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The Thais are very funny and sentimental people. Therefore, annual festivals, memorial days and holidays play a big role in their lives. Many Thai festivals are fun and colorful, and the Thais always invite tourists to participate in them. Other events very solemn and ceremonious. Regardless of whether it is a dazzling procession of Buddhist religious ceremony, unbridled joy or exotic ritual – all these holidays remain a pleasant memory for tourists and help them to understand the cultural heritage of Thailand is the most exotic countries in Asia.

Most festivals associated with Buddhism, the annual cycle of ripening rice, memorable dates in the life of Thailand’s kings. Some celebrations are held on certain days, others, mostly Buddhist, associated with the lunar calendar. Lots of fun folk festivals.

Makha Puja – the Day of full moon in February

National holiday-related events in the history of Buddhism, when 1250 disciples of the Lord Buddha gathered to hear him preach. During this day of prayer interspersed with such good works as the food of the monks, the release of birds and fish from cages and aquariums. After sunset throughout the Kingdom Buddhist monks lead around the temples praying, lighting the way beautiful triple candles. Each person silently bear flowers, burning incense and candles in honor of the Buddha, his teachings and followers.

Festival of flowers

Takes place every second Friday, Saturday, Sunday February in Chiang Mai (700 km North of Bangkok). This festival is held on special rafts decorated with flowers, while he arranged a colorful competitions. At this time of year in the Northern provinces begin to bloom tropical flowers.

The Festival Pattaya

This festival begins in April on the main seaside resort of Thailand and includes colorful parades, floats, decorated with flowers. Evening on the coast there will be a celebration of fireworks.

The Songkran Festival

Held from 13 to 15 April. The national holiday is April 12-14. Songkran is the traditional Thai New year . which is especially vigorously celebrated in Chiang Mai. Thanks to several weekends of fun lasts 3-5 days during which good deeds are done, pilgrimages to shrines, festive parades and performances, as well as traditional mutual pouring water.

The Songkran festival in the district of Phra Pradaeng

Place in the second week of April the representatives of the peoples Mon. living in the district of Phra Pradaeng. the province of Samut Prakan to the South of Bangkok on the traditional scheme of the Songkran festival.

The Royal ceremony of the furrow

Usually happens in early may in the suburb of Bangkok’s Sanam Luang. This ceremony marks the beginning of the annual cycle of maturation of rice. The festival is being led by His Majesty the King by challenging the Brahmanic ritual observance of special ceremonies aimed at obtaining a generous harvest of rice.

The rocket festival

Held the second weekend of may, in the northeast of Thailand in the city of Yasothon. Before the start of the monsoon season the villagers of the North-East of the country make giant rocket and launch them into the sky to ensure abundant rainfall plantation of rice. Traditionally, the rocket Festival is a period of total relaxation before the beginning of the heavy field work. Therefore, during the festival arranged a colorful parades, large dance performances, the people happy and joking.

Visakha Puja

Held in may on the full moon day. National holiday and one of the most sacred days in Buddhism. Day of Birth, Initiation and Death of the Buddha. Rites and ceremonies, as in a holiday Makha Puja.

Fruit fair

During this annual fair, which celebrates the center of attention of local fruits such as rambutan, durian, pomelo, exhibitions and folklore events. The main places where fruit fairs, are the province of Rayong, Chanthaburi, Chachoengsao and Hat Yai in Songkhla.

Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen

Is celebrated on 12 August. Is a national holiday. Celebrations are concentrated in Bangkok. Public buildings decorated with colorful lights and flags.

Ok Phansa & Thot Kathin

The festival is held in the month of October. Ok Phansa is celebrated at the end of the rainy season and is the beginning of the season Kathin. In this day, throughout Thailand Buddhists give to the monks of new clothes and other items that will be needed by the monastic brotherhood in the new season.

The vegetarian festival

Held in the month of October. The Phuket residents of Chinese origin sit for nine days on a vegetarian diet. The first day of the festival marked by the parade of followers of a vegetarian diet in white robes.

Boat race

The Kathin period marks the official end of the rainy season and the beginning of the various fairs, during which the boat of the regatta. The most famous boat race held in the city of Nan (790 kilometers North of Bangkok). Other major races are held in the cities of Surat Thani, Phichit, Nakhon Phanom and Pathurnthani.

Loy Krathong

Held in November on the full moon day. This is one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand. At night, when the moon Thais allowed on the rivers Krathong – small boats made in the shape of a Lotus flower or banana leaf, inside which burn small candles. Throw flowers into the water and coins. Thais believe that on this night the spirits of the water will wash away all the sins of the previous year.

Elephant show

Takes place at the end of the third week of November in Surin. in the northeast of Thailand. This popular show is attended by about 100 elephants. Between folk dancing and traditional cultural show these mobile giants are taking part in performances, telling about the times when the locals hunted wild elephants. Elephants demonstrate the mind, strength, generosity, and obedience and reminiscent of medieval military parades

Week Bridge over the river Kwai

Held in late November or early December in Kanchanaburi in Western Thailand. Interesting historical and archaeological exhibitions, dazzling folk cultural performances, as well as race locomotives of the Second world war

Birthday of His Majesty the King

Is celebrated on 5 December. Is a national holiday. On December 3, colourful and moving ceremony on the square Royal Plaza in Bangkok part of the Royal elite Guard solemnly reaffirm their oath to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. 5 December, the celebration is held throughout Thailand. By tradition, all government buildings are decorated with colorful illuminations. At night Bangkok, near the Royal Grand Palace and Ratchadamnoen Avenue Avenue, is transformed into a fairyland of coloured lights.

Constitution day is celebrated on 10 December – (in memory of the adoption of the 1st Constitution of the country, repeatedly revised since then).

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