Interesting facts about the USA

United States of America is the state that causes so much controversy, as no other country in the world. Someone wants to go there, to live happily ever after, by the American dream, and someone thinks this country is blamed for almost all ills on the planet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and to better acquaint you with this country, we have prepared interesting facts about its features, the peculiarities of its people and its history.

The geography of the USA

The coastline of new York is 578 miles (nearly 1000 miles).

New York skyscrapers so high that the people standing at the top can see the snow, and the people standing at the bottom of the rain.

In San Francisco many of the hills have name – only 43 of the hill.

At the White house in Washington 132 rooms.

Central Park new York 125 drinking fountains.

The Florida Keys include 882 Islands.

Alaska became 49 state of the third of January, 1959.

Alaska has a humid forests.

Alaska does not border any of the States.

The most active volcano on Earth is Hawaii, it is called Kilauea.

Hawaii — one of the most popular places for honeymoons in the world.

Hawaii were previously known as the sandwich Islands.

Where ever you are in Michigan, you will not be more than 140 kilometres from the Great Lakes.

The facts of U.S. history

In the U.S. more than two million women veterans.

First African-American received the highest military award – the order of Honor of the Congress – William Carney in 1863 (though actually he got it almost forty years later).

In 1913, more than a million cars were registered in the United States.

Former Vice President al Gore at Harvard was a neighbor from across the room with Tommy Lee Jones.

Theodore Roosevelt was the most superstitious President in the entire history of the country.

American green card (“green card” (green card) is not really green. Green it was until 1964, but today it is pink.

The first telephone book was published in the city of new Haven, Connecticut, in 1878. It consisted of one page and contained only fifty names.

The white house was the biggest house in the United States before the Civil war.

In the twin towers were 208 elevators.

In San Francisco there are no cemeteries.

Once the tornado took away the Motel sign is almost 50 miles from Oklahoma to Arkansas.

According to the old laws in Virginia, for white and black Americans should be highlighted in different toilets, that’s why the Pentagon twice more toilets than you need actually.

The first dollar coin U.S. silver dollar of 1794.

For the manufacture of dollar bills used the so-called beztelesna paper, which consists of 25% linen and 75% cotton. That is, in fact, dollars are made from fabric.

Since 1928 portrait of Benjamin Franklin appears on every hundred-dollar bill.

New York subway is over a thousand miles of underground pathways.

The first capital of the USA was new York.

In the U.S. more than 556 officially recognized American tribes.

New York – the largest number of Jews outside Israel.

In March, 1848, Niagara falls stopped functioning, because the ice has locked it.

Delaware — the first state in the United States.

Interesting facts about the diet of Americans

The average weight of American women is about 75 pounds.

The average size of American women is 14 (out of 48).

The most common promise that Americans give yourself for the New year – to lose weight.

Americans eat six times more protein a day than they actually need.

Americans eat 35,000 tons of pasta annually.

Americans eat more ice cream than any other nation on the planet.

Every year Americans eat about 35 pounds of sugar per person.

The average American consumes more than 4.5 kilograms malenich of cucumbers a year.

Every day, Americans eat about 150 million hot dogs.

Americans eat so much cereal that from empty boxes, discarded during the year, you can build a line from the earth to the moon and back.

On average, each American eats about 3 hamburgers a week.

Americans consume about 17 billion gallons of popcorn annually.

Average bra size sold in the U.S. in 1991, 34B (75B in our opinion), today it’s 36C (80C).

Americans spend annually $ 500 million in ketchup.

Every day the residents of US eat about 18 acres of pizza.

Facts about the American way of life

One of the eight couples entering into a formal marriage in the USA, meets on the Internet.

The most common purpose of trips around the country for Americans is shopping.

Every hour over the territory of the United States flies over 60,000 people.

90% of taxi drivers in new York – newly arrived immigrants.

Americans throw away 44 million Newspapers every day.

One American survey found that 24% of Americans, if I could, I’d have fired his boss.

Over a lifetime, the average American male spends 3500 hours after shaving.

The majority of Americans do not live more than 100 miles from the place where they were born.

Each year, Americans throw away about 5 million bicycles.

Americans replace about 400 million oil filters annually.

Halloween — a very popular holiday for American children. 93% of them will go on this holiday to the neighbors with the “threat” of “trick or treat”.

Americans visit casinos three times more often than baseball.

Every day Americans served about 70,000 claims in court.

Some people living in Canada, are automatically citizens of the United States.

Americans manage to make savings in the amount not exceeding one percent of revenue.

Americans spend more money on gambling than on purchases at grocery stores.

Americans discharged more than 42 billion checks annually.

90% of the time the average U.S. resident spends in the room.

75% of all immigrants settle in California, new Jersey, Florida, new York, Illinois and Texas.

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