10 most outstanding and spectacular!

In addition to the festivals, which are celebrated worldwide, there are some that are celebrated in only one place, in the bottom of the city, in one country. And, of course, many travelers are eager to get to them, because to see all this splendor can only be found here and nowhere else! offers you to go for the brightest and grandest festivals in the world and see them with my own eyes (to start even with the screen).

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro, perhaps the most famous carnival in the world. It is held only once a year, in February or early March. Calculation date depends on Easter. The carnival in Rio necessarily begins Thursday, exactly 40 days before Easter, lasts 4 days and 4 nights and ends on the last day before lent.

So, in , the carnival was held February 9-12

In , the year the carnival falls on March 1-4

In February 14-17

In — February 6-9

In , 25-28 February

In — February 10-13

In the Brazilian carnival is passionate and fiery Samba. The best Samba schools from all over Brazil show these days his skills. All the action takes place on moving platforms, which adorns each school in accordance with the selected theme. They pass by enthusiastic spectators and jury which evaluates all this splendor.

Oktoberfest in Germany

Oktoberfest is the oldest festival in Germany, which is known all over the world. It all started with folk festivals in October 1810 in Munich in honor of the marriage of the future king Ludwig the First and Princess Therese. Anniversary noted and the following year, then again and again, and now it has become a tradition!

Oktoberfest is held annually in mid-September — early October in the heart of Munich’s famous Theresienwiese. Theresienwiese) very close to Main station. The duration of the holiday is about 16 days.

A characteristic feature of the Oktoberfest is a huge amount of drinking beer and varied attractions. Now this beer festival is very popular with Germans and tourists from around the world.

Elephant festival in India

No matter how much you teach African elephant mind, but nothing comes out. But the Indian elephants are remarkably trainable and training! And the elephant in India is not only a wizard, but protection from evil spirits and resting place of the spirits of good.

Elephant festival is held annually in March in the Indian city of Jaipur. It begins at 6 a.m. on the day of the end of the harvest (Parama) and lasts 1.5 days.

The festival begins these wonderful animals with a procession of elephants. Only here you will see so many of them! All the elephants are beautifully decorated, brightly painted and is ready to demonstrate all your abilities!

Monkey feast in Thailand

Every year in the city of Lopburi is a show featuring monkeys, but not any trained, and the most ordinary of macaques living in the city. In fact, according to the legend the city is located in the land of monkeys, given to them by God. Therefore, in order to appease God, residents feast for monkeys. For them special meals, treats and, of course, the tables are always plenty of fresh fruit. Macaques eat food for both cheeks, running around the tables and even fight, and tourists behind all this, enjoyed watching))

Corpus Christi in Spain

The essence of the feast of corpus Christi (Corpus Christi), conducted immediately after the Trinity, to protect babies from evil spirits.

For this purpose they are placed on a kind of mattresses and jump through them. Of course, for jumping men take trained, but what parent is not going to be worried about your child? Therefore, at the festival are always present doctors. Tradition counts as much since the 17th century and annually attracts many travelers from around the world.

The festival sky lanterns in Taiwan

Perhaps you have already launched a sky lantern, and maybe not even one, now imagine that the next launch even hundreds of these same.

This extraordinary fascinating spectacle can be seen to celebrate the coming of spring in February in Taiwan.

This tradition is already more than 2 thousand years! Taiwanese believe that the initiation of this flashlight, they are purified from evil and let in the good.

Balloon festival in the US

Every year, starting from October 5, and for 9 days in Albuquerque (USA) held a colorful balloon festival, which began competition in 1972.

This is the most Grand festival of balloons, collecting a lot of viewers and participants, of which there is over 700! And they all simultaneously rise in the sky. What colors and shapes will not meet! Come — you will love it!

Orange battle in Italy

Orange battle is held annually in the Italian city of Ivrea in late February. Battles are held Sunday, Monday and Tuesday — the traditional day of the carnival.

The festival symbolizes the never-ending wars in the middle ages, so people are dressed in medieval clothes (mostly orange), but in place of maces and halberds they have oranges! The battle lasts all day. Dry not one remains! Oranges are quite heavy, so many participants wear protection.

Ice festival in China

Every year in northeast China in Harbin is the grandest ice festival.

The festival begins on January 5 and lasts for one month.

Sculptures of ice and snow just amaze with its beauty and size. Most of the sculptures are illuminated from the inside, giving the events a fairy-tale atmosphere and unreality. But the ice sculptures are not everything. It also hosts various competitions, or otherwise associated with ice: hockey ice racing ice skating, figure skating, football on ice and others.

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