Holiday in “Planet of childhood”.

As we previously reported, the Tour, the Baikit, Vanavara and other townships of the County from 25 may to 1 June was held the II regional festival of children’s creativity. It was attended by almost the entire child population of Evenkia, from the smallest of budding actors, to adults and experienced.

On Tour every day of the festival was filled with a concert of children’s collectives of the district center. It was a week of memorable, beautiful holiday, both for children and for adults, the tone of which was set on the opening day of the festival the presentation of children’s art school. The audience were offered the best of the best rooms of the young artists, choral and vocal singing, the orchestra of Bayan players and pianists, dance Department.

All captivated by its artistry and charm Dasha Bugra and Veronica Muslimina (duet “Droplets”). These Babes even preschoolers, but how confidently they stay on stage! Faculty of the school of arts kept pace with their students and showed skill and talent in the comic numbers “In jazz only girls”, “Eskimo from Alaska”.

May 27, in the lobby of the district cultural and sports centre opened an exhibition of decorative and applied arts students of the Turin secondary boarding school (circle “Bead”, the leaders of Nina Kanovich and Tatiana Balykin) Houses of children’s creativity, Turin special (correctional) schools. It was the result of the work of educational institutions of additional education. The exhibits are varied, made of different materials. The Director of the House of children’s creativity Galina Revenko and teacher mug “Folk art” Olga Potager noted the wish of the creativity, tenacity, meticulousness of their wards during class. Every child has hidden potential. And teachers circles decorative art help children’s talent to evolve and improve.

On may 28, the last day of school, accounting concert of the school of Humanities and aesthetic development and Turin high school. It turned out to be a real celebration of the beginning of summer vacation. In the auditorium OXC were many teachers, students, parents. Students of the two schools showed the best numbers of Amateur performances, sang, danced, recited poems.

The next day was organised competition program “Mini-miss” among pupils of kindergartens Tours. Small contestants competed in four competitions – singing, dancing, “Happy pencil” (figure beloved fairy-tale character), “When I grow up” (the story about his dream). Each student was charming, artistic, savvy. And the jury was in a quandary. It was necessary to choose the best of the best. The results were ahead of Vica Pavelchak (kindergarten №2). She became a “Mini-miss”. Dasha Bugra named “Miss Smile”, Lera Ostashkov – “Miss grace” (both from d/C number 3) Maria Voronkova – “Miss Charm”, Anastasia Ershova – “Miss Charm” (both from d/s No. 4). In between tours, the guys from all the kindergartens appeared in concert rooms, and in singing and dancing competitions helped the participants.

In the evening of the same day was held the contest of young performers. Contestants age groups from 10 to 13 years and 14 to 17 years old were required to submit to the jury and the audience with two songs. One mandatory on the North, second is arbitrary. After the performance, all performers jury made its decision. First and second places in the middle age group awarded to students of children’s art school Dasha Starovojtovoj and Nastia Terentyeva. Their artistic Director Evelyn Muslimina. Third place was taken by Oksana Habrat (artistic Director Oleg At). In the older age category were distributed as follows: first – Olesya ASPEC (vocal group ensemble “Asection”, headed by Vyacheslav Paiberdin), the second divided Daria Shvedchikova and Irina Zwetzig. Viewers were also able to see performances by Ulyana Ediger, dance groups OXC (head Ogdo of Tatusova), theater of fashion “Style” (supervisor: Catherine Likhachev).

And may 30 in the hall of a sports complex teams of all five kindergartens Tours hosted a mini-Olympics. Opening the event, Deputy Governor of Tatiana Karnaukhova and the chair of the district sport Committee Alexander Prilepa noted that this Grand sports event organized at the County center for the first time. Thanks to the passion for sports since childhood, brought up a character, will power, strengthens health. Captains the anthem of Evenkia raised the flag competition. And began sporting battles. Each team tried to get ahead of rivals, to be more strong, agile, fast. Viewers with loud shouts, applause and posters support unison cheered on their comrades. In between competitions, while the team rested, and the jury summed up the results, the audience and the young athletes cheered and sang songs of students and teachers of the children’s school of arts. And here after summarizing lucsa named the team of the kindergarten № 4 “Asection”, which will go down in history II the district festival of children’s creativity, as the winner of the small Olympic games. Second place was awarded to team d/s No. 5 “tower” and the third – the team of the kindergarten № 1 “the Dandelion”. All awarded with certificates for their active participation and prizes.

On the penultimate day of the festival for the kids in the cinema center “Evenkia” was shown-loved Soviet cartoons.

And then came the moment of summing up the past tense, rich with bright events of the festival days. We all learned a lot of new names of gifted and talented children who make their first steps in the wonderful world of art. And each of them will have the opportunity to further develop their creative abilities with the support of teachers and district leaders.

June 1, international children’s day, at the closing ceremony of the festival were made by the Deputy Governor Nina Kuleshov, Tatiana Karnaukhova, head of Department of education district Love Gayulskaja, head of Department of culture Victor Melanin, the head of the local government of the village Tour Petr Suvorov. They warmly congratulated and presented certificates and prizes of the organizing Committee of the festival and the administration of local government Tours to the participants of competitive programs, creative teams OXC, the teaching staff of secondary schools and preschools Tours, houses of children’s creativity, children’s school of arts, special (correctional) boarding school, teachers and artistic leaders – all who actively participated and helped in the preparation and conduct of this truly Grand event.

After the ceremony there was held a gala concert, fun games library on the square in front of the House of culture and a colorful fireworks display.

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