Festivals and rituals of the peoples of the world

The peoples of the world

The history of its origin, many festivals and rituals of the peoples of the world are inextricably linked to religion, culture and spiritual heritage of this or that nationality.

Throughout the existence of mankind, these unique historical and cultural value have been born, evolved and disappeared, but the vast majority of them still managed to walk to our days almost in its original form.

The rites of the Slavs: history of origin

Speaking of cultural heritage, which managed to pass through the centuries, reaching today’s time, you should cite the example of the famous rites and traditions of the Slavic peoples.

Most of these ancient rituals and customs to their origin directly associated with paganism, that used to be part of the first human conceptions of man and the world, and later became the basis for all existing religions on the planet.

Calendar festivals and rituals among the Slavs

Communication with the holidays

Officially existed pre-Christian Pantheon of Slavic gods, approved by the Prince Volodymyr, comprised of male and female deities, with whom were associated the earliest Continue reading

The Most original festivals Finland

Do not assume the Finns sullen or too restrained. The Finns, like the inhabitants of any other country, by nature are very different. But on the whole this nation with a sense of humor all right. Otherwise there would be born in this country festivals and competitions, which will be discussed below.

Day of books and roses – Kirjan ja ruusun päivä

The holiday originated in Spain, since 1925, it is widely celebrated in the University cities of Barcelona and Catalonia. Celebrated on 23 April, this date was not chosen randomly: this day died two great classic Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

The idea of a holiday that men give women roses, and women portrayed men books.

Since 1995, UNESCO declared the Spanish day of books and roses – the international day of book and copyright. Today is a holiday dedicated to the book, are celebrated all over the world. Each country chooses its day for celebration.

In Finland it’s usually the end of April / early may when the weather is good. In Finland since 2012 selected writer, specifically for this holiday. He wrote a book, produced by them before the holiday and on the day of books and roses in all book stores around the country, buying a book that costs 10 euros, as a gift you get the book of your favorite author. The book is distributed exclusively Continue reading

Festivals and holidays

In Norway many interesting festivals and various events that, regardless of what you prefer, whether it be sports, art, nature or music, you will definitely find something for everyone.


Festival of Northern lights, tromsø

At the festival, which is held annually, focuses on the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, and on the earth is a celestial phenomenon is accompanied by concerts and art exhibitions. Polar jazz festival, Svalbard during the last few days of the month jazz festival held in the Northern most part of the world, shaking the entire archipelago Sval-bard.


Opera festival in Kristiansund

In the first half of February at the Opera houses put the work in, and around Kristiansund many concerts and organizes art exhibitions.


Race over rough terrain

This race over rough terrain with a length of 53 km between Rena and Lille-hammer, in which participants have to carry on your shoulders a heavy backpack, occurs in the middle of the month. Sled dog race, the Alto is The longest sled dog race, region fin-mark, 5 March.

Ski festival in Holmenkollen

International jumping Continue reading

Summer festivals in Europe

The coming summer promises to be hot and rich in unique events. Any of the summer travel scenarios listed in this article will be a real salvation during the hot season, a reason to escape for the weekend from the stuffy city and get into the epicenter of ultra-modern music event on environmental festival with camping under the stars or spend the weekend in the company of like-minded people! A website for independent travelers momondo about the main events of the summer of 2014, are definitely worth a visit to the summer holidays was memorable.

Musical island

Events large-scale music festival SIGET takes place on a small island in the Danube (“SIGET” translated from Hungarian means island). All visitors who have visited similar events in Western Europe, certainly impress low prices, but at the same time the strongest line-up, not inferior to the Spanish SÓnar or EurockÉennes Festival in France.

SIGET worth a visit for lovers of soulful atmosphere and liberal views in the style of Woodstock, however, through extensive even hipsters and fans of intelligent travelers will be able to find something interesting for yourself.

Tired of musical vibrations, waiting for the stunning architecture Continue reading

Events and festivals of Vienna

3Vienna – capital of Austria, has always stood out among the endless variety of entertainment opportunities, year-round concerts and festivals, allowing Vienna to receive visitors at any time of the year, entertainment, here will never have. The Vienna festival (Wiener of Festwochen one of the most popular events, this event is held every year in may and June, and dates back to 1951.

The opening of the Vienna festival weeks (10 may 2013), which will be held in the town hall square with free admission for all, will be held under the motto “Vienna, Vienna, only you alone?”. Here are the Angelica Kirchschlager (Angelika Kirchschlager), Ernst Molden (Ernst Molden), Philharmonic hall “Sammeln Wines” (Philharmonia Schrammeln Wien), Michael Schade (Michael Schade) and many others.

The VIENNA FESTIVAL (WIENER FESTWOCHEN will be held from 10 may to 16 June 2013.

City Vienna city marathon is held in spring, in late April or early may, is a stunning action displays on city streets more than 10,000 participants, and an incredible amount of cheering spectators. A little later, with the onset of warm summer days, begins to be a whole lot of outdoor events, such as movie premieres on Rathausplatz, which take place in July, and numerous Continue reading

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