12 the grandest festivals of the world: the calendar by month

“How often do you want to drop everything, to arrange a holiday or to go somewhere else?” – we will ask? “Very often!” – will surely answer you. We offer you to combine both! We learned about the twelve most outstanding annual events in the world and arranged them festive calendar.

January – Spain!

The Spaniards – so hot people, what little they Christmas and new year holidays. Another event they celebrate with a huge scale – three kings ‘ Day (January 6). This is the equivalent of our Baptism. And if our kids send letters to Santa Claus, or Santa, Spanish kids are asking for fulfillment of desires in these three titled persons.

On this day, on the streets of cities and villages of Spain are festive procession – three kings traveled with his entourage on a luxury coach, throw sweets, and around the whole procession is a whole carnival. According to the legend, kings is three magicians, who came to the newborn Jesus to bestow his gifts. In Spain they also symbolize the three races – one of the kings from Africa, other Europe and the third in Asia.

February – Italy!

While we are savage February frost, in Venice, is one of the most famous celebrations of the world – the Venetian carnival. It is carried out before the Great Catholic lent and lasts about two weeks. The main component of the holiday, of course, a mask. Originally on this day wore a mask to hide class inequality, because during the festival and the slaves, and the Lord sat at the same table. Now this tradition has become more romantic and refined: for some, the mask gives sharpness while Dating, but for others it becomes a work of art.

During carnival, Venice becomes one of the most colorful and loudest cities in the world. Held balls, noisy celebrations, fireworks, and ends it all with a parade of costumes and burning of straw effigies in the Piazza San Marco. In 2014, the final of the carnival will be held on February 23.

March – Brazil!

With the beginning of spring are transported to another famous carnival – Brazilian. This is the main national holiday of the country. He also held before lent. Its main feature – the Samba, the so-called “ritual dance of the slaves”. Every year the Brazilian carnival is accompanied by some special feature: the movement or part of the costume, giving zest.

Multi-day event with sumptuous parades usually stops, theatrical show in Rio de Janeiro. On the day (2014 – March 1) in the center of town competitions several Samba schools under the deafening thud of drums and the singing of hymns.

April – Thailand!

In April, we have to think forget about winter (unless overtakes Javier), but in Thailand, this time celebrating the New year – Songkran. This is a Buddhist holiday that is associated with water. On this day, Thais wash home Buddha statue in fresh water with flower petals and doused each other in the streets. Celebrated from 13 to 15 April.

During Songkran in Thailand better go outside without electronics and money – stay dry you will not succeed. If smiling Thai will wash over you with a bucket of water, it means that he wishes you happiness and prosperity. On top of it can you sprinkle colored talc – don’t be surprised, this is also a manifestation of favor. In General, procuring buckets and water pistols and have fun!

During the may holidays usually start every dacha case. But do not despair, if every weekend your name beds, a soul needs a holiday. Behind him and will not have to go, after all, is not the first year on may 31 in Minsk held a Parade of blondes!

World day of blondes manufacturers of hair dyes quite rubbing their hands on the sidelines, because every year we are told is a natural blond girls and boys were very small, only 14% of people around the world. But where, as in Slavic lands this holiday – freedom!

In early summer the Chinese prepare their painted boats for one of the three most important holidays of the country – Duan-Wu Jo, or dragon boat Festival. It is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar (2014, June 2). Another name for the holiday – the Day of the poet. It is believed that he is devoted to ancient Chinese poet qu of the Yuan, which from despair rushed into the water, and local residents for a long time, but tried in vain to find his body floating down the river in boats.

During the Duan-Wu Jo in China, competitions in boats, painted dragon. Also, the Chinese are preparing the main dish of the holiday – tszuntszy – glutinous rice wrapped in reed.

Their national holiday – Bastille Day – the French celebrated with. The night before the celebration, from July 13 to 14, held balls, among which is the Great Ball at the Tuileries gardens. A directly 14 July on the Champs-Elysees is a solemn military parade, which is taken by the President.

Despite the fact that the event took place more than 200 years ago, for the French, this holiday is a symbol of patriotism and the great French revolution.

August – Switzerland!

This small country on 1 August celebrates one of the oldest holidays, Dating back to the 13th century, the date of Confederation. By tradition, the Swiss on this day go to the mountains to light fires. The legend says that the barbarians who once saw the reflection of the fires in the water, I thought that we came to the edge of the earth, so turned back.

Large and small cities, the holiday is celebrated picturesque procession with traditional music, and it ends all the colorful night fireworks, which lasts about 40 minutes.

September – Austria!

Austria, it turns out, is famous not only for its ski resorts, but also for its agriculture. Every year in early September the Austrians celebrate harvest Day. They dress up in costumes and go to party to the sounds of the orchestra. The symbol of this holiday – braided ears of wheat.

Everywhere arranged fairs, where farmers show off their harvest and share secrets work on earth. You can also, for example, to teach how to make butter from cream. And more importantly, at these fairs, you can free plenty to eat fruits and vegetables, and even drink good wine.

October – Israel!

Harvested in Austria, you can safely go to Israel. Here in October is traditionally celebrated Sukkot – Feast of tabernacles. The tabernacles, or sukkah is a kind of a hut that Jews build especially for this holiday. There all holiday week they pray, have lunch and rest – that is, use it as temporary housing.

On the eve of the feast arranged special bazaars where you can buy everything you need for construction of such shelters. The main celebration takes place the night before the holiday, when people chanting traditional motifs and dancing to the sounds of orchestras. In 2014, this festival will be on October 9.

Family dinner, pasta, Turkey… It all points to one of the most popular American holidays – thanksgiving Day. Connected with it many traditions. For example, all family members must go to Church to thank God for all the mercy sent, and then gather at one table, which is overloaded with treats.

One of the main attributes of the holiday, after thanksgiving all around and eating Turkey, is the parades. Thousands of people in various costumes (mostly Indians) take to the streets to participate in the parades and look at the fireworks. During the largest parade in new York, its main attraction is the huge inflatable toys incurred by the crowd.

December – Germany!

Before the holidays good the whole of Europe with its Christmas markets and Christmas decoration. But rumor has it that the best holiday bazaars in Munich!

Huge beautifully decorated with spruce, gingerbread and mulled wine will always help create the Christmas mood!

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