Festivals and holidays

In Norway many interesting festivals and various events that, regardless of what you prefer, whether it be sports, art, nature or music, you will definitely find something for everyone.


Festival of Northern lights, tromsø

At the festival, which is held annually, focuses on the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, and on the earth is a celestial phenomenon is accompanied by concerts and art exhibitions. Polar jazz festival, Svalbard during the last few days of the month jazz festival held in the Northern most part of the world, shaking the entire archipelago Sval-bard.


Opera festival in Kristiansund

In the first half of February at the Opera houses put the work in, and around Kristiansund many concerts and organizes art exhibitions.


Race over rough terrain

This race over rough terrain with a length of 53 km between Rena and Lille-hammer, in which participants have to carry on your shoulders a heavy backpack, occurs in the middle of the month. Sled dog race, the Alto is The longest sled dog race, region fin-mark, 5 March.

Ski festival in Holmenkollen

International jumping competition ski-pass on the well-known jump near Oslo. At the same time it hosts cross-country skiing cross-country, to participate in which can be anyone. Easter Two major festivals of Sami town in Norway, Kautokeino and Karasjok – celebrate Easter reindeer races and competitions Sami singing (joik), as well as music and exhibitions of folk crafts.

Winter festival week, Narvik

Distinctive features of this event – many sports competitions, concerts and parades. The world championship in cod fishing, Lofoten

Anglers from all over the world come to these places to participate in the competition for the biggest catch in Svolvaer.


Jazz festival in Voss

Within three days the first week of the month in this town, known for its ski competitions, held jazz concerts and performances.


International festival in Bergen

Perhaps this is the most famous cultural festival in the country, where they invite artists and musicians from around the world. During the festival, which is performed as contemporary works, and works of Grieg and Ibsen.

May jazz, Stavanger

The oldest festival held in the city. The best jazz musicians in Norway, as well as recognized international master. There were, for example, Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock.

Music Blues festival, Bergen

Country and Western, Blues and folk music.


Boat racing, Bergen

Race near Bergen on copies of traditional Chinese boats (dragebats).

The Norwegian salmon festival, Surna

At the end of the month passionate anglers come to Surno to fish for salmon in local waters and participate in a variety of activities, including go to market, traded in this beloved country fish.

Festival of the midnight sun, June 23

Fireworks and festivities are held all over the country to celebrate the midnight sun. Marathon “North Pullus”, Svalbard

Named “the coolest marathon in the world” is an international competition is held in the most Northern place in the world and is probably the most difficult, as the participants have to run the thick ice. Paying a fee for participation in this competition, to take part can anyone.

The Viking festival, karmøy

The restoration of the battles of the Vikings, crafts and organization of numerous activities for children allow in the beginning of the month for a few days to travel back in time.


Festival in Hammerfest

This festival, which is always very lively, organizes, taking advantage of the midnight sun, the most Northern in Europe city. International jazz festival in Molde

Jazz musicians from around the world gather in this city in mid-July. The majority of performances continues almost until morning.

Chamber music festival, Riiser

Classical musicians come from all over Norway and from other countries to participate in chamber music concerts, which take place during the week.

The drama festival and St. Olaf, Stiklestad

The open-air performances, which are held in late July and which tells the story of king Olaf, the patron Saint of Norway, accompanied by lively action in the medieval style, such as archery and medieval market.


International festival of folk music, WHI

Folk musicians and dancers gather in the city to be and perform the works of traditional music. Norwegian international film festival Haugesund

During the week demonstrates Norwegian and international feature films and documentaries. Jazz festival in Oslo Annual celebration, during which he executed not only jazz, but also classical music and dance.

The Peer Gynt Festival, Vinstra

In Vinstra outdoor shows are held in honor of the famous drama-poem Ibsen’s “peer Gynt”. At the same time hosts music concerts, exhibitions and parades, a festival of rock music, åndalsnes Major festival of rock music in August rocked this small town. The basis of the performed pieces are Norwegian or Scandinavian musical themes.

Vengerski festival, vadsø

Major jazz festival in Northern Norway, which is held in the middle of the month.


Festival Of Heavier, Molde

International literary festival.

International festival of salmon, suldal power station

The city suldal power station, located near Stawy Hera, during this festival is flooded with the fans of fishing, come to this event from all over the world. Oslo marathon

Every year in September in the city gets a run length of 42 km.


Festival of folk and classical music, as well as lectures and seminars on the history of Norwegian folk music.


The ceremony of awarding the Nobel peace prize, Oslo

Annually in Oslo on 10 December in the presence of the king held a solemn ceremony of delivery of awards for outstanding activity on strengthening world. The festival of St. Lucia on the 13th of this number across the country, young girls dress in white and walk with candles in honor of St. Lucia, arranging the festival of lights.

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