7 unusual holidays of the world

The exotic traditions of the countries of the world is striking. Portal Kirovchanka offers you to take a little trip — to be surprised, believe me, there is something!

A great way to combat the routine monotony of everyday life — to go on a journey. Use for body and soul — and the rest, and horizons expanded. Let your vacation not soon! Virtual acquaintance with the traditions of different countries will certainly raise your mood, and who knows, maybe some country will interest you especially!

A thousand lights

So, the first destination is Scotland — a country of beautiful mountain peaks, icy mountain lakes, fairy-tale castles, bagpipes and plaid skirts. On the night of 1 may, there is a Celtic festival celebrated the beginning of summer — the world’s biggest fire show, which captures the spirit and shaking knees.

The main ritual performed on this night — jumping high fires burning on the hill Calton Hill. The festival is not without numerous stunts with fire, performances by folk groups, and even burning people. For members of the fire festival dress code special: a special suit of refractory materials, which will not be scared to jump over the fire.

On the edge of the possible

Next, go to Singapore, where in late January, the festival of Thaipusam (Thaipusam) . The history of this holiday has been around for 2,000 years. According to the legend, on this auspicious day, goddess Parvati gave her son lance, and the young Lord Murugan for the first time defeated the evil demons. Thaipusam — one of the bloodiest of the holidays. Before the procession of Hindus are in a trance and pierce their tongues fastened to the body with hooks and cause them wounds, of which does not spill a single drop of blood. In such an extravagant way natives vow of physical suffering to the great Murugan, Shesterikov God of heroism, courage and fulfillment of dreams.

Kavadi, mobile camp, the altar, the Indians dragged 4 kilometers to the temple for the hooks that pierce the skin. Everyone who carries a Kavadi, be another test: it is necessary to pierce the tongue or cheek with a sharp needle. Climbing the sacred cave, many say prayers or perform the ritual dance. And this dance lasts as long as people are falling without strength.

Juicy pig

The next destination is a tropical archipelago of the Philippines. Roast pork — this is a traditional and favorite dish of Filipinos. The province of Bulacan in the city Malolos in the Philippines is the largest supplier of pork and pigs here all know. However, the widespread Filipino soul requires not only the “bread”, but also the show, which is why every year there is a festival costumed pigs .

Cute piglets dressed up in various costumes, in which they flaunt on the streets of the province. “Girls” sponge paint, decorate crowns and bows. “Boys” look great in pants, suits Superman. But. dress up not only alive piglets. Covered with a delicious crust pigs also clothe costumes are paraded through the streets of the city, transported to fairs in the province.

Charming cuckolds

About the temperament of the Italians know all around the world. It would seem that cheating is not a reason to have fun, but not for this resilient nation. Why cry when you can arrange an unforgettable holiday? As much as the other participants of the festival cuckold (Festa del Cornuto) . held annually in the village of Rock Canterano (Roca Canterano), near Rome.

Instead, to make a “debriefing”, deceived by their halves of Italian men and women put on the heads of cute horns and merry go March in the streets of the village. The carnival procession is accompanied by songs, dances and satirical sketches on the theme of adultery.

Naked Japanese

It was always thought that Japan — a closed country with their own specific traditions, deviation from which is unacceptable. One of the oldest festivals of this nation is the day when a lot of men in loincloths come to the temple called Saidaji. The Japanese believe that luck is transmitted through touching a naked man. The festival takes place in Okayama, and received the name of Hadak Matsuri .

Men serve in the temple purification ceremony, take part in fights near the temple with cold water and to give good luck to other people, they organize a procession through the streets. The only disadvantage of the festival is its confinement to the winter. It is held in February, so wanting to undress in the street, though many, but much less than it could be. Warm-up men traditional Japanese drink sake. Any cold becomes a joy.

Although this holiday is traditionally Japanese, have the opportunity to participate in this celebration and tourists. All you need to do: to be a man, to buy the necessary clothes. Apparel is sold at the party venue. Another important condition: the body is as clean as the soul. In understanding Japanese body should not have tattoos. If they are, unfortunately, to participate in the celebration does not work, but you can become a bystander.

Tomato madness

Spain happy tourists Sunny summers, mild winters and unusual carnivals. Hundreds of Spanish residents of the surrounding area and guests of the village of buñol (Valencia) gather annually to participate in a tomato massacre — Tomatine .

There are different versions of the origin of this popular holiday. Some historians, for example, argue that the Tomatina was born as a result “jokes” that the group of friends decided to play with the local alcalde, who appeared at the market town of buñol, playing a musical instrument. He did it so bad that the people who were in the square, grabbed the tomatoes with trays and throw in an inept musician. Gradually in tomato carnage sucked all present.

Today for this exciting spectacle on special trucks to the site of the battle bring a “weapon” — about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. Rules of battle: you can throw tomatoes at anyone, but it is impossible to tear the opponents clothes and throw something other than tomatoes. By the end of the battle wash area with hoses, participants bathe in specially installed for that bathroom stall or just go to the river.

A riot of colour

Probably, the festival of colors in India (The Festival of Colors) — the most colorful festival in the world, at least, so say many tourists who are fortunate enough to attend this event. For a few days India turns into a riot of colour and joy. Indians take to the streets and pelted each other with colored powder or water colored water. They do this not out of a desire to fool around, the holiday has a religious basis.

One legend says that Lord Krishna, on whose immortal love of Radha many legends, came to his mother with the question of why his skin is so different from the color of the skin of the beloved. And complained that this distinction does not allow them to turn into the most perfect couple. Wise Yashoda advised him to sprinkle the face of a loved one powder of the herbs and see how to change the color of her face. Since then, lovers boys and girls sprinkle each other with colored powder. But just by sprinkling colored powder is not an end. World famous “talking” Indian dance. Now, there is a whole ritual dance, in which young people bring each other an apology and confess their sympathy.

Our little trip came to an end. And it’s not the whole list of amazing world of holidays! Smile more often and learn a lot of new together with the portal Kirovchanka.

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