National wedding dresses in different nation of the world

Binding apparel items to the wedding of a Russian girl-commoner — this shirt and chemise. Shirt sewn from very thin fabric and decorated with lace, and a shirt made of coarse homespun cloth, embroider flowers, birds or other ornaments peculiar to the city.

Rich embroidery adorned his shirt and Ukrainian bride. In the outfit were present Dariga, tilt wheel or female plakhta skirt — a cloth of rectangular shape, they are specially wrapped around the waist, and later became what we now know as a skirt.

National Belarusian wedding dresses brides — this is the same shirt or shirt, tight fitted vest, which is combined with homespun skirt and apron, decorated the same as the shirt.

The Bride Africa

Of particular importance is the bride in Africa gives the material. The traditional attire of the bride is a bright colored skirt “bubah” and jacket. The head of the bride cloth wrapped in such a way that resembles a turban, hair braid, this means that the bride modest and restrained. The traditional groom’s attire consists of a jacket, tunic and headpiece.

Brides from Mexico

Mexican wedding attracts peculiar influence of Spanish traditions and customs of the Aztecs, which have reached us from ancient ages, and therefore it is bright, colorful. Trimmed with lace mantillas, dresses with lots of frills in flamenco style for girls, pants, Bolero jacket in the style of a Matador in boys, is a reminder of a time when the only holiday in a person’s life was his wedding where they wore the best bright outfits. Bright colors, typical Mexican wedding, are everywhere — and it serves traditional national cuisine, exotic flowers, traditional “pinata” intended for shedding the guests with sweets and confetti.

The Bride-China

The basis used for the outfits of the bride and groom in Asia are silk and the obligatory red. Red and gold color in China are considered symbols of happiness and wealth, so they prefer when choosing even minor details, such as candles, envelopes with money, or packaging for gifts. In various provinces of China national wedding dresses are very different from each other. For Northern China bridesmaid dress “cheung sam”, definitely red, fitting shape and with high stand-up collar, southern China, is preferable suit “Hung Kwa”, which includes a jacket and a few skirts, and dressed one on one. Chinese bride adorns her dress symbolic embroidery. For example, Golden birds symbolize in China, the marriage, the embroidered flowers are considered a symbol of good luck and happiness. The bride’s face covered with a veil of red silk fabrics, tassels, beaded, Bridal tiara head in the form of a Phoenix.

Following the old tradition, the bride must change wedding dress three times during the whole wedding ceremony and the reception. In a red dress the bride is present at the marriage ceremony itself, in white on subsequent moves. The traditional groom’s attire is a dark blue shirt, a red silk sash, top, wears a long jacket of black silk.On his head wearing a dark hat with red tassels.

Bride Japan

The traditional attire of the bride Japan of course kimono “shiromuku” white color, made of white silk, brocade cloak, and various jewelry and a wig, always decorated or hairpins “kansashi”, or ornaments made of silver or comb. The wig is sometimes replaced with a scarf or cap “tsuno kakushi” to cover so-called “the horns of jealousy” inherent in every Japanese bride. Hat also symbolizes the worship of the husband and the desire to hide their shortcomings. In the hands of the bride traditional wedding fan. Before the reception, the bride changes the traditional white kimono outfit on a red and white “iro-uchikake”, decorated with gold and silver. Red, according to the Japanese, able to ward off spirits and symbolizes marital happiness, and the cranes are — a symbol of life.

At the end of the evening the bride dresses “furisode” — bright kimono for unmarried women, as if saying goodbye to his bachelor life. For wedding kimono selection of white color is very important. White color in Japan — a symbol of new beginnings, his white kimono bride stresses that in the groom’s house she brings nothing of his own. Along with red and white. a bridesmaid dress can be any color, not purple. This color is considered a harbinger of the imminent collapse of a marriage. Traditionally the groom dress in Japan has been and remains black, but the outfits of his family must be white.

Bridesmaid Korea

The Korean outfit of the bride is very complex and consists of several suits, which are placed on each other, emphasizing the nobility and aristocracy. “Wonsam” — the outfit is green, which is put first, followed by “hwarrot” from silk fabric, this translates to “dress”. Both traditional costumes decorations embroidered flowers and butterflies. On white sleeves bridesmaid dress that symbolizes purity and respect, tie a colored ribbon, in accordance with the basic elements of Eastern philosophy: red — sky blue — the earth yellow — humanity.

The waist of the bride tied with a red belt with embroidered birds on his head wearing a black hat with jewels. The bride’s face is decorated with traditional makeup, on each cheek painted a red dot, serving as a protection against evil spirits. The groom dressed in wedding clothes “faruotsu” traditionally dark green, trimmed with gold, the sleeves which are bonded with red, yellow and white ribbons. Black hat and red belt, just like the bride, complete the outfit of the groom.

Brides Of India

The traditional color of Indian wedding is red, so the Sari of the bride usually red, embroidered with gold, usually eight tissue enveloping the body in its entirety. Wedding saree can also be yellow, Golden or white, depending on the residence of the bride. In some States, the saree will certainly be decorated a gold border, symbolizing the solemnity of the event, some of the bride dresses on their hands countless bracelets that will bring her luck. On the head of the bride’s red veil, wears jewelry made of gold “thali” — a symbol of her married life.

Silk shirt and bright festive pants beige khaki color or colors of the earth are the groom’s attire. Occasionally the groom’s face is covered with a special white tassels.

Arab brides cover the face veil, which means sorrow for the maiden name, and applied on hands and feet most complicated ornament from henna.

Bridesmaid Europe

Traditional wedding attire for European brides — a white dress. There is a sign that the bride should be wearing one old, one new and one borrowed and something blue.

In England at the hand of the bride is wearing a horseshoe, decorated with lace. Symbolizes good luck old pair of shoes, fully dressed for the wedding.

In Scotland, the bride receives a gift from the groom’s plaid shawl symbolizing his clan and family belt, which the groom tighten the waist of the bride. Shawl snaps on the shoulders and stabs a pin of silver, thus underlining the strength of feeling of the newlyweds. The traditional groom’s attire at the wedding — a kilt.

Brides southern European countries prefer their own stitched dresses, then keeping them as a family heirloom.

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