Food festivals in June

If you plan to go on a gastronomic tour in some country, don’t miss this outstanding event, as a national food festival .

The food festival is a bright, happy holiday for everyone who loves to eat and to have fun. About such events it is necessary to know in advance so you can plan your trip and get lots of positive emotions, we offer you information about such festivals taking place in June 2012

Czech beer festival in Prague

This year, the Czech beer festival will be held on letang, and in Prague’s Stromovka Park (holešovice). Hurry, you still have time to try Czech beer.

9 – 13 June 2012 beer Festival in Hungary (Bekescaba)

Beer Festival and Knuckle Parade

What do you know about the Hungarian beer? A great reason to visit this festival and learn everything on the spot!

June 15-19, 2012 Great MiddleEuropeBeer Festival. Ljubljana. Slovenia

Excellent opportunity to combine sun, sea, music and beer

C 1 to 6 June 2012

Smaka p? Stockholm

in the capital of Sweden will host the festival ’s Try to Stockholm on taste” Smaka p? Stockholm). In the Park Kungstr?dg?rden best restaurants in the city will present more than 200 of their best dishes.

This is the largest event of the year in the Swedish capital, collecting hundreds of thousands of guests. Traditionally, the Park will set the scene for the entire festival will be performing musicians.

08.06 — 09.06.2012, at 11:00 | P?rnu, P?rnu Vallik??r

As reported by VisitSweden, the cost of portions on the gastronomic festival — from 25 kroons (2.8 euros).

Admission is free, working time: 1-5 June from 11:00 to 23:30, June 6 — until 22:00.

Festival of good food Grillfest will take everyone to see and taste this celebration of life.

Admission is free for all.

During the festival there will be Good food fair, national fishing competitions and three major competitions in the preparation of food, both for youth and adults.

Are restaurants representing cuisine from different countries, and a children’s Playground with interesting attractions.

Various scenes will speak Estonian and foreign artists.

Come on Grillfest!

May-July 2012 Fruit festivals in Thailand.

The Eastern province of Thailand (Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat) is known for its plantations of tropical fruits such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen. When fruits ripen, the locals organize festivals and fairs, where they sell fruit and locally made Souvenirs.

Northern province of Chiang Rai’s best known fruits of lychee and pineapple, which Mature in may. Every year the people of the province celebrate harvesting, organizing fairs, where on the sale of available fruits and other goods, and local products. Also organizes beauty contests and performances.

2 — 4 June, the festival of pineapple in Thailand, Lampang province.

Thais are very respectful of the pineapple — the source of vitamins, minerals and super tasty fruit.

The festival begins with business meetings and negotiations, agricultural exhibitions and develops into a beautiful, lush holiday. It opens bright procession of festively decorated trolleys with pineapple. Three days does not subside songs and dances. Entrees at the festival of course is made from pineapple. At the last day course choose beauty «Miss Pineapple”

June 1-3, 2012, Australia, the Melbourne Good Food & Wine Show

Annual major festival dedicated to food and wine.

In addition to Melbourne takes place in Sydney (June), Perth (July), Adelaide (October) and Brisbane (November)

1 through June 10, 2012 ValenciaWeek (Spain)

In Valencia will be held the week of gastronomy and entertainment

In restaurant week Valencia Cuina Oberta Restaurant Week, held during the festival, will bring together more than 70 institutions. They will offer visitors the best menu with delicious dishes at special prices — € 20 for lunch and € 30 — for dinner.

And on June 6 will be held a master-class chef restaurant Riff, the owner of Michelin star Bernd Knoller indoor market, Mercado de Benicalap

And the main news for shoppers:

June 7, from 20 hours to 24 hours in the city You are in for a night of sales Valencia Shopening Night. More than 100 stores Valencia will provide customers with discounts from 10 to 25%. Live music, tastings, cocktails and a variety of surprises will create a festive atmosphere and good mood

22 — June 24, 2012 Rock Oyster Festival oyster Festival

In G. Rock (Britain, Cornwall) on the estate Dinham House will host the annual Grand festival of oysters. This event annually attracts many visitors and is an ideal choice for family holidays.

The oyster festival is called Rock Oyster Festival and invites all who wish to enjoy live music superb delicacies of the West of England, made by the best chefs

About his participation in the festival said popular musicians and the best chef in Britain who will take part in the competition on cleaning local oysters and cooking at the speed of fresh shellfish.

Visitors to the festival for just € 6 (£5) will be invited to sample the culinary delights, enjoying the friendly atmosphere and wonderful music

The price of the entrance ticket for 3 days – € 60 (£50), children (4-17 years) – 12 euros (10 pounds). For children under 4 years – free admission.

Food festivals have been held in Russia

The largest in Moscow — “the Festival of world food and travel”


Garden ‘Hermitage’, Karetny Ryad, 16 – 17 June 2012, from 12.00 to 22.00

On 16 and 17 June 2012 in the garden of “Hermitage” publishing house “Around the world” opens the summer season of open air festivals. The second Festival of world food and travel.

You will have the incredible opportunity to travel around the world without leaving Moscow, to participate in the gastronomic experiments, enjoy the rhythms and colors of the ethnic show, get a vivid impression and memorable photos.

Wine I battle!

Every year in the town of Haro (Spain) held a wonderful event – Batalla del Vino, a wine battle.

On this day, in the morning, residents and guests wear white t-shirts and pile on a nearby hill. And there’s the sound of a brass band desperately poured each other a red wine from the bottles, buckets, barrels, water guns, spray guns, airbrushes, hoses and all of you.

According to the rules, it would be necessary only from tail bags, but who follows rules?

Every man for himself and there is no opposing team, you should try to know as much as possible to evade the attackers and as many people as possible to throw on the run. And that there was not one white t-shirt!

Summer is vacation time. All tourists, eager not simply bask on the beach and see the sights, you can use the “tasty” to relax, to visit the “Festival of food” to new usagenote tradicii, the customs of the country and get a lot of positive emotions.

I hope this little story will help You to plan a vacation and a lot of fun in the gastronomic journey. in pleasant company.

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