Festivals tattoos

Over time people have become tolerant of tattoos and their the owners, moreover, are interested not only to getting a tattoo-pattern, but also to the history of tattooing. And the people who are interested in, as they say, “sunken”, simply must, by definition, to communicate with each other. And how can you communicate with people with common interests? Or through thematic printed publications, or in person. The need for both forced to produce specialized journals and to organize congresses and festivals of the followers of the tattoo.

Undoubtedly influenced tolerance to tattoo and changes in society: the struggle for equal rights for women and ethnic minorities. And the growth of personal income eased and even eliminated legal sanctions against tattoos, thus increasing the number of professional salons. However, many still believe the inscriptions and drawings on the body of the case is unnecessary and harmful. The role of festivals in the fact that in a live conversation to prove: tattoo — work of art, of artistic value.

The seriousness of the relationship to the tattoo show edition solid logs, and the opening of museums.

The Creator of the Museum of the history of tattooing in Oxford for many years Chairman of the British club tattooists Lionel Michener publishes a monthly magazine. Connoisseurs famous tattoo art Museum in San Francisco, the tattoo Museum in Amsterdam, the division tattoo in the Museum of anatomy in Tokyo, and Department tattoo in art museums in many countries of the world. Since 1976, annually held world congresses tattooists and tattooed people (Tattoo Convention), in 1982 the magazine “Tattootime” ed hardy for the first time organized “Tattoo Expo”, held photo exhibitions tattoos, exposure, and even films (“Tattooed” A. Modigliani, “the Illustrated man” D. Smita, German Tattoo, etc.).

But why the need for festivals, if everything is available? First of all, the festival is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional art of the locals.

What to say about the festival of tattoos in Borneo, rooted in antiquity. For residents Borneo tattoo is not just a drawing on a body, and an ancient ritual that has its special meaning. In Borneo each year undergo tattoo festivals attracting masters from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, USA and many other countries.

Don’t have to be an avid fan of tattoos and to expose our bodies to the needle in the wizard to visit this festival. Because it is, among other things, features a variety of live folk music and traditional tan, fighting cocks, and lots of other activities that introduce the culture of Borneo.

Another example. In 2006, the hotel “Sheraton” in the capital of Tahiti, Papeete held a four-day marathon of tattoos. Festival Tattoonesia-2006 gathered a few dozen masters of tattooing from 14 countries and thousands of spectators. Few people know that the ancient art of tattooing the human body was revived in French Polynesia in 1980. Because everyone is convinced that Polynesia is almost the birthplace of the tattoo, and tattoos should be OK. It was not there: politics, colonization, times and mores change everything. And well, that much is returned.

Local craftsmen brought into the world Treasury of art tattoo island inspired, the uniqueness of which allows you to talk about creating separate areas in it.

About the festival we can say that, according to witnesses, he succeeded: in special tents in the garden, workshops, contests and competitions. Dozens of tourists were first introduced to art tattoo, giving artists their bodies for painting. Happy holiday was accompanied by music, dancing and tasting of traditional local drink made from Kava, giving courage decided on a tattoo, but do not affect the hardness of the hands of artists, causing them.

In 2007 he completed the London tattoo festival clearly showed that for some tattoo — passion, for others a form of art, for the third — a tribute to fashion. The tattoo came all sorts of people — and fans of body art, and those who seek to Express themselves and their views on life through tattoos, and just curious. According to the organizers of the London festival, this event is supposed to show the tattoo world in all its diversity. Light show and music were part of the performance, creating an atmosphere in which both worked one hundred and fifty artists representing various styles and trends.

And what about in Russia? In 2003, the Altai held a forum tattoos, modestly named the exhibition, whose goal was the elimination of the deficit of information about body art, tattooing and their masters, demonstration of this phenomenon in its most professional and artistic aspects.

The exhibition then was widely covered in all media and received positive response from the public. The organizers of the forum, conducted a survey of exhibitors and visitors, showed considerable interest in such events and to the tattoo in particular. The answers were quite unexpected and led to the conclusion that the audience of different age categories endorses the seminar. It was decided that the festival, dedicated to the popular trends of youth culture, will be an annual event.

In the same year, Moscow hosted the final of the long-awaited first International tattoo festival “Tattoo-fest”, which came to the people who consider their skin as a canvas that can be turned into a painting or mark intricate tattoo that gives it personality. Such contests is a vivid indication that the tattoo is no longer a sign of belonging to the criminal world or other declassed elements, as used to say in Soviet times, but now the art. The idea of creating the first International tattoo festival was born from the desire to spread the culture of tattoos in Russia and demonstrate the best of its traditions.

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