Events and festivals of Vienna

3Vienna – capital of Austria, has always stood out among the endless variety of entertainment opportunities, year-round concerts and festivals, allowing Vienna to receive visitors at any time of the year, entertainment, here will never have. The Vienna festival (Wiener of Festwochen one of the most popular events, this event is held every year in may and June, and dates back to 1951.

The opening of the Vienna festival weeks (10 may 2013), which will be held in the town hall square with free admission for all, will be held under the motto “Vienna, Vienna, only you alone?”. Here are the Angelica Kirchschlager (Angelika Kirchschlager), Ernst Molden (Ernst Molden), Philharmonic hall “Sammeln Wines” (Philharmonia Schrammeln Wien), Michael Schade (Michael Schade) and many others.

The VIENNA FESTIVAL (WIENER FESTWOCHEN will be held from 10 may to 16 June 2013.

City Vienna city marathon is held in spring, in late April or early may, is a stunning action displays on city streets more than 10,000 participants, and an incredible amount of cheering spectators. A little later, with the onset of warm summer days, begins to be a whole lot of outdoor events, such as movie premieres on Rathausplatz, which take place in July, and numerous music concerts.

Sports fans in Vienna may turn up a chance to attend a football match at the stadium Ernst Happel, near the Prater, which encompasses more than 50 thousand spectators.

New year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic at the beginning of January, is considered truly exceptional global event, widely known orchestra and conductor of international renown will prepare a program that will make any viewer to flutter with astonishment.

For families can be encouraged to enjoy the outdoor ice Skating — Eislaufen Rathausplatz . if you will be here for at least a couple of hours, you will receive a lot of positive emotions and energize the rest of the day. The ice rink erected in the open air, close to city hall and the Burgtheater, and welcomes guests from mid-January to early March.

To popular events January annual festival of Resonanzen . held usually at the end of the month in the Vienna Konzerthaus. It’s an amazing spectacle, which includes a number of interesting, to say holiday concerts, attracts musicians and performers from around the world.

Not to mention the Vienna Opera ball is one of the most remarkable events of the winter, which was held for about 200 years and certainly involved some famous Opera stars. Well, and, of course, is to look at this truly colorful and bright event, such as rainbow Ball or as it is called parade of rainbows. In essence, this event is a gay — the parade, which takes place in late January in the ball areas Parkhotel schönbrunn.


As for February, it is, unfortunately, no significant events in Vienna this month is not scheduled.


The end of March — the beginning of April in Vienna was marked by the celebration of Holy Easter, throughout the city hosts various events, often on religious themes.


Lange of Nacht der Museen or the so-called long night of museums is held in the first half of April, it’s a great chance to visit any of the museums in the city, and it’s free. During this night many museums leave their doors open to visitors until midnight, which gives the opportunity to see the maximum number of masterpieces of art even with a very busy schedule of sightseeing.

Spring marathon Wine city, which, as we have said earlier, is that literally thousands of athletes run through the streets around the town centre, is also at the end of this month, and occasionally in early may.


Annually, on the first day of the month on the stage of the Prater amusement Park, is the mass of the celebrations of 1 may, the Day of the party. But from mid-may to mid-June visit to the Vienna festival — Wiener of Festwochen, which includes an extensive program of theatre arts. Lasts all this amazing action for five weeks.


Jazz fest Wien — runs from mid-June to mid-July, is a leading Austrian jazz festival, which is attended by some famous jazz musicians. The festival is an outdoor concert in the town center on town hall square – Rathausplatz . you can visit it totally free, which always gathers a crowd of jazz lovers and just listeners.

Festival Nova Rock was first organized in 2005 and has been held today at Pannonia fields in the middle of June. This event is known for the fact that here involved, as the famous rock group, and individual contributors, headlined by popular rock bands, for example, Hans EN roses.

At the end of the month passes Donauinselfest or the Donau island Festival, which is accompanied by a large number of music and dance, various styles and directions. A distinctive feature of the festival in the place of his organization, he is on the island of the river Danube.


The Festival Unter Sternen . the time of the July and August month, this event gives the opportunity to see many famous and exciting movies, a view which is held outdoors in the Augarten Park, and the square of Rathausplatz.

Impulstanz also occurs in July and August. It is popular among young people, contemporary dance festival, whose members are always in a fairly well-known places such as Akademiestr, and Burgtheater. Festival visitors have the opportunity not only to enjoy the impressive performances on stage, but also to participate in workshops, attend lectures on various techniques of dance.

All summer, from mid July to mid September, in the air of Vienna’s music, a large number of performances and concerts that are held in the city centre, will not let you get bored.


During August, the city hosts another music festival Klang Bogen Veins – a festival of classical and Opera music, it always goes to the main cultural buildings of the city, and chamber music, in turn, has a tendency to become especially favorite musical direction among the visitors of the festival.


During September, held in Vienna important literary event of Austria — the Vienna literary festival. Readings and concerts are held here, outside of the Burg theatre, in a large tent, which attracts large numbers of spectators.


Finale or Vienna international film festival is held in late October, this is probably the biggest cinematic event in the whole of Austria and a great opportunity to see some famous movie stars and Directors, who often visit the festival.


IGI jazz Clubvetiver in Vienna lasts throughout November, this time held various jazz concerts and performances, the venue is well known in the city jazz club “aw – Gee”.


At the end of December, residents of Vienna celebrate Christmas. On Christmas night in Vienna concert house always hosts various performances on a huge scale, in similar performances when — it was attended by such big stars as Placido Domingo and many others. Everywhere sounds lovely festive music that creates the impression that the Christmas spirit is flying in the evening sky of Vienna.

A new year’s eve, December 31, passes, perhaps the largest event of the city — Imperial Ball . This is a great opportunity to celebrate the New year in the luxurious surroundings of the Imperial Palace. The ceremony always begins with a delightful, exciting action — the changing of the guard of the Imperial guard, after which the guests will find a lot of surprises and entertainment in a truly Royal scale.

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