7 recipes a bright autumn

“There is no bad weather, any weather grace.” Perhaps now, when the window is cold, rainy autumn, to believe in these lines from the movie “Office romance” is quite difficult. But the current bad weather can be perceived quite differently if it is filled with bright things and events. We prepared 7 simple ways to help deal with the autumn Blues and lift your spirits. No. 1. Through the pages of the guide

Autumn leaves is a great way to extend the summer and to spend the Indian summer on the coast, away from city slush. For the avid traveler reviews, fall is great for travel to Europe ‒ Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Paris or Rome is a great experience. Those who prefer non-standard routes that will interest the autumn festivals. This year on October 18 in Bremen offers the oldest festival of “Free and fair”, the history of which begins with 1035 of the year when the city received the right to organize the fair. The festival is notable not only for the opportunity to purchase a variety of products — jewelry, leather, pottery, toys, wine, sweets, roasted chestnuts and Bavarian sausages, but also participate in cultural activities and entertainment. The culminating event of the Bremen fair is the parade of more than a hundred originally decorated platforms and masquerade groups. Another memorable event of the fall ‒ the international jazz festival in Barcelona. Since 1966, every year in the Catalan capital attracts jazz musicians on a global scale: the singers, orchestra, tenor saxophonists, pianists, and, of course, young musicians. At various venues throughout the city almost 24 hours a day sounds of jazz. In addition to concerts, the jazz lovers can participate in master classes, creative meetings and workshops, attend film screenings and exhibitions. One of the highlights of autumn recently became the international film festival in Seville, which is held annually in early November. In the program — works of filmmakers from dozens of countries, fresh films, documentaries, cartoons and non-competition screenings. At the same time as the festival in Seville hosts several major exhibitions on culture and art, as well as nominations for the European film Academy.

No. 2. Pictures at an exhibition

What to do in the fall, if you failed to plan a trip? You can go to the exhibition, a festival, a concert or a tour, for example, to the suburban estates. Recently, many museums and art galleries offer lectures about trends in art, about the different artists whose works are stored in their funds. What puzzles store paintings of Vrubel and Vasnetsov and what “horror stories” of Pushkin’s epoch is associated portrait of Lopukhina? A trip to the Museum can be a truly exciting and memorable event.

No. 3. Theatrical time

Autumn is a time of grace for theatergoers who every year look forward to the beginning of the season. Returning from a tour of the theater troupe, one after the other premieres are held. In the new season of the capital’s theatres are struggling to gain the audience: invite well-known artists, offering modern performances and original directorial moves. If you still don’t feel myself an avid theater-goer, ready to selflessly defend the queue on the day of ticket sales, then it’s time to discover the wonderful world of theatre. Make sure you buy tickets in advance, especially now that many theaters offer to select a ticket and pay it directly on the website.

No. 4. Back to school

In the fall thousands of students are sent to study. Why not try yourself again in the role of a student? Nowadays educational centers offer many programs aimed at improving the skills, and the development of vision — everyone can choose something for the soul. Always wanted to learn more about the art of the Renaissance, to understand ancient literature or the Baroque architecture? It’s time to find the strength and enroll in courses. This ensures not only thrills, but also the emergence of new friends with the same interests. For those who like to travel in the fall, you receive the opportunity to practice language skills or to start learning a new. Here is the choice for the student to go to group or private classes, enroll in a discussion club, film screenings or in the drama Studio.

No. 5. Colours of autumn

Paint autumn weekdays in the literal sense of the word ‒ will help in this color therapy. On this method there are many articles written. The basic idea is that each color has its meaning and its role. Surround yourself with warm colors like photos or things, and may they delight every day. Or you can go to drawing classes. In recent times it has become a popular method right brain drawing, by which everyone is able to awaken the artist within and create original works: landscapes or portraits — the choice is yours only.

No. 6. Autumn tastefully

Autumn can be not only colorful, but delicious. This is a great time to diversify the menu with new recipes and invite your friends to share your culinary success ‒ hardly anyone will refuse to taste gastronomic delights. The main thing is to choose the kitchen — Spanish, Mexican, and Asian, what do you like more ‒ and the recipe. Maybe it will be dishes inspired by the impressions of the summer holidays. Because, as you know, each trip is its own unique flavor and aroma. For example, the trip to Italy will resemble lasagna, tiramisu or Limoncello. Why not try to spice up summer impressions in your kitchen?

No. 7. Bank card with an individual design

There is another way to surround yourself with years of memories ‒ place card “Russian Standard classic” with an individual design. Simply choose your favorite image among the proposed options in the gallery of designs or create your own unique design that will adorn the front of the card. You only need to upload your photo which will remind about summer vacation or loved ones with each payment. In addition, the map of “Russian Standard classic” on the basis of MasterCard Worldwide or Visa International is a convenient financial tool with transparent lending system and a wide range of opportunities. With its help, you can get up to 30% discounts at various shops and restaurants, travel agencies and beauty salons throughout Russia in the program “Club discounts”. In combination with the card offer modern banking services that enables you to efficiently manage your finances, in particular to track all credit card transactions, make payments and transfers, make deposits and loans without visiting the Bank. In addition to the map, “Russian Standard classic” you can produce an unlimited number of additional cards for family and friends.

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