Reservoir: the upper reaches of the Kremenchug reservoir, the Dnieper river

1. Goals and objectives

1.1. The objective of the festival is to popularize the sport approach to catching fish of trophy size on the principle of “catch and release”.

1.2. The festival needs to unite lovers of pike fishing with large baits, as well as to contribute to the development of technical and tactical skills of athletes and fans spinning.

1.3 promote healthy lifestyles and respect for nature.

The structure of the festival

2.1. The festival will be held competitions on fishing for pike jerkbaits. The competitions are held in accordance with these regulations.

2.2. The entrance fee is 70 UAH per person. The fees are spent on organizing the event. Collection of contributions is carried out after pre-registration at the competition venue or at stake PRIVAT BANK card no 4149 4377 1749 1821

The owner of the card – one Side Alexander

3. Competitors

3.1. Competition “JERK AUTUMN” – 2012 conducted only in the team standings. Under the command refers to a boat with a crew of 1-2 people.

3.2. The teams must pre-register.

Your request should contain full name, NICKNAME, place of residence, date of birth, number of people, having a car, mobile phone

3.4. There is no age limit.

3.5. Not allowed to participate in competitions athletes in a drunken state.

3.6 required the presence of a digital camera or mobile phone with digital camera the team is a competitor to fix the catch.

4. The time and place of the competitions

4.1. The competitions are held at the Kremenchug reservoir, the Dnieper, on the Basis of the Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen. The fishing area is limited and is indicated on the map area.

4.2. Date of competition September 29-30, 2012.

4.3.Collection and registration of participants at 8: 00, the total building — at 8: 30.

4.4. The start of the competition – Saturday, September 29 at 9: 00, finish at 14: 00 – first round, Sunday start 9.00 am, finish 13-00 second round.

4.5. After the time of the competition the teams have to stop fishing to arrive on the island in the competition area for the preliminary results. The island will be shown on the map, which will be issued to each team on the build.

5. The order of carrying out of competitions and standings

5.1. Competitions are held in two rounds. The winning team is determined according to the final results, regardless of the number of rounds with her.

5.2. Each team is assigned a serial number under which it passes in judicial protocols. Fishing is allowed only from a boat.

5.3. After the launch, the team can catch in any fishery. The competition area is limited and indicated on the map, which will be issued to each team on the build. The minimum distance between the participants is not specified.

5.4. It is counted only pike not less than 40cm long.

5.5. The length of the fish is rounded up to 1 cm. The function rounds down. For every 1 cm the total length of the catch a sportsman gets one point.

5.6. The length of the fish is measured from the snout to the beginning of the early middle ray of the tail fin. One member of the team captures on camera the fish on the measuring line and provides photos of the judges, the fish after the photo should be released. Dead fish to offset not accepted.

5.7. The final rank is determined by the sum of points obtained by measuring the three largest fish caught by its members. The result is announced by the judge and not subject to appeal.

5.8. The coincidence of the results of measuring the lengths of fish adopted to offset, preference is given to the team in the catch which is present in larger fish.

7. Restrictions on tackle, baits and methods of fishing

7.1. Athletes are allowed to use casting rods (spinning) fishing gear of any type. Allowed to carry a spare tackle.

7.2. Only pressure without paddles hard artificial lures weighing not less than 28 grams (1 oz).

7.3. It is prohibited to fish simultaneously in two spaced lures, equipped with hooks.

7.4. Prohibited targeted fishing in a plumb – by type of fishing on mormyshka or winter trolling, trolling is prohibited and fishing on the track.

7.5. Athletes are required while fishing, be careful not to hurt themselves, my partner and fish.

9. Judging

9.1. All disputes arising in the course of the competition, can only be solved by the judges. The decision of the judge to the discussion and not subject to dispute.

9.2. A participant who violates the rules of the Competition, will be disqualified by the referee’s decision.

The rules of the competition.

September 29, Saturday

6-00 – 8.00 – arrival of the participants. ( it is possible to check in from Friday 28 September it is necessary to specify in the application for reservation of seats in the hotel)

8.00 – building, the opening of the competition.

9-00 – start.

14-00 – finish.

15-00 – 16-00 – totals.

16-00 – 17-00 – casting competition.

17.00-free time (communication, gala dinner, etc.)

September 30, Sunday

9-00 – start.

13-00 – finish.

14-00 – award winners.

15-00 – closing of the festival.

Conditions of accommodation and facilities.

Accommodation for the participants on the basis of the uoor. On the base there are the usual number is two beds in the room, facilities at the end of the corridor. The room rate 120-150 USD. Such numbers 13. There are also suites for 250 USD with amenities in the room and repair – 3pc. There is a neighboring base which can accommodate the participants.

Bring a supply of provisions is based on each participant + family members and sympathizers. Chairs, armchairs and all that you may need (at the participant’s discretion).

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