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10 most outstanding and spectacular!

In addition to the festivals, which are celebrated worldwide, there are some that are celebrated in only one place, in the bottom of the city, in one country. And, of course, many travelers are eager to get to them, because to see all this splendor can only be found here and nowhere else! offers you to go for the brightest and grandest festivals in the world and see them with my own eyes (to start even with the screen).

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro, perhaps the most famous carnival in the world. It is held only once a year, in February or early March. Calculation date depends on Easter. The carnival in Rio necessarily begins Thursday, exactly 40 days before Easter, lasts 4 days and 4 nights and ends on the last day before lent.

So, in , the carnival was held February 9-12

In , the year the carnival falls on March 1-4

In February 14-17

In — February 6-9

In , 25-28 February

In — February 10-13

In the Brazilian carnival is passionate and fiery Samba. The best Samba schools from all over Brazil show these Continue reading

The Most original gifts in the world

All beautiful women happy soft, spring holiday the 8th of March.

May you always be pleased with your actions, people close to you, appreciate and gratefully accept your concern about them, and bring you many pleasant moments.

Suppose you are often lucky in life, and health and beauty will be your constant companions))

I hope on this day, people close to you will give you the gifts you desire, and I want to tell you about the most unusual gifts in the history that gave love men their precious women.

Examples of such gifts are many, but I chose those that, for various reasons, the most impressed me.

Read about what are the most unique gifts in the world gave their beloveds.

The most famous

Let’s start with the most popular gift of the Palace of the Taj Mahal, which was built by the Indian Shah Jehan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

No doubt, the mausoleum is an architectural gem, is so endearing all its beauty that even the invaders-Persians, having ruined everything, didn’t raise my hand on this beauty.

It is constructed of translucent marble and inlaid with turquoise, agate, carnelian, malachite. The marble has a rare Continue reading

The Most beautiful gardens in the world

The world has not yet found a more talented Creator than nature, which account for a unique and amazing masterpieces all over the planet. Sometimes when the natural beauty is breathtaking, but no less deserve admiration man-made gardens and parks built by passionate people as a tribute to the Majesty of nature and the plant world. Long ago in the palaces of the powerful created the abode of beauty, harmony and peace, sometimes becoming a true wonder of the world, the legendary Hanging gardens of Babylon.

Modern urban and Botanical gardens, a vast Palace and Park complexes and small private parks, created by talented designers or gardeners, are no longer a luxury available only to the elite. Millions of visitors in different countries annually visit the most famous and beautiful creations garden art, some of which are presented in this publication.

The Of Exbury Gardens, UK

One of the most beautiful gardens in the world, located in the estate of Exbury, was created by a representative of the dynasty of barons Rothschild – Lionel Nathan Rothschild, which was spent on construction of the garden a lot of money and hired nearly 100 gardeners. In addition to the usual for England Continue reading

Interesting facts about the USA

United States of America is the state that causes so much controversy, as no other country in the world. Someone wants to go there, to live happily ever after, by the American dream, and someone thinks this country is blamed for almost all ills on the planet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and to better acquaint you with this country, we have prepared interesting facts about its features, the peculiarities of its people and its history.

The geography of the USA

The coastline of new York is 578 miles (nearly 1000 miles).

New York skyscrapers so high that the people standing at the top can see the snow, and the people standing at the bottom of the rain.

In San Francisco many of the hills have name – only 43 of the hill.

At the White house in Washington 132 rooms.

Central Park new York 125 drinking fountains.

The Florida Keys include 882 Islands.

Alaska became 49 state of the third of January, 1959.

Alaska has a humid forests.

Alaska does not border any of the States.

The most active volcano on Earth is Hawaii, it is called Kilauea.

Hawaii — one of the most popular places for honeymoons in the world.

Hawaii were previously known as the sandwich Islands.

Where ever you are in Michigan, you will not be more than 140 kilometres Continue reading

The Most beautiful holidays of the world Forum about Italy

12 fabulous festivals, to visit one of them — it means to live a life in vain.

February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Don’t have new photos, forcing eyes climb on a forehead from the beauty, wem, decided to recall how the Carnival in previous years. But at the same time — to enjoy scenes of the most exciting holidays of the world that trigger the desire at least once in your life go on one of them.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival in Rio — one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. This is a crazy cocktail of colours, costumes, music, dancers.

In fact, the Carnival in Rio — the parade of the Samba schools, which is organized by the Ministry of tourism of the city, the League of Samba Schools and TV stations that broadcast the show.

Each school chooses a theme and prepares its moving platform, the costumes, the sets, the dancing, makes the presentation. At the end of the Carnival selects one school-the winner of which is awarded a cash prize. To study in this Continue reading

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