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The Italian carnivals

In 2010 the carnival of Venice (one of the organizers of which is still Marco Balik) will remain “6 districts x 6 senses”, but, of course, not without innovation.

The main element would be fire. He will be the keynote theatre performances that will play out in different parts of the historic centre. An important place will be given a Street theatre and burlesque.

St. Mark’s square will be broken again the Giardino, only this time his appearance will be light and airy, using light effects and LEDs. In the framework of “Dialogue in the dark” will be held theatrical performances, and they will be held in the pitch dark! In Mestre will be at least a hundred “Flying donkeys” instead of the usual ten. An important place will be given to the Carnival on the Venetian island of Burano.


Viareggio, province of Lucca, region Tuscany)

The protagonist of the Carnival in Viareggio-2010 will continue to be the Burlamacco. The Creator of this character, which is celebrating its centenary in 1930 became known Italian futurist painter, uberto Bonetti. Since 1931 this mask is the official emblem and symbol of the Carnival Continue reading

The Most beautiful holidays of the world

Carnival in Rio is one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. This is a crazy cocktail of colours, costumes, music, dancers. In fact, the Carnival in Rio — the parade of the Samba schools, which is organized by the Ministry of tourism of the city, the League of Samba Schools and TV stations that broadcast the show. Each school chooses a theme and prepares its moving platform, the costumes, the sets, the dancing, makes the presentation. At the end of the Carnival selects one school-the winner of which is awarded a cash prize. To study in this school is considered very prestigious.

Holi — festival of colors in India

Holi, the festival of spring and the blossoming of nature in India, is celebrated in February or March. These days Indians are stirring up trouble between men and women jump over the fire and swing on the swings statues of the gods.

But certainly the most talked about event of the festival is the sprinkling each other with colored inks and dousing with water. All these colored powders are made from herbs, which in this period to help fight the spread of different Continue reading

Holiday in “Planet of childhood”.

As we previously reported, the Tour, the Baikit, Vanavara and other townships of the County from 25 may to 1 June was held the II regional festival of children’s creativity. It was attended by almost the entire child population of Evenkia, from the smallest of budding actors, to adults and experienced.

On Tour every day of the festival was filled with a concert of children’s collectives of the district center. It was a week of memorable, beautiful holiday, both for children and for adults, the tone of which was set on the opening day of the festival the presentation of children’s art school. The audience were offered the best of the best rooms of the young artists, choral and vocal singing, the orchestra of Bayan players and pianists, dance Department.

All captivated by its artistry and charm Dasha Bugra and Veronica Muslimina (duet “Droplets”). These Babes even preschoolers, but how confidently they stay on stage! Faculty of the school of arts kept pace with their students and showed skill and talent in the comic numbers “In jazz only girls”, “Eskimo from Alaska”.

May 27, in the lobby of the district cultural and sports centre opened an exhibition of decorative Continue reading

Fishing festival

The town Argungu located on the North African country of Nigeria, in the sun-scorched Sahara desert. And yet, Argungu known not only in Nigeria, but also far beyond its borders. Once a year, in February, when it no longer raging hot dry wind that carries clouds of sand to the town of thousands of people. They all crave to take part in a fishing festival on the river of Rome. Why here, on the edge of the desert going to the most skilled anglers?

Since ancient times these places were inhabited by tribes of Cebu and fu Lani, who could not divide the rich fishing spots on the river and therefore at enmity between themselves. But in 1934, the tribes have decided to put an end to the bloodshed: they settled all differences and instructed his people to live in peace, as befits good neighbours. In honor of this momentous event was arranged and the first contest of fishing. Since then it is held every year.

Fishing festival has long gone beyond the two Northern regions of the country and has become a truly national. In our days in Argungu going more than three thousand fishermen from all over Nigeria and even from neighbouring countries. Continue reading

The Most colourful carnivals of the world

Today we are accustomed to thinking just a beautiful sight, in ancient times had a completely different meaning, more religious. The history of carnival dates back to paganism, and at the time of the precedes lent. The very first carnivals appeared in Italy.

Venice carnival

Italy, Northern Italy

Perhaps the most famous and oldest carnival in the world. Every year, from 13 to 24 February, the whole of Venice is clothed in the costumes of velvet, brocade and silk and tries on different masks.

The carnival opens oldest Venetian holiday — Festa delle Marie is a celebration in honor of the release of local girls from pirate captivity. The program of the carnival: the submission of the Commedia Dell’arte. a procession of hundreds of Harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine and other famous characters, Holiday confetti. But many rush to the carnival to take part in one of the balls masquerade, held in ancient buildings and palaces. “Ball of Casanova”, a masquerade on the water and, finally, the most important presentation “Golden night” transferred participants from the twenty-first century, several centuries ago, in medieval carnival of Venice, where there is fun and everyone is free to do whatever you want. That’s why bright lush costume and mask — an indispensable Continue reading

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