazilian culture – AWAKEN INSTINCTS, whose existence no one had suspected. This is a CARNIVAL taking place in February before lent. Researchers at the Brazilian cultural traditions believe that the beginning of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and all over Brazil put coming from Portugal Amusing day. when everyone was fooled, doused with water, sprinkled with flour or sand, smeared with chalk and charcoal. Later this day was to open the carnival. In 1900 at the carnival appeared first on the wagon, then pulled by horses and oxen. For them, the peasants were brought to the city and their fruits are grown and strongly demonstrated their successes, and peasant girls danced and sang.

Gradually formed a modern form of carnival: Samba schools (the first of them appeared in 1928), ritual, painted by days and hours, a hierarchy of actors. Festivities begin at six PM on Saturday. On the sambadrome (the stadium built specifically for dance) Samba school perform. Each performs a show, get prepared for a whole year and for which a specially Continue reading

Where it is interesting to note the Festival of light in Moscow

Residents of the capital, in recent years, often to please a variety of events and shows.

Such events provide an opportunity to take a fresh look at Moscow, its attractions and its history.

So, what is the essence of the festival of light?

What are the most interesting places to visit?

People will like such a bright and interesting event?

The festival of light in Moscow – the best way to enjoy the beauty of the capital

Festival of lights – an amazing event in Moscow that allows you to take a fresh look at the sights of the city and its culture.

The event is held over several days at different venues across the capital.

10 October in Moscow starts the festival of light, which according to conservative estimates attracts more than six million viewers. What awaits visitors to the platforms?

Large-scale light show.

Musical numbers.

Artistic installations about the culture and history of different countries.

Celebrity appearances.

Contests for children and adults.


The site of the festival “Circle of light” will spread Continue reading

The Best of the Agency of children’s holidays

In the lives of children should be plenty of space for celebrations, fun and joy. Reasons to give your child a big or small celebration, many – all calendar holidays, birthdays, family picnics, the end of the school year, the first “five”. And here is just going to a cafe, for example, will not do. Children’s holiday and require no less of organization and forethought than the holidays for adults: if you missed a little something, things can go awry. How wonderful that at the present time care of the child device of the celebration can be charged to people who do this professionally.

The Agency of children’s holidays “the Wizard” by right can be considered a leader in organizing events for young people of our world and the only company in Moscow, which “makes” the holidays are customized. Organization of events for “Wizard” – not just business. All Agency staff about their work with enthusiasm of the pioneers, and I believe that people should remember their childhood with a smile. Scripts of holidays creative team “Wizard” writes itself, and the idea of peeking in children. What is interesting to them? Which characters do they like? Who want to play? So there Continue reading

7 recipes a bright autumn

“There is no bad weather, any weather grace.” Perhaps now, when the window is cold, rainy autumn, to believe in these lines from the movie “Office romance” is quite difficult. But the current bad weather can be perceived quite differently if it is filled with bright things and events. We prepared 7 simple ways to help deal with the autumn Blues and lift your spirits. No. 1. Through the pages of the guide

Autumn leaves is a great way to extend the summer and to spend the Indian summer on the coast, away from city slush. For the avid traveler reviews, fall is great for travel to Europe ‒ Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Paris or Rome is a great experience. Those who prefer non-standard routes that will interest the autumn festivals. This year on October 18 in Bremen offers the oldest festival of “Free and fair”, the history of which begins with 1035 of the year when the city received the right to organize the fair. The festival is notable not only for the opportunity to purchase a variety of products — jewelry, leather, pottery, toys, wine, sweets, roasted chestnuts and Bavarian sausages, but also participate in cultural activities and entertainment. The culminating event of the Bremen fair is the parade of more Continue reading

The Most interesting and unusual festivals of the peoples of the world

If you want an unforgettable experience, then you should visit some countries of the world in that moment, when they are interesting national holidays. Of course, all such activities it is possible to write a whole book, but about the most memorable Female website Orekhovo-Zuyevo will tell you now.

It is a festival of torches in Scotland, Dutch flower parade, a procession of naked men in Japan, Spanish Tomatina, a light show in Berlin and other interesting and unusual festivals in the world .

We have already talked about how people celebrate New year in different countries. now let’s learn about other events and festivals in which to participate in certain times of the year.

Holiday Aphellio – Shetland Islands

Celebrates the famous Scottish celebration aphellio on the last Tuesday of January in the town of Lerwick in the North of the Shetland Islands. This is the day that Vikings dressed participants with torches and resounding horns lead through the city’s 30-foot ship with a dragon on the nose for later burning it up on the beach.

The holiday is dedicated to the Vikings, who landed in the 9th century on the Shetland Islands, near the coast of Scotland, and this was a significant event in the history Continue reading

Calendar of some of the brightest events
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Summer festivals in Europe
The coming summer promises to be hot and rich in unique events. Any of the summer travel scenarios listed in this article will be a real salvation during the hot…

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Events and festivals of Vienna
Vienna – capital of Austria, has always stood out among the endless variety of entertainment opportunities, year-round concerts and festivals, allowing Vienna to receive visitors at any time of the…

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