Interesting holidays of the world

Christmas and its more secular companion — New Year — are among the most popular and favorite festivals in the world — they are noted in almost all countries, including the native Muslim Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Palestine and Indonesia, Hindu India and Communist China. Do not bypass these holidays party even in the “upside-down” Australia and New Zealand.

At the same time, many Orthodox countries have not yet begun a formal celebration, but the festive atmosphere is felt and there — in Minsk, for example, has held a Christmas parade.

Well, tonight 2013 to the sounds of opening champagne, traditional splutter presidents from TV screens and sparks, sparklers will give his “calendar race” 2014. Wish you all happiness, health and success in the new year!

China. Hong Kong. December 24. Children with christingle — “candles of Christ.” Christingle is a religious symbol in the form of an orange, in which is inserted the candle; distributed to children at the pre-Christmas worship service. The candle symbolizes Jesus Christ as the “light of the world”. Cresting coined the Society of the Anglican Church to assist children, who inherited it from the German Moravian Church in the 1960-ies.

Italy. Venice. On 21 December. Traditional competition in rowing in costume of Santa Claus.

USA. Honolulu, Hawaii. December 25. Hawaiian Santa Claus on the Christmas tree.

Indonesia. Surabaya, East Java. December 25. Indonesian Christians on the Christmas prayer.

Palestine. Bethlehem. December 25. The pilgrim takes on iPad Christmas mass in the Basilica of the Nativity.

France. Dinan, côtes-d’armor, Bretagne. December 25. The boy sees the gifts and wishes on the Christmas tree.

USA. Boston, MA. December 24. His Eminence cardinal Sean Patrick O’malley distributes food to the poor guests at the dinner in honor of Christmas eve.

Syria. Damascus. December 25. Syrian Christians celebrate Christmas in the hotel Dama Rose.

USA. Seattle, Washington. December 24. Children playing at “Remontage Troll” under the bridge Aurora bridge.

South Korea. Seoul. December 24. Festive performance in one of the shopping malls of Seoul.

France. La Flèche, Sarthe, Country Of The Loire. On 23 December. Treats for the polar bear in the zoo, wrapped in the style of a Christmas gift.

Bulgaria. Sofia. December 25. Christmas service in the Church-the monument to Alexander Nevsky. Bulgaria, unlike other Orthodox countries, celebrates Christmas on 25 December and 7 January.

Mexico. Acapulco, Guerrero. December 25. Giant inflatable Batman at the Christmas parade.

Pakistan. Islamabad. December 24. Pakistani Salamat masih prepares a Nativity scene in the slums of the capital. Christians are a minority in Pakistan is 1.6 % of the population.

Australia. Sydney, New South Wales. December 25. Greeters Christmas on the beach Bondi beach. In the southern hemisphere Christmas and New Year is the summer holidays.

Lebanon. Jieh, Chouf, Mount Lebanon. December 24. Lebanese man in costume of Santa Claus ride through the streets, welcoming passers-by.

USA. Los Angeles, California. December 24. 8-year-old faith, Callion smiling on the lap of Santa Claus during the Christmas eve, arranged for a homelessness charity the Los Angeles Mission.

Palestine. Bethlehem. December 24. Girls in traditional Palestinian costumes take part in a Christmas procession in front of the Basilica of the Nativity.

Philippines. Tacloban, Leyte. December 25. Children lined up for gifts next to the altar, decorated with the Philippine national flag. This year Christmas and New Year in the Philippines overshadowed by the devastation after Typhoon Haiyan.

Philippines. Tacloban, Leyte. December 25. The girl demonstrates her gift for Christmas — Nancie doll found among the ruins of the store.

USA. New York. December 24. His Eminence cardinal Timothy Dolan delivers a speech at a Christmas ceremony for prisoners of Rikers — the largest penal colony in the world.

China. Hong Kong. December 24. Idle people at Victoria harbour.

USA. Santa Monica, California. December 25. 19-year-old Nicole Ingroff and lia Zeffren sunbathe on the beach.

India. Siliguri, West Bengal. December 25. Christmas mass in St. Mary’s Church. Despite the fact that among the billion people of India Christians make up only 2 %, Christmas is celebrated with a Grand scale throughout the country.

Pakistan. Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. December 25. Pakistanis at the Christmas mass.

Jordan. Amman. December 25. Orthodox Jordanians at the morning mass to pray for peace in their country.

Egypt. Cairo. On 23 December. The Egyptian treats Christmas trees.

China. Shenyang, Liaoning. December 24. Pandemonium on the shopping Mall.

The Central African Republic. Bangui. December 25. Special Christmas mass for children in a camp for internally displaced persons. religious Civil war in the country has resulted in the capital have been displaced over 200,000 people, and more than half of them children.

The Central African Republic. Bangui. December 25. Children in prayer about the world.

Pakistan. Lahore, Punjab. December 25. The women bowed their heads in prayer during a Christmas mass in the Church of St. Anthony.

India. New Delhi. December 24. A boy selling Christmas gifts at the Cathedral of the sacred heart of Jesus.

Afghanistan. Bagram, Parwan. December 24. The soldiers at the Christmas ceremony.

Chile. Valparaiso. December 24. Ruben Torres in costume of Santa Claus waving people meet him on the shore. Every year at Christmas, the fishermen from Valparaiso organize “arrival” Santa Claus, distributing gifts.

Sri Lanka. Colombo. December 25. Donations left by believers in the figures of the baby Jesus during the midnight mass.

China. Beijing. December 24. The Chinese professing Catholicism, at the Christmas mass in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the blessed virgin Mary. Despite the fact that China and the Vatican do not have diplomatic relations, and the Chinese Communist party in the 1950s, he made believers to renounce religion, more than 6 million Chinese still attends Christmas mass.

Palestine. Burkin, Jenin. December 25. Palestinian Christians at the morning mass in the Church of St. George.

Belarus. Minsk. December 25. Santa Claus, snow Maiden and the polar Bear on new year’s parade.

Iraq. Basra. December 25. Christmas mass in the Church of Mother Teresa.

USA. New York. December 25. The woman bowed her head in prayer during the vigil in the Cathedral of St. Patrick.

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