The Grill in the outdoor kitchen

The dacha is a place where you can relax and have a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is difficult to imagine a nice summer holiday with friends and family without dishes, which are cooked in a barbecue.

Kitchen with a grill or barbecue is called summer and is almost an integral component of the garden.

Projects outdoor kitchens for your garden should be selected according to the size of the site. So, if the amount you allows, you can arrange on-site garden pavilion, big enough to contain a few dozen people.

What could be better than relaxing outdoors with friends? Cozy outdoor kitchen will give you many pleasant moments!

As brazier suggests the presence of an open fire in the outdoor kitchen will need to build a chimney.

Don’t forget about the good protection from wind and rain, so the weather could not affect the mood of the company and the quality of rest. Simple curtains, or install partitions of wood or a more reliable shutters.

The finished project, as well as photos and video can be found on the Internet.

What could be a summer kitchen for your garden?

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National festivals

There is a special day in the life of Tbilisi, when the streets of the city comes Tbilisoba. No one knows exactly how many people are involved in the holiday, but it is safe to say that almost all the residents of Tbilisi and, of course, all the guests of the capital. Participants Tbilisoba note at the ceremonial meeting of the best workers and farmers, men of science, literature and art; celebrate new honorary citizens of the city, whose talent was in the country recognized; bless young couples that begin their journey together through life with thin saplings planted in the Park of the Newlyweds; consider children’s drawings painted with crayons the asphalt of the streets. Perhaps, only in this Golden autumn Sunday afternoon at the Georgian avenues of the capital and in the maze of streets of the old town you can meet the characters of the paintings of Pirosmani and Gudiashvili — the jesters-KINTO shod in pointed Slippers and belted bead straps; anxious traders brushwood, Jolly shoemakers and sellers of sweets. On this day you can hear the melody of horns and barrel organs, the creaking of old carts and donkeys shouting, lazily wandering with thrown over the back hordinary; you can admire the Handicrafts and to buy them — cast matte black ceramic jugs and wall plates, Continue reading

Best of the festivals that will be held in Crimea this season

In Crimea this season will find something fans of pageants, a military-historical reconstructions, jazz and real foodies.

In Kerch — theatre festival…

One of the brightest events of the summer, of course, the international theatre festival “the Bosporan agony”, which is held annually in Kerch, in the ancient city of Panticapaeum. It is a unique festival of ancient art in the post-Soviet space. It is built on the ancient principle of competition — AGON, and his program is modelled on the ancient festival in honor of the God Dionysus. Only here on the excavations of the ancient Panticapaeum, you can see how the gods and heroes of Greek myths descend from the steps Mariatchi stairs, built in 1833-1840, Italian architect Alexander digbi.

“The Bosporus agony” is the fireworks theatre performances — from classical to avant-garde drama productions youth theatre. Also scheduled meetings with members of the jury — Russian masters of the theater Alexander Goloborodko, Vasily Lanovoy, Vladimir Korenev, Aristarkh Livanov, etc.

Date: June 5-11.

…and on fisherman’s Day

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Yalta hosted the V international literary festival “Chekhov autumn”

International literary festival “Chekhov autumn” was held in Yalta on September 29-30, the last warm and Sunny days of the second month of autumn. But how can you call this wonderful autumn and Sunny summer weather, which prevailed at this time in Crimea? Perhaps that is why the atmosphere of the festival was filled with the same warm creative communication participants, who came to Yalta from all corners of Crimea, Ukraine, Russia. Active participation in the festival was attended by the members of the Sevastopol city Literary Association named after A. N. Ozerov.

The festival was organized by the literary society named after A. P. Chekhov in Yalta League for the defence of culture with the assistance of the Yalta city Council and the Crimean Republican institution “House-Museum of A. P. Chekhov” at the Ministry of culture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the General partner of the festival: the Union of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian writers Crimea. Chairman of the jury of the festival was the famous poet, member of the Union of writers of Russia Lev Boldov.

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Interesting holidays of the world

Christmas and its more secular companion — New Year — are among the most popular and favorite festivals in the world — they are noted in almost all countries, including the native Muslim Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Palestine and Indonesia, Hindu India and Communist China. Do not bypass these holidays party even in the “upside-down” Australia and New Zealand.

At the same time, many Orthodox countries have not yet begun a formal celebration, but the festive atmosphere is felt and there — in Minsk, for example, has held a Christmas parade.

Well, tonight 2013 to the sounds of opening champagne, traditional splutter presidents from TV screens and sparks, sparklers will give his “calendar race” 2014. Wish you all happiness, health and success in the new year!

China. Hong Kong. December 24. Children with christingle — “candles of Christ.” Christingle is a religious symbol in the form of an orange, in which is inserted the candle; distributed to children at the pre-Christmas worship service. The candle symbolizes Jesus Christ as the “light of the world”. Cresting coined the Society of the Anglican Church to assist children, who inherited it from the German Moravian Church in the 1960-ies.

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