National festivals

There is a special day in the life of Tbilisi, when the streets of the city comes Tbilisoba. No one knows exactly how many people are involved in the holiday, but it is safe to say that almost all the residents of Tbilisi and, of course, all the guests of the capital. Participants Tbilisoba note at the ceremonial meeting of the best workers and farmers, men of science, literature and art; celebrate new honorary citizens of the city, whose talent was in the country recognized; bless young couples that begin their journey together through life with thin saplings planted in the Park of the Newlyweds; consider children’s drawings painted with crayons the asphalt of the streets. Perhaps, only in this Golden autumn Sunday afternoon at the Georgian avenues of the capital and in the maze of streets of the old town you can meet the characters of the paintings of Pirosmani and Gudiashvili — the jesters-KINTO shod in pointed Slippers and belted bead straps; anxious traders brushwood, Jolly shoemakers and sellers of sweets. On this day you can hear the melody of horns and barrel organs, the creaking of old carts and donkeys shouting, lazily wandering with thrown over the back hordinary; you can admire the Handicrafts and to buy them — cast matte black ceramic jugs and wall plates, felted wool carpets and famous coinage, female Scania jewelry.

The square Rican families come with children. And in what other place can show the guys who grew up within a few days “the village”, in which one house unlike any other. Here and Rachinsky ode, and Ossetian hut, and Svan tower. — the dwellings are characteristic of all regions of Georgia. The friendly owners will offer young adults with wine and barbecues, and children bestow grapes and tangerines, apples, pears, peaches, which are full baskets and carts.

However, to appreciate fully the generosity of the Georgian lands can, perhaps, only in the Hippodrome. The morning dragged on his green carpet loaded to the brim carts — real “harvest parade”! Then played to the crowd pageants — raises images of life of old Tbilisi, is a colorful wedding ceremony, played by ensembles of folk instruments. In conclusion, start national sports competitions and games — racing, Lelo, Iside, Chonburi.

And in the Park-Museum of Georgian architecture and folk life people meet with poets, who came from all parts of the Republic,— taxincome and Pshavi, kakhetians and the Mingrelians, Imeretinsky and gurians, Ossetians and Abkhazians.

To Tbilisoba prepared carefully as to the long-awaited wedding or the birth of a first child. Especially a long and laborious work of restorers: in the old quarters of the capital they for a few months sheltering forests of the building, and then to bring them updated. This happened, for example, to the famous Basilica Anchiskhati who dropped layering thirteen centuries; to the old house, which is nestled under the Republican center of children’s visual art with the expressive sculptural composition wrestlers “Berikaoba” at the entrance; many other valuable architectural monuments, which returned to the original appearance.

Tbilisoba. So what is it? There is no single answer, because it is a hymn to the generosity of the earth and hardworking hands, this meeting of the last century to the current century, it’s the music, songs, dances, smiles and jokes, it’s finally the applause of the audience for which the stage — the entire city.

But if we talk in short, Tbilisoba is a celebration of the city, the masters, kind and talented people, which has always been rich in Georgian land.

Probably, the Art festival Geni – the folklore among all the festivals in Georgia. The festival is just a fairy tale and a huge well of information for all tourists, because where else are you closely acquainted with the culture of the Georgian people.

During the festival, for example, have the opportunity to hear folk songs, see folk dances and Georgian martial arts, participate in master classes and to buy a folk art from different parts of Georgia. And, of course, the wine flows like water.

And continues this colorful extravaganza of no less than nine days. July 28 – first day of the festival. And each year, the festival founders are choosing different subjects.

Everyone have the opportunity to taste more than 50 varieties of Georgian cheese. This product is most popular in Georgia cheese Festival in the village of Tsinandali, Kakheti.

The festival presents the cheeses of different types, tastes and shapes. In particular, among the exhibits are the cheeses with honey, spices, pepper, processed in the chacha (Georgian alcoholic drink), in sunflower oil and others. Moreover, inventive Georgians show and different exposures made entirely of cheese.

Together with cheese festival participants can taste Georgian wine.

How to get to the festival: the village of Tsinandali is located 110 kilometers from the capital of Georgia.

Here 2 years in a row, the National tourism Agency of Georgia holds the fruit Festival in the ancient capital Mtskheta. Festival guests can enjoy the best of Georgian fruits and sweets. And also get a huge charge of positive energy.

Festival in Mtskheta – only the first stage of such festivals all over the country. Similar events are held in different parts of the country every weekend until mid September.

Two days in August in the capital of Georgia beer flows like water, everywhere dance Georgian national dances and sing folk songs. The town comes to a beer festival.

The main goal of the festival is popularization of Georgian beer. The festival is attended by famous Georgian brands such as “Natakhtari”, “Kazbegi”, “Batumi”, Tower and others.

During the festival different contests: the more and faster you drink beer or who is faster will eat khinkali. Once on the festival, you will get the opportunity not only to taste delicious Georgian beer, enjoy Georgian cuisine, but also to take in the fun atmosphere of the dances and songs.

Tbilisi wine festival Our festival has become a tradition and every year it attracts more and more interest among Georgian citizens, citizens of other countries and tourists in our country. It has about 100 wines from over 60 varieties of grapes. All the wines you can taste. I think this event is useful for manufacturers and popularization of Georgian wine and tourism development”, – said the “news-Georgia”, the organizer of the festival, the President of “Wine club” Malkhaz Heredia. Also the President of “Wine club” said that such events provide an opportunity not only to try different Georgian wine, but also to join the Georgian culture, traditions of winemaking.

Also at the Festival of wine, interested persons can directly meet with representatives of various Georgian wine companies and private households.

One of the main parts of the popularization of Georgia is our wine. So we decided to do such an action – the person who comes to Georgia, no matter if he comes from Turkey, from Russia, or other countries, and parts of the world, and stepping on Georgian land, receives a gift of a bottle of Georgian wine. That man from the first minutes knew what was in a country with a rich culture of wine, which is called the “cradle of wine”.

Festival, and all such activities that increase interest in Georgian wines, and demonstrate the culture of wine, very useful. And the festival of the Ethnographic Museum has become a tradition that is sure to continue”.

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