Best of the festivals that will be held in Crimea this season

In Crimea this season will find something fans of pageants, a military-historical reconstructions, jazz and real foodies.

In Kerch — theatre festival…

One of the brightest events of the summer, of course, the international theatre festival “the Bosporan agony”, which is held annually in Kerch, in the ancient city of Panticapaeum. It is a unique festival of ancient art in the post-Soviet space. It is built on the ancient principle of competition — AGON, and his program is modelled on the ancient festival in honor of the God Dionysus. Only here on the excavations of the ancient Panticapaeum, you can see how the gods and heroes of Greek myths descend from the steps Mariatchi stairs, built in 1833-1840, Italian architect Alexander digbi.

“The Bosporus agony” is the fireworks theatre performances — from classical to avant-garde drama productions youth theatre. Also scheduled meetings with members of the jury — Russian masters of the theater Alexander Goloborodko, Vasily Lanovoy, Vladimir Korenev, Aristarkh Livanov, etc.

Date: June 5-11.

…and on fisherman’s Day

The city at the intersection of the two seas is famous for fish and fishing traditions. As in Kerch, fisherman’s Day is not celebrated anywhere else. Treats fish, holiday concerts, fair Vologda products, programs and thematic pageant, crowned with fireworks, will allow to feel the atmosphere and charm of the seaside city.

Date: July 12.

In the pike perch — on joust

Every summer for a few days medieval fortress in Sudak alive: knights in shining armor sparring in the name of the beautiful ladies, thundering cannons and celebrini, songs of troubadours, dealt blows the blacksmith’s hammer. Over the ancient walls waving flags and flags of ancient knightly orders. So goes the international knights festival “Genoese helmet”, which is among the five best jousting festivals in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Annually he come to 800 knights — members of the clubs involved in historical reconstruction.

And the audience can try on medieval costumes and armor, learn pottery and blacksmith skills, to participate in knight games, to play skee knives, archery and crossbow. In the evening a great fire show.

Date: 1 — 3 August.

In Sevastopol — for rockers and bikers

The bike show motorcycle club “Night wolves” — the main event of the Russian motorcycle world, which takes place at Sevastopol mountain Gasfort. Every year it attracts thousands of fans of rock music. Last year the bike show was visited by American actor Steven Seagal.

This year the bike show are planning to hold a special scale. Recently Sevastopol authorities have identified the motorcycle club “Night wolves” plot mountain Gasfort area of 267 hectares. Here will be posted the sports-Patriotic center of extreme sports. There will be a racetrack, shooting, tanks have already been brought. Perhaps there will be military-sports game “Zarnitsa” and “Orlyonok”. And, of course, the bike show, rock festivals, sports competitions.

Date: August 21-22.

In Yalta on breakdancing…

In July, the summer capital of the Crimea will host the XIV international festival break dance Yalta Summer Jam, which will bring together dancers from near and far abroad. Guests of the championship will be the winners of the qualifying rounds Yalta Summer Jam from all over the world, as well as two-time winners of the championship team HBTC, Ruffneck Attack and multiple world Champions — the team of “Top 9”. Honorary guests of the championship will be known break-DJs: Dj Mista Sweet, South Dj s, Dj Smirnoff, etc.

Date: July 15-20.

…and remember Pushkin

Traditionally the festival is held on the birthday of Alexander Pushkin. The celebration is held in order to strengthen positions of the Russian language on the Peninsula, the development of Russian culture and traditions. This day is held the international scientific-practical conferences, scientific-methodical seminars for teachers of Russian language and literature, competitions among school students, the concert program.

Date: 6 June.

Theodosius watch military bands

The festival “War and Peace” — the largest on the black sea coast summer festival of the arts. Within a few days of military bands marching in Feodosia embankment, perform at the gala-concerts, parade-concerts (Grand parade). Viewers will be able to appreciate the unique holiday atmosphere, admire the musicians of the national army, which are outside the service famously will demonstrate their skills, surprising organic combination of military, classical, folk and pop music.

Date: 8-30 June.

In Evpatoria to Neptune…

Festival “At the equator Evpatoria summer” will be followed by a carnival procession of Neptune with his entourage, fun contest for the title of “Best Spa visitor of the year”, an entertainment show creative teams. On the pier will host “holiday ball”, and the best girls of the year will receive a trip for two to one of the resorts of Evpatoria.

Date: July 15.

… and the festival “dances of the world”

Indian, Turkish, Greek “Sirtaki”, Russian dance, Ukrainian, Gypsy, Jewish and many other national dances and styles are mixed at Theater square Evpatoria.

Date: July 21.

To Koktebel jazz festival

After the Exodus from Crimea of the festival “jazz Koktebel” — now it is held in the Odessa region — Live in Blue Bay is becoming a major jazz venue of the Peninsula. Among the participants and guests of such virtuosos as Alexey Kozlov, Sergey Manukyan, Enver Izmailov… this year’s Program is still being decided. The tenacity and enthusiasm of its organizers to be envied: to free for spectators the event involving dozens of performers of the highest class is not so easy. His ideological inspirer, a great lover and connoisseur of jazz, Director of pension “Blue Bay” Konstantin Zelinsky has always stressed that “the festival is a result of the labour of large numbers of people, many of whom work on a voluntary basis, helping to carry the jazz to the masses”.

Date: 4-6 September.

Through thorns to the stars

21 — 27 August in Yalta will host the XVI international TV & cinema forum “Together”. The opening ceremony will be held in the “Jubilee” — the biggest concert hall of the Crimea and the close in an elegant dining room “Crystal” HC “Yalta-Intourist”. For a week in Yalta will meet the stars of TV and film. Every year in competitions telekinoforuma, creative discussions involving journalists and filmmakers, and entertainers. For spectators this is a wonderful opportunity to “live” to chat and take photos with the stars of the screen.

And 20-25 September in Sevastopol will be held the festival “Saint Vladimir”. It is a novelty in the cultural life of the Crimea, the festival of spiritual and moral films. Opening and screenings of competition films will be held in Sevastopol, and the award ceremony in Simferopol. Among the guests expected renowned Directors and loved by people actors. The audience will have the opportunity to not only free to watch all week movies, but also to communicate directly with their creators.

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