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Schedule of educational seminars

The event ’s Arnold Sports Festival” is known not only because of the many different sports that are here every year, and not only due to the number of famous people flocking here every year.

This festival has managed to gain fame event, where you can not only enjoy the beautiful sport movement and enjoy entertainment, but also to learn something. We are talking about the mass of educational seminars and workshops for Amateurs and professionals who spend there annually. Regardless of whether You are a simple fan of fitness involved in their free time, or a professional athlete, constantly seeking to improve your level, You’ll find seminars on that topic at the Arnold Sports Festival.

The editors of the portal invites the attention of its readers schedule of seminars, which soon will be on the show Arnold. First of all, you have to say about the event, which is known as the Arnold Strength && Fitness Summit. This event will be held on Friday 28 February and will continue on March 1 (Saturday). On Friday, the summit will start in the morning: the doors of the event will be open from half past eight in the morning until five o’clock in the afternoon. Saturday opening hours to fully replicate the schedule of the summit, scheduled for Friday.

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Script children’s festival “the World begins with the childhood”

The script of the children’s festival “the World begins with the childhood”

Educator, MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution CRD d/s No. 7 “Squirrel” Resterai E. D.


From heart to heart sharing warmth,

Clears all weekday alarm

Striding close friendship with kindness,

Us, opening new roads!

Heat the soul will melt glaciers,

The castle will open every heart.

And lead a path straight to us

Here, on the festival:

“Peace begins with childhood”!

Host: – Hello dear friends! With great joy we welcome you in our hall on the celebration of childhood and creativity, talent and optimism.

For the opening of the festival I was invited to the stage (the floor) :

Host: the festival program includes five categories – bright and unique as the colors of the rainbow. Everyone in the room the guys will give their talents: dance, Musical and instrumental art, Vocal and instrumental works, Vocal, word Art, and to appreciate the skill of the contestants will be respected jury…

Chairman of the jury …

2. … .

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The Most famous festivals and exhibitions of Boston

During the year in Boston there are numerous festivals, exhibitions and celebrations. If you visit Boston, try to make your visit fell on some occasion in the city. They can last from one to two days to a week, the options are many and they are all diverse, ranging from parades, festivals and various celebrations and exhibitions.

First Boston Night (First Night Boston)

First Boston night (First Night Boston). held on the eve of each New Year begins in the afternoon on December 31. At this time is about 250 performances, including dance, theater, film, music and other. A huge number of tourists and residents attend these events. You can spend a whole day and night, enjoying the arts festival. Moreover, you can see giant ice sculptures with light illumination.

Wine Festival Boston Wine Festival)

Also in January, in the urban wineries along the wine festival Boston Wine Festival) . where you can enjoy a dinner with specially chosen to compliment each dish with wine.

Jazz Festival

In mid-January, the hotel “the Charles” is host to a Jazz Festival, which involved countless well-known jazz musicians.

The Boston wine Expo (Boston Wine Expo)

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Summer festivals and holidays in Norway

Despite the very severe weather of Norway is not so favourable, as to the beach resorts of the world, this country becomes for tourists increasingly attractive. And summers in Norway. the country with developed tourism infrastructure, is the most active season for tourists. Norway in the summer is white nights, beautiful natural attractions, museums, entertainment, shopping, festivals and celebrations finally, speech about which will go in this review.

Oslo Summer Festival (Summer festival in Oslo)

Every year in Oslo in the atmosphere of the carnival takes place four of the festival of this scale. They are called in accordance with the season: Oslo Winter Festival, Oslo Summer Festival, Oslo Autumn Festival, The Festival og Light. This free public events for people of all ages. Usually the festival Oslo Summer Festival lasts 2-3 days, during which the Central part of the city was turned into an arena for live performances. Overall the music for all tastes – jazz, classical, Opera, you can see the dance performances, there is almost a round-the-clock shops and fair. During the festival the streets of Oslo meet Norwegians and tourists Continue reading

Prayer for Epiphany, Epiphan

Dear visitors!

Congratulations to You and your loved ones with the feast of the baptism of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ!

With the Baptism of the Lord we congratulate You

And happiness and joy in life we wish.

Let the good candle burns day and night,

Let your God from harm and will protect from evil!

On this page you can find the main prayers with translation into Russian language that you want to read on the feast of the Epiphany, Epiphany.

Key hymns of the feast: the Troparion of the most important prayer of the feast, the Conductance of the Baptism of our Lord (the second main prayer of the feast), two Russian sacred compositions devoted, Exaltation, Troparion on the water and the main Prayer of the Epiphany (the Baptism of our Lord).

We also recommend You to read the Baptism section, which contains useful and interesting articles about the holiday and congratulations in verses for everyone!

The house is allowed to read all the prayers in Russian, as well as prayer in your own words on the Epiphany, the manifestation of God for help, protection and healing.

Troparion – the main prayer of the feast

In Jordan, krasowska Thee, o Lord, the Trinity was made manifest worship: Continue reading

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