How I went to the carnival in Rio

In this action there is no division into PERFORMERS and SPECTATORS. Each – whether it respectable clerk, the father of the family or a tourist, far from Brazilian culture – AWAKEN INSTINCTS, whose existence no one had suspected. This is a CARNIVAL taking place in February before lent. Researchers at the Brazilian cultural traditions believe that the beginning of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and all over Brazil put coming from Portugal Amusing day. when everyone was fooled, doused with water, sprinkled with flour or sand, smeared with chalk and charcoal. Later this day was to open the carnival. In 1900 at the carnival appeared first on the wagon, then pulled by horses and oxen. For them, the peasants were brought to the city and their fruits are grown and strongly demonstrated their successes, and peasant girls danced and sang.

Gradually formed a modern form of carnival: Samba schools (the first of them appeared in 1928), ritual, painted by days and hours, a hierarchy of actors. Festivities begin at six PM on Saturday. On the sambadrome (the stadium built specifically for dance) Samba school perform. Each performs a show, get prepared for a whole year and for which a specially written script, music, lyrics. The jury will choose among them the winner. After the parade the participants in the fun on the streets is on the rise. Fiery rhythms of Samba, do not be silent for a minute, make everyone without exception erratically pranks, vomiting the sounds are actually not a song but an expression of savage pleasure.

These days in the city stand the heat and humidity, comparable only with the atmosphere of the steam room. Therefore, firstly, you should cap with great visor or hat to cover herself from the withering sun. Secondly, I suggest you completely forget about the suits, closed dresses and synthetic fabrics. Best cotton shorts and a shirt with short sleeves and big pockets with buttons or zippers. In them (not in pockets) and keep the documents and cash. Brazilian pickpockets are some of the most virtuosic in the world. Members of the profession say they own fingers with a razor or sharpened Nickel coin no less artistic than the greatest football players in the country – the ball. And you will not believe it, but the best artist in this area has the nickname Pele. Indeed as they say in advertising: All the best in Brazil called Pele .

On the night of Monday to Tuesday takes place the traditional ball in the Municipal theater, where going to know your guests and celebrities. However, wishing to get an overview of gossip for a couple hundred dollars to buy a ticket and have fun until the morning. The carnival goes on another day to finish at five in the morning on Wednesday.

Now there is the Museum of Montmartre. there is decorative Republique de Montmartre with its own President and government. Anyone for a reasonable amount can get paper with impressive seals, certifying that he is a citizen. Naturally, at this time no one is working and not studying, after the holidays – depart. Last year, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, on his return from a trip to Italy, where he was going to the carnival, not found in the workplace any Minister. They were justified by the fact that rested after the carnival holidays.

If for hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, tourists and visiting celebrities carnival – fun, then for Samba schools it is the main event of the year. Good luck – to get to night school festival-winner: there and start a real Orgy and Orgy of the senses. However, without protection to the party will not fall. Last year, as was expected from the very beginning, has won the Samba school Mocidade independente di Padre Miguel and its Creator and its creation – the story of the emergence and development of man in the frivolous dance. The school has gained 300 points. Just half a point behind Imperatriz, Leopoldinense and one – Beija-Flor. You can imagine how strenuous was the fight in which were in progress all possible means. For example, Unidos da Tijuca chose her Princess 125-year-old Maria do Carmo Geronimo, the elderly woman Brazil. Grandma Mary, as its affectionately called in the city, sat in a beautiful dress at a carnival cart, and behind just in case drove an ambulance. By the way, Mary was born a slave from childhood had experienced forced labour and gave many valuable advices to the Directors of popular Russian TV series Slave Izaura. After the carnival elderly female admitted to journalists that she was confused by the current fashion, when too much body, but little clothing .

In recent years, in Brazil there was intense debate about how, not whether to revive carnivals, as they were in the past less professional and more chaste. Holidays in Rio increasingly rely on rich tourists, most of whom arrived in Brazil, by their own admission, to unwind and relax from their wives. Members of the carnival performances, which capture the demands of the public, are becoming year by year more and more bare, and in productions dominates the sexual themes. Reminds of the old joke about the guy that asked the pharmacy the biggest condom to the carnival to play the role of the male sexual organ. In Rio this story became reality: the last time the carnival was such a hero, wearing the being stuck forward almost half a meter male pride of foam. But even more anecdotal headers look serious polemical articles. For example, like this: Show us the genitals or hide. One author writes: What are we going to hide? We are all children of nature. The other said: Or deprived by nature, if you start to consider us over. In short, there are heated genital disputes. Many residents of Rio, without waiting for the result of the debate that began at the carnival to take the children to testify. During past carnival city left more than 300 thousand people.

After watching five or six carnivals in Rio and several other cities, I can confidently say that true folk festivals are held away from the tourist centers in Salvador, Recife and Fortaleza. If Rio carnival is a beautiful, luxurious and rich sex show for visitors of the country, the Outback is a truly festivities. It involves both adults and children, and instead of frivolous plots are drawn historical scenes: the conquest of America by the conquistadors, the performances on the subject of slavery. The interaction of three fused in Brazil cultures – European, Indian and African – there truly visible. In addition, the carnival becomes educational in nature, without losing its fun.Of course, carnival is the engine of Commerce. Travel agencies, airlines, manufacturers of beer – all harvested their crops. And in the last year particularly distinguished companies producing condoms and caught the sexy spirit of the carnival. They found in vending machines that sell shirts. as they are called here. These sellers are working tirelessly day and night. 20% of revenue goes to the Treasury for the fight against AIDS. The carnival 98-th year in Rio de Janeiro will be set 316 of these machines. This coming after the carnival Saturday Samba school, who took the first five places are shown in a shortened program best moments of their performances.

Many tourists prefer to visit the festivities in other cities, and then to see this mini-carnival. Besides celebrations in Rio fully televised for the whole country, it can be seen on the videos that appear on sale immediately thereafter.

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